“Smart Education in Korea”

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Published on March 3, 2014

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“Smart Education in Korea”
三星電子香港有限公司 業務副總監 郭家駒先生

Smart Education in Korea Christopher Kwok Associate Director Samsung Electronics Hong Kong

Korean Economic Growth: The Rags-to-Riches History 10 fold GDP growth in 20 years 1,129 billion USD 10 billion USD 100 billion USD 1986 GDP 1.3 billion USD 1953 1972 2012 GDP

What Made Korea to Get Here, Education Mass Survey with Korean Middle-Class (Joongang Daily, 2009)

Now We Need to Foster Creative Talent (Potentiality, Creativity) (Score Competition) 4 (Future talent) (Creative talent)

Core Competencies in 21st Century α 5

Education System Should be Changed for Digital Natives and New Social Environment Digital Natives 6

Integrated Changes of Education System ? ? 7

Smart Education is.. Changes of content, method, evaluation and environment of education, NOT just ICT utilization Self-directed Motivated Adaptive Resource enriched Technology embedded 8

Korea Smart Education Project Samsung provides Tablet (GALAXY Tab 10.1), e-Board, Samsung School software. School Profile Offerings • Country : South Korea • School : More than 2,000 schools including Gyeseong elementary school. • Devices (per class): 30 Galaxy note 10.1 devices, e-Board, keyboard dock • Solutions: Samsung School Solution (150 schools) Challenges & Value Proposition • Key Challenge – Teachers wanted to better engage students and enhance their learning experience with interesting, interactive teaching tools • Value Proposition – Enable students to learn beyond the classroom with light and mobile tablets – Enable teachers to display information on the IWB and share it with students’ tablets using Samsung School solution Benefits & Results • Increased interaction and participation with multimedia communication between IWB and tablets • Enhanced mobility in learning by enabling student selflearning anytime and anywhere • Efficient administration with digitalized, simplified student management

Smart Education Reference Case 1 : Gyeseong Elementary School in Seoul 10

Using Digital Textbook 11

Using SNS (Social Network Service) 12

Using Education App- Augmented Reality 13

Proven Value of Smart Teacher and Smart Education * This research has been done by Embrain Research Firm ▲21.7 Before Comprehensi on of lessons ▲ 9.5 ▲ 8.9 Problem solving ability Self-directed learning ▲ 5.5 65.4 70.9 83.1 69.1 77.2 62.9 Engagement in lessons ▲ 14.0 71.7 80.6 Interest in the lesson ▲ 14.3 73.4 82.9 Class convenience 61.8 56.5 63.4 Overall satisfaction ▲ 29.0 90.8 ▲35.2 91.7 85.1 Samsung Smart Education For Everyone Concentration on lessons After

Things to be considered To Make Smart Education for Everyone

Samsung Wants to Share the Benefit with Others Through Smart Education CHINA USA

Real Key to Success Among teachers in 1-to-1/BYOD classrooms: Only Only Only Only 15% 37% 24% 14% use subject-specific content tools weekly use information or reference tools weekly use teacher tools weekly use digital curricula weekly - The Common Sense Media Survey of Educators, 2013

We Understand Teachers are Very Busy • Preparation : 15 hours / week • Assessment/Marking : 5 hours / week • Extracurricular activities : 2 hours / week • Meetings : 3 hours / week • Individual support : 2 hours / week Total 27 hours ※ The Common Sense Media Survey of Educators, 2013

Provide Teachers with Time to Learn Increased Digital Literacy 4.30 After the camp 3.67 Before the camp

Technology Will Expand Learning Horizon Share Share Classroom B Other Teachers Classroom A Home Rural Area

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