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Published on March 3, 2009

Author: MeadowsFL



Figuring out how to manage all of your business’ information can be a daunting task. Whether it’s paper, electronic documents or storage, using this eBook to you can understand what you can do to get it all under control.

5 Ways to Get More Done with Less

Less Paper. More Information. Paper has long been the medium to store and share business information. Forms, contracts, receipts. All these items have an additional cost and by converting to a paperless system your company can reduce expenses, environmental impact and processing times. A typical business generates 1.5 pounds of wastepaper per employee per day. The costs can quickly add up. Tip: Get employees to submit expense reports and purchase requests electronically. Scanning receipts and using a spreadsheet can cut processing time by half and reduce your company’s wastepaper output.

Scanning and Imaging By reducing paper in internal business processes, you can get greater flow of information. A document management solution is a centralized repository that is accessible via the Internet and manages permissions as to who can see certain documents and even certain parts inside documents. Captur- ing documents can be done from your desk using intuitive scanning and imaging tools, like ScanDox. Captured docu- ments can automatically be indexed and incorporated into the business flow in seconds. Sharing information is as simple as sending an email and is instantaneous. BeneFITS • No document reproduction costs for lost or damaged files • Less desktop clutter • Store more information in less physical space • Reduce copying, faxing and shipping costs

Less Searching. More Action. Looking for information takes up to 25% of an employee’s workday. Having all mission-critical and customer information in an electronic repository or in a well-or- ganized records management system will let you answer customer requests faster. Also, losing documents will be thing of the past. Tip: Start a company intranet page and list all the places people go to find infor- mation. Include links to directories. Having this information organized can help new and re-purposed staff work more efficiently.

enterprise Content Management eliminate paper from your business processes and provide on-demand information retrieval from a secure, real-time por- tal. enterprise Content Management solutions are designed to solve transactional and paper-based problems in accounting, human resources, customer service and operations. Through the complete integration of process definition, human re- source allocation and document management, our eCM solutions are a complete operational platform for information management and process automation. BeneFITS • Quicker customer service • Ubiquitous access to important information • No lost or misplaced files • Complete audit trails track document access • Version control manages document revisions and drafts

Less Waiting. More agiLity. Your competition will not wait for you. neither will your customers. Waiting to answer document-related questions can hinder your productivity and give your customers a reason to go to your competitor. By using Web 2.0 communication and collaboration tools, your company can create self-service portals for customers and decrease time-to-resolution cycles. By making your company more agile, you will have a competitive edge and retain your valuable customers. Tip: Survey staff that handle document requests and find out what the top 5 types of documents requested are. Analyze the process and work with them to find ways to cut out needless steps or to revise forms to be more streamlined. Add this information to your company intranet page and share it with the entire staff.

Business Process Automation Business Process Automation software is an effective tool used to manage approval processes, controlled processes, routing, tracking and adding security to the management of document processing. It can be used to distribute documents into parallel processes and wait for events to synchronize in the decision-making process. BPA software assists in ensuring that your business processes are streamlined and that excep- tions are handled quickly. BeneFITS • Uniform policy application for all employees • Repeatable processes lead to constant improvement • Monitor and manage staff allocation and workloads • Track production metrics and handle issues quickly

Less Clutter. More Traffic. When it comes to handling paper records, es- pecially personal information, having an efficient labeling system and the right storage solution can free up valuable space. This space can the be used for income generation instead of clutter storage. Tip: When calculating filing capacity, use a common denominator of “linear filing inches” to assess how much filing space your files are taking up on each shelf. Also, if your alphabeti- cally organized system is exceeding 10,000 files, you may be overdue for a conversion to a ter- minal digit organized system. This will help allevi- ate backshifting of files during purges and help manage growth throughout the system.

Records Management Most filing systems today are a hybrid of paper and electronic storage, so it is vital to choose the right type of management for each piece of information and to integrate all aspects of the system seamlessly. Also, on-demand color labeling software allows you to improve your filing system by printing labels as needed, right from your desk. Printing your own labels will save you time and money as you quickly create the label with all of the information you need and apply that single label in one easy step. Also, using barcode track- ing of files can help you find them quickly, create audit trails, anticipate file audits and integrate into your current business processes. BeneFITS • Maximize filing space • Find records quickly with proper color coding • No need to build out or send records off site for storage • Reduce exposure to litigation and increase compliance

Less Mess. More Room. By having ergonomically-designed and aesthetically-pleasing workspaces, employees will be happier with their surroundings, thus more productive. Morale can deteriorate in a disorganized environment, as employees may see that as a lack of caring by management. If people feel appreciated at the work- place, they will be more optimistic and team-oriented and make the company a better place to be. Tip: Store the informa- tion and materi- als you use most often within easy reach. Put things away as soon as you stop working on them. If you’re working on some- thing and get interrupted, try posting a sticky note on the page, jot your thoughts on it, and then file it.

Active Workspaces Modular Millwork, modular furniture and high-density storage systems can all help you utilize your office real estate more efficiently, while remaining aesthetic and inviting. Modular Millwork lets you create visu- ally pleasing, functional interiors designed around your specific needs. When your needs change, simply re-configure and adapt Modular Millwork to your new situation. The easy change capability reduces the costs of reorganizing or relocating and gives you a truly sustain- able millwork system for active interiors. With a Lifetime Warranty that ensures you a durable system, Modular Millwork gives you modular design and construction with millwork quality. BeneFITS • Utilize active work areas more efficiently • Increase storage capacity in the same or less floor space • Modular components reduce cost of ownership • Can change systems as you grow

Meadows Business Systems is a Florida state-certified woman-owned business, dedicated to improving the efficiency of our clients’ business processes. We offer our customers innovative products and comprehensive services, thus providing a complete solution for their critical projects. Because we believe in creating and promoting environmentally sustainable solutions, many of our products are LEED compliant to help our clients attain LEED certification for their offices. More at Meadows Business Systems, Inc. 1057 Cephas Road Clearwater, FL 33765 (727) 442-3774 | (800) 791-1610 (727) 442-2560 Fax About Meadows Business Systems

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