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Published on October 8, 2014

Author: rstein



Global Cities are growing at an amazing place and are changing the ways in which we live, work, play, and relate to each other. The term Smart Cities describes a movement to apply new technological developments towards the development of these cities, but does doing so create a city that we actually want to live in? This presentation will address the role of culture and artists in creating a dynamic "place" and the role that Museums might play in promoting a cultural dialog within their local communities

1. SMART CITIES NEED SMART MUSEUMS Robert Stein Dallas Museum of Art @rjstein

2. 70% OF THE GLOBAL POPULATION WILL LIVE IN ONE BY 2050 CITIES Flickr Credit ~fab05 Source: Guardian Cities, Jan 2014 human-history-welcome

3. Photo by Jason Hawkes

4. Flickr Credit ~Artisticbokeh

5. Flickr Credit ~X_ray_delta_one

6. Flickr Credit ~indiamos

7. Photo by Jason Hawkes SMART CITIES HAVE A PROBLEM


9. Flickr Credit ~X_ray_delta_one DESPITE OUR PERCIEVED INNOVATION, PRODUCTIVITY IS FALLING Source: Has the Ideas Machine Broken Down, The Economist. Jan, 2013.


11. THE DARK SIDE OF SMART CITIES Negotiating the circumstances of everyday life in any true city tends over time to create a broad-minded, feisty, opinionated personality type we'd have no problem recognizing, wherever and whenever it appears in human history. City people may well be tolerant of diversity not out of any personal commitment to a utopian politics, but because that's just what the daily necessity of living cheek-by-jowl with people who are different imposes upon you. And yet it's just this set of characteristics that so many smart-city provisions seem hell-bent on undermining, or even eradicating. The ability to search the space of the city for the perfectly congenial set of circumstances, to tune the environment until we never have to leave the contours of our own comfort: where the making of city-dwellers and citizens is concerned, that's a bug, not a feature. It erodes the development of savoir faire; it eliminates the risk, but also everything wonderful, that arises in the confrontation with difference. Adam Greenfield, The Dark Side of the “Smart City” Interview by Annalee Newitz on IO9. January 30, 2014

12. Why is this a place I want to live?

13. Flickr Credit ~choimakko WHAT MAKES A CITY SMART? and not just another dumb bunny


15. CITIES NEED CREATIVE PEOPLE cited by 1500 CEO’s as the single most crucial factor for future success IBM, 2010

16. The future [of knowledge] is to let ‘the machines’ do the heavy lifting and for us humans to focus on connecting the dots, discovering context, meaning and relevance, and to make human sense of it all. THE FUTURE OF KNOWLEDGE Gerd Leonhard. The Future of Knowledge. Jan 7, 2014

17. … right-brain thinking becomes extremely valuable, once again, as empathy, improvisation and interdependent thinking become the new standard. Knowledge, becomes not an asset used for control or dominance, but for contribution and co-creation. THE FUTURE OF KNOWLEDGE Gerd Leonhard. The Future of Knowledge. Jan 7, 2014

18. Almost all Nobel laureates in the sciences actively engage in arts as adults. They are twenty-five times as likely as the average scientist to sing, dance, or act; seventeen times as likely to be a visual artist; twelve times more likely to write poetry and literature; eight times more likely to do woodworking or some other craft; four times as likely to be a musician; and twice as likely to be a photographer. Michele and Robert Root-Bernstein Psychology Today February, 2009 stimulus-hobbling-arts-hobbles-innovation

19. Flickr Credit ~candylei

20. James Clerk Maxwell (physicist), Ogden Rood (physicist), and Michele Chevreul (chemist) significantly influenced Seurat and the Neo-Impressionsts Georges Seurat A Sunday on La Grande Jatte – 1884 Art Institute of Chicago

21. Joseph Marie Jacquard


23. Joris Laarman

24. “I find beauty in the continual shaping of chaos, which clearly embodies the primordial power of nature's performance”

25. ARE MUSEUMS ADAPTING? Armory Show – Chicago, 1913

26. Flickr Credit ~5tons

27. Flickr Credit ~5tons

28. Flickr Credit ~5tons 1. Know Your Audience 2. Know What You’re Trying to Achieve 3. Know Your Performance At Any Moment 4. Know Your Limits

29. THANK YOU @rjstein

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