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Published on January 13, 2008

Author: Rebecca


Small Animals as Pets:  Small Animals as Pets Claire Gebers Aged 410 CLF3451 Mice:  Mice Mus musculus domesticus Lives 1-3 years Colors: Albino, Brown, Black, and Spotted The fur can be short, long, or even curly They tend to get nippy if they aren’t handled alot Rats:  Rats Rattus Norvegicus Lives 2-3 years Colors: Albino, Hooded, Brown, Black, and many other colors Hair can be straight, curly, or even bald Very friendly likes to ride on shoulders and in pockets. Hamsters:  Hamsters Mesocricetus auratus  Lives 2-3 years Colors: Albino, Spotted, Solid Dwarf, Short hair, Long hair, Angora Shy, likes to run around in plastic balls Guinea Pigs:  Guinea Pigs Cavia porcellus Lives 8-10 years Has a variety of colors and comes in short and long haired varieties They can be as small as big rats or as large as a small dog They do not contract diseases very easily Rabbits:  Rabbits Lagomorpha Lives up to 10 years Comes in a variety of colors depending on the breed. Dwarf, Giant, Long hair, Short hair, Straight eared, and Long eared Breeds: California, Angora, Mini-Lop Eared, etc. Gerbils:  Gerbils Meriones unguiculatus Lives 3-4 years Are very social and need to be kept with a friend or in a group Comes in a variety of colors, but has a furry tail Housing:  Housing Usually kept in wire or wooden cages Can be kept inside or outside depending on the weather. Must be cleaned at least once a week Food:  Food Most small animals are vegetarians, a few are omnivores It is good to give them a variety of fruits, nuts, grains, and hay The main staple is usually alfalfa pellets Besides regular food even small animals need to get their vitamins through licks or blocks Toys:  Toys Every animal needs toys to play with Toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on their price Good toys for small animals include: balls, wheels, ramps, tubes, hammocks, etc. Make sure the toys are not harmful to your animal Advantages of Small Pets:  Advantages of Small Pets Needs a small space to be kept in. Doesn’t need to be taken for walks or given baths. Easy to play with, only needs one to two hours of activity everyday. Great for someone who works a lot and doesn’t have a lot of extra time or space but still wants to have a furry friend to come home to. Disadvantages of Small Animals:  Disadvantages of Small Animals Can get stinky if not cleaned regularly May bite if not handled regularly They don’t like loud noises May get eaten by larger predators if left without supervision. Costs:  Costs Cheap to purchase pet initially ($1-$15) Housing in wood or metal cages ($25-$200) Food ($15-$30 month) Toys ($0-$100) Other Small Animals as Pets:  Other Small Animals as Pets Ferrets Hedghogs Sugar Gliders Skunks Chinchillas Raccoons Opposums Conclusion:  Conclusion Small animals as pets are excellent choices for those who do not have the time or money for a larger pet but want a companion. Small animals are also great choices for children since they are easy to care for and friendly.

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