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Published on February 24, 2009

Author: dburstyn



I wrote this article on small plates for a food syndicate.

MAIN You are here: main online features Small Plates Are Big RECIPES Entertaining with the big trend of small plate dining FOOD ARTICLES Wine Video Serving wine with small plate menus HOME & Sizzling Mini-Sliders LIFESTYLE Mint Pesto Lamb Lollipops Grilled Shrimp and Chicken Kebabs LAWN & GARDEN (Family Features) - Small plates are transforming the way we eat. Across the country, from restaurants to homes, exciting RESOURCES menus of diverse small plates are being served instead of old-school one plate entrees. RECIPE SWAP Perfect for parties where conversation is key, small plates make the usual cocktail party into CONTACT US something festive and a delightful treat of many tastes. More than appetizers but less than a full- SITE SEARCH on buffet, small plate food is the sizzling hot new food trend you can try without busting the budget. Think tapas, American style - Burgers go mini to become stylish sliders. Salad wedges and shots of soup transform favorite fall classics into snazzy newsletter signup utensil-free finger foods. Add an exotic touch with mini-quesadillas, shrimp skewers or lamb lollipops. Add panache on the beverage side by pairing your small plates with premium wine. An exciting new trend that presents major bang for not a lot of bank: new premium cask wines. More earth-friendly and wallet-friendly than bottled wines, the quality of wine casks, also called bag-in box (BIBs) has sky-rocketed over the last few years. Premium cask wines are a convenient, no-waste way to pair each small plate with a flavorful wine. Each three liter cask contains 20 glasses of wine. And post-party, you can enjoy any remaining cask wine for at least six weeks more because it's protected from harmful oxygen that destroys wine left in a bottle. No need to think about waste - you can host another party without the need for additional wine, or you and your significant other can each enjoy a glass of fresh wine a day. Wine Video Cask wines may be a good value, but are they good wines? This video shows how an innovative packaging process brings quality wine to the table. Click the image to watch the video.

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