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Published on February 26, 2014

Author: mejordan7



Automated Assembly in cooperation with ThinLight Technologies releases the smallest NFC (Near Field Communication) chip on the market today.

Automated Assembly NFC is here! Deliver better decisions with NFC --– Near Field Communications. NFC - Near field communication is a form of contactless communication between mobile devices (Android & soon iPhone) and managed by your smartphone or tablet. Contactless communication allows a user to wave the smartphone over an NFC TAG or compatible device sending information without the need to touch, go through multiple steps or scan a barcode. Information is transmitted wirelessly.

NFC for Business Communicate Real-Time Updates Customer Service Managers can communicate quickly with employees, teachers with students, businesses with clients or advertisers with the buyer. NFC Tags deliver training courses, product information, send a text message, redirect to links that contain a video, map or schedule all while collecting user data to help identify current time, location and a host of Google Analytics. Knowing where and when a tag is read is important for all types of reasons. As business changes so can the uses for NFC Tags by updating information, progress or production. Real time updates are vital in the fast paced business world. Creating faster, more efficient ways to get through the checkout line is the goal of any retailer. Tracking items, getting the latest data or specifications can occur through the use of NFC. Managers can track a variety of devices, projects, and process in real-time and deliver a more efficient response to the user. If a user needs help, information is instantly accessible by waving a smartphone or tablet over an NFC tag. Providing instant information on a sale or product availability can and does account for added revenue. Placing NFC tags on product displays, advertisements or printed brochures, a customer can learn the most up-to-date information extending the life of printed material. Instantly paying at the checkout line or having immediate access to information can help make a buying decision. Quicker decisions makes for more revenue and better customer experience. Never miss an opportunity to help a customer make a buying decision. Whether at a multi-national corporation, small business, or a non-profit organization; NFC technology can help deliver the right information at the right time and do it instantly.

NFC for Advertisers - Interactivity NFC for Marketers With NFC comes a new level of interaction. Interactive products lets consumers become more engaged by enjoying in the rewards and having instant content at their finger tips. NFC technology delivers this extra content by convienently placing NFC tags on advertisements, signs, kiosks, displays or even the product itself. Recent development has made it possible to place NFC tags inside books or magazines using the smallest NFC Tags by Automated. Shoppers scan the book cover with her smartphone and is taken to a website or other destination with samples, reviews or authors personal data. The shopper accesses this content for free and encourages the buying process through a better more satisfying experience. Knowledge is power! Advantage seller: • the shopper gets extra bonus material with no pressure to buy and can convince the shopper that the product is worth the price. • the shopper may use the content, better understanding its use and buy the product only after seeing that the added information is useful. There are numerous uses for NFC with more appearing each day, including; Real Estate signs with NFC tags can provide information about the property taking the potential buyer on a virtual tour and view floor plans all without calling any phone number. Buyers are more likely to purchase a car when they’ve taken it for a test drive, being able to virtually test drive all types of products via video or interactive content can help the sales process.

QR Codes versus NFC Tags QR Codes versus NFC Tags Another form of contactless communication comes in the form of QR codes. QR codes are like barcodes and require a special scanning apps. The user scans the QR code, the smartphone interprets the barcode, and a link opens or displays a coupon. That is where the similarity ends between QR Codes and NFC technology. NFC is more versatile, user-friendly and reusable then QR codes which need to be recreated for each use. NFC is faster, easier to use, more secure transactions, programmable and can turn on/off devices. NFC has wide market appeal due to the recent acceptance of smartphone manufacturers to include NFC compatibility on new phones. Frost & Sullivan, a global researcher predicts 53% of phones will be NFC-enabled by 2015, estimated at 863M units. There have been a number of key uses for NFC including global promotion by leading payment vendors like Visa, however more interestingly uses for out-of-home advertisers such as CBS Outdoor, Clear Channel and JCDecaux are growing. The growth seen is with more experiential and digital marketing as well as programming short cuts for smartphone, home or office uses. With NFC technology, the user waves the phone near the NFC tag and the information is transferred instantly. No need to open an app or scan the barcode and wait for analysis.

Near Field Communication versus Bluetooth NFC versus Bluetooth Bluetooth and NFC share several features, both are forms of wireless communication over short distances. NFC is limited to a distance of approximately two inches while Bluetooth can reach over thirty feet. It may seem Bluetooth is superior in this regard, however here are a few comparisons to consider: • NFC technology requires no batteries to operate and Bluetooth must have adequate power. • Close proximity devices using NFC proves useful in crowded locations and is not encumbered by interference when other devices are present or trying to communicate. Bluetooth may have trouble dealing with interference when trying to connect between devices, especially when several other devices are in close proximity. • NFC can store different information or functionality and changing it is possible without replacing the NFC tag. The owner can simply overwrite the information currently on the tag to create new data. • Another benefit of NFC technology is its ease of use, there is no settings or scanning involved and connects automatically and instantly. Bluetooth requires users to manually set up a connection which may take several seconds and if in a large crowd all connections may be used. Bluetooth still offers a longer signal range for connections and NFC takes advantage of this by connecting two devices quickly, then can turn the signal over to Bluetooth so the user may move further away without severing the connection. As technology improves, Bluetooth and NFC may communicate directly relying on each other to help users.

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