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Published on November 18, 2008

Author: ramaraju


Who is good teacher? : Who is good teacher? Slide 2: A teacher should make his lessons interesting so that you don’t fall asleep. 2. A teacher should love his/her job. If he/she really enjoys it, that’ll make the lessons more interesting 3. I like the teacher who has his own personality and don’t hide it from the students so that he is not only a teacher but a person as well- and it comes through the lessons. 4. I like teachers who has lots of knowledge, not only of his subject. 5. A good teacher is an entertainer and I mean that in a positive sense, not a negative one. Slide 3: 6. It is important that you can talk to the teacher when you have problems and you do not get along with the subject. 7. A good teacher is … somebody who has an affinity with the students they are teaching. 8. A good teacher should try and draw out the quiet and control the more talkative ones. 9. he/She should be able to correct people without offending them. 10. A good teacher is … someone who helps rather than shouts. 11. A good teacher is … someone who knows our names. Slide 4: 12.Good Ts keep the students guessing what they are going to do next. 13. The worst kind of T is the one who does the same thing every class. 14. Good Ts always look smart. 15. Good Ts are always interesting. 16. Good teachers maximizes ST and minimizes TT 17.The best lessons are ones where ST maximizes, where teachers talk at the appropriate time. 18. Good teacher use their common sense and experience to get the balance between TT and ST. Slide 5: Conclusion Good teachers care more about their students learning than they do about their own teaching. Slide 6: How to reach their expectations with minimum effort ? Slide 7: Small Group Teaching Slide 8: Small group teaching is not lecturing to a small group. It is facilitating the participation of the group in an inquiry or problem-solving activity. In small group teaching the instructor becomes a facilitator promoting collaborative learning. The facilitator concentrates on creating an environment in which all participants collaborate and become mutually supportive to enhance each individual’s learning. Slide 9: Small group teaching is optimal for active learning, which is becoming regarded as an essential element at all levels of education and which typically is not present in the traditional passive lecture. This is one technique for generating open communication among all the participants of the group and also between the group and the facilitator. Slide 10: Objectives of Small Group Teaching they are helpful for students to develop their understanding of concepts and to acquire or improve strategies and approaches to problems. they are helpful for the student to engage in meaningful communication directed towards a goal. higher-order thinking skills (e.g., application of concepts and principles, problem-solving, etc.) are the primary objective of small group sessions. Skills developed by SGT : Skills developed by SGT Thinking (Reasoning, speculating, evaluating, decision-making, and problem-solving ) Sharing (Observations, experiences, and feelings ) Small groups are not ideal for distributing information. : Small groups are not ideal for distributing information. Guidelines for Small Group Teaching : Guidelines for Small Group Teaching Keep the learning process moving.  Probe students’ knowledge.  Avoid expressing an opinion concerning the correctness or quality of any student’s comments or contributions.  Avoid giving students information that they can and should obtain elsewhere. Slide 14: Make sure that all students contribute to the group’s discussion Prevent discussions from being directed toward the group facilitator. Keep the level of the discussion questions somewhere between boredom and hopelessly over-challenging, starting at the simplest, most widely known and progressing toward the more difficult. Continually monitor the progress of each student in the group. Some SGT strategies.. : Some SGT strategies.. Group discussion. Role playing. Gaming. Brain storming. Buzz groups. Panel Discussions Role play : Role play Instructional strategy in which students play assigned roles to show how they might act in specific situations Provide mastery of topic Time limit Allow students to volunteer Role reversal - students switch roles in the middle of the role play Brainstorming : Brainstorming Techniques to Enhance SGT : Techniques to Enhance SGT Goal Orientation   Extract Yourself From The Interaction   Identify Both Quiet and Dominant students. Questioning Skills   (o/c) Identify….. : Initiator Encourager. Fact-seekers Fact-givers Coordinators (fills the gap) Expeditor (arrangements) Evaluator Spokes person Identify….. Be ware of… : Be ware of… Recognition seekers. Aggressors Information seekers Blockers Competitors. Thank you… : Thank you…

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