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SIES COLLEGE OF COMMERCE AND ECONOMICS, PLOT NO. 71/72, SION MATUNGA ESTATE T.V. CHIDAMBARAM MARG, SION (EAST), MUMBAI – 400022. CERTIFICATE This is to certify that Talari Veena Baburao of M.Com (advance accounts) Semester II (academic year 2013-2014) has successfully completed the project on CSR initiatives of Samsung under the Guidance of Mrs. Minu Thomas. _________________ (Project Guide) ___________________ (External Examiner) ___________________ (Course Co-ordinator) ___________________ (Principal) Place: _____________ Date: ___________ 2

DECLARATION I, Talari Veena Baburao Student M.Com (Advance Accounts) Semester I (academic year 2013-2014) hereby declare that, I have completed the project on CSR initiatives of Samsung . The information presented in this project is true and original to the best of my knowledge. ___________________ TALARI VEENA BABURAO Roll No.: 51 Place: _____________ Date:_____________ 3

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would like to thank the University of Mumbai, for introducing M.Com( Advance Accounts.) course, thereby giving its students a platform to be abreast with changing business scenario, with the help of theory as a base and practical as a solution. I am indebted to the reviewer of the project Dr. Minu Thomas ,my project guide who is also our Principal for her support and guidance. I would sincerely like to thank her for all her efforts. Last but not the least; I would like to thank my parents for giving the best education and for their support and contribution without which this project would not have been possible. ______________________ TALARI VEENA BABURAO ROLL NO.51 4

INDEX Sr. No Title Page no. 1 6 – 10 2 Chapter 1: Introduction to corporate social responsibility Rational of the study 3 Research methodology 10 4 Chapter 2 : Introduction to Samsung 11 - 13 5 14 - 21 6 Chapter 3 : introduction of corporate social responsibility of Samsung Chapter 4 : Samsung‘ s CSR Initiatives 7 Chapter 5 : Samsung awards for its CSR Initiatives 35 - 41 8 Conclusion 41 – 42 9 Bibliography 43 10 21 - 35 5

Chapter 1 : Introduction to corporate social responsibility Introduction Corporate Social Responsibility is a complex concept, with no universally accepted definition or format for evaluation. Difficulties also arise when attempting to evaluate a business or corporation‘s performance with respect to a particular issue, in this case ageing. CSR‘s complexity lies in a number of reasons, most notably the broad scope for interpretation of CSR for each actor involved. CSR is titled to aid an organization's mission as well as a guide to what the company stands for and will uphold to its consumers. Development business ethics is one of the forms of applied ethics that examines ethical principles and moral or ethical problems that can arise in a business environment. It is widely accepted that CSR adheres to similar principles but with no formal act of legislation. Corporate social responsibility (CSR, also called corporate conscience, corporate citizenship, social performance, or sustainable responsible business/ Responsible Business) is a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. CSR policy functions as a built-in, self-regulating mechanism whereby a business monitors and ensures its active compliance with the spirit of the law, ethical standards, and international norms. CSR is a process with the aim to embrace responsibility for the company's actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere who may also be considered as stakeholders. 6

Definition. CSR has been defined as ―a concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their interaction with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis‖ (European Commission, 2001). However, as the World Economic Forum (2002) recognised, definitions and approaches to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) vary, with terms such as corporate citizenship, corporate responsibility and sustainable development also in common usage.. This section will consider the various terms and definitions that have been used in Corporate Social Responsibility‘s stead, viz.: Corporate governance, Corporate citizenship and Corporate sustainability. CSR APPROACHES 7

A common approach to CSR is corporate philanthropy. This includes monetary donations and aid given to local and non-local non profit organizations and communities, including donations in areas such as the arts, education, housing, health, social welfare, and the environment, among others, but excluding political contributions and commercial sponsorship of events. Another approach to CSR is to incorporate the CSR strategy directly into the business strategy of an organization. Another approach is garnering increasing corporate responsibility interest. This is called Creating Shared Value, Or CSV. The shared value model is based on the idea that corporate success and social welfare are interdependent. Potential benefits of implementing a CSR approach Better anticipation and management of an ever-expanding spectrum of risk. Effectively managing social, environmental, legal, economic and other risks in an increasingly complex market environment, with greater oversight and stakeholder scrutiny of corporate activities, can improve the security of supply and overall market stability. Improved reputation management. Organizations that perform well with regard to CSR can build reputation, while those that perform poorly can damage brand and company value when exposed. Reputation, or brand equity, is founded on values such as trust, credibility, reliability, quality and consistency. Even for companies that do not have direct retail exposure through brands, their reputation as a supply chain partner -- both good and bad -- for addressing CSR issues can make the difference between a business opportunity positively realized and an uphill climb to respectability. 8

Enhanced ability to recruit, develop and retain staff. This can be the direct result of pride in the company's products and practices, or of introducing improved human resources practices, such as ―family-friendly‖ policies. It can also be the indirect result of programs and activities that improve employee morale and loyalty. Improved competitiveness and market positioning. This can result from organizational, process and product differentiation and innovation. Good CSR practices can also lead to better access to new markets. Enhanced operational efficiencies and cost savings. These flow in particular from improved efficiencies identified through a systematic approach to management that includes continuous improvement. Value of CSR . The most researched and proven financial benefits of effective strategy CSR can be found in the areas of human resources and talent management , reputation and branding and operational cost savings . It‘s clear that employees are significantly interested in, more loyal to companies that proven commitment to corporate social responsibility. As a result, CSR can be used as an effective strategy to recruit and retain top talent, which has obvious positive implications for the bottom line. Core elements of CSR The Government of India released guidelines to assist companies in India to understand the new voluntary Corporate Social Responsibility Code. As per these guidelines, the core elements that one must consider while establishing such a CSR policy are as follows: 9

1. Care for Stakeholders – Respect the interests of all your stakeholders such as shareholders, customers, suppliers, society at large 2. Ethical functioning – Ensure that your Company maintains the highest levels of standards in ethics, transparency and accountability. 3. Respect for Workers‟ Rights and Welfare – Ensure fair treatment of all employees by instituting policies covering key aspects such as safety, hygiene, training, healthcare, grievance redressal, anti-discrimination etc. 4. Respect for Human Rights – Ensure that there are no Human Rights violations in the operations – either with employees, customers, society, production, labour etc. 5. Respect for Environment – Ensure sustainability of key natural resources and optimal utilisation of land, water, energy to minimize the impact on the environment. 6. Social and Inclusive Development – Respect the area that you work in and the people that work for you. Include the community through economic and social improvement activities. RATIONALE OF THE STUDY This study aims at analyzing the Corporate Social Responsibility of Samsung. The study of Samsung profile includes Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility, brief overview of the company, corporate social responsibility policy and initiatives of Samsung towards education, employment and towards community. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Source of Data: Secondary Source through surfing internet. 10

Chapter 2: Introduction to Name Samsung Industries Samsung SDS, Samsung C&T Corporation, Samsung ElectroMechanics, Samsung Electronics, Samsung Engineering, Samsung Ever land, Samsung Fine Chemicals, Samsung Fire & Marine and life Insurance, Samsung Heavy Industries, Samsung Securities, etc Founder Lee_Byung-chul Geographic areas served World wide Headquarters Samsung Town ,Seoul, South Korea Current CEO Dr. Oh-Hyun Kwon Revenue US $268.8 Billion ( F.Y2012) Net income US $30.1 Billion (F.Y 2013) Employees 427,000 (F.Y.2013) Main competitors Apple , Nokia, Sony, Dell, HP, and many others. For over 70 years, Samsung has been dedicated to making a better world through diverse businesses that today span advanced technology, semiconductors, skyscraper and plant construction, petrochemicals, fashion, medicine, finance, hotels, and more. Our flagship company, Samsung Electronics, leads the global market in high-tech electronics manufacturing 11

and digital media. Through innovative, reliable products and services; talented people; a responsible approach to business and global citizenship; and collaboration with our partners and customers, Samsung is taking the world in imaginative new directions. Samsung is known globally for its electronic product and it is one of the successful brands in the electronic industry. It is an established company almost all around the world. Samsung today owes much of its success to its Value Innovation Programme. With 6 design labs staffed by 450 people it is serious about understanding what it is consumers need long before considering the technologies required to deliver them. It believes (and, to be fair, evidence suggests) that success in consumer electronics can only ever be short term and there is therefore a pressing need for continuous innovation in order to develop new technology platforms and create products that are first of its kind in the marketplace. 12

PROFILE: SAMSUNG Samsung Electronics is part of one of the largest multi-billion dollar corporations in the world. In 2007 it exceeded the $100bn mark in annual sales for the first time in its history. This makes it one of the world's top three companies in the electronics industry where only two other companies, Siemens and Hewlett-Packard, have posted larger revenues. The name Samsung literally means ‗three stars‘ or ‗tristar‘ in Korean, reflecting the Samsung Group‘s dominance in two further sectors: Samsung Heavy Industries and Samsung Engineering and Construction. If you are talking innovation in Samsung walks the walk and is now the established leader in consumer electronics, providing a range of leading-edge premium products and, in their own words, ‗leading the digital convergence revolution‘. In so doing Samsung has made a remarkable transformation from copy-cat manufacturer to become Asia's most valuable technology company. 13

VISION AND MISSION SAMSUNG is dedicated to developing innovative technologies and efficient processes that create new markets, enrich people's lives, and continue to make Samsung a digital leader. Chapter 3 Introduction to Samsung CSR. Samsung is one of the world‘s largest consumer technology companies, with a focus on mobile phones, televisions and tablets. They also produce medical and healthcare technologies, as well investing in renewable energy. 1. Employee Relations : a. Diversity In its reporting on diversity, Samsung places heavy emphasis on hiring people local to the area they locate to, as well as gender diversity and a prohibition on child labour (Samsung Electronics, 2012). Samsung has made conscious efforts to diversify its workforce, with a particular focus on women, people with disabilities and high school graduates, implementing schemes such as Samsung Barrier Free, which rates buildings the company inhabits based on how they meet the accessibility needs of people with physical disabilities . b. Planned entry/exit programmes Like many global companies, Samsung‘s retirement options vary depending on where and in which group its employees are based. Samsung Electronics monitors staff turnover, updating its HR policies as it deems necessary. It also has a career development centre, which is available to 14

employees who are retiring but wish to find another job or start a business of their own (Samsung Electronics, 2009). c. Mentoring Programmes Samsung makes use of both mentoring and training programmes for employee development, particularly for foreign and female employees. Samsung also operates a number of mentoring programmes as part of its support for employee volunteer programmes, detailed below. d. Flexibility Employee flexibility options for employees differ across the various Samsung groups. In 2009, Samsung Electronics introduced a flexible work schedule in its TV, mobile and consumer electronics and expanded to all divisions in 2010. 2. Customer Relations a. Product/service design and accessibility Samsung is involved in a wide range of industries, from shipbuilding to chemicals, it is most widely known for its electronic products, from smart phones and tablets, to televisions, particularly its flagship ―Galaxy‖ range of Android OS powered products. Samsung Electronics designs according to an accessibility statement that promises to ―develop innovative technologies that broaden accessibility for everyone‖ and ―build and online content environment that is convenient for every user‖ (Samsung Electronics, 2012). Samsung also produces other phones designed for accessibility, such as the Samsung ―Haven‖, which also has a large, bright display and buttons, ―One-touch‖ access to emergency numbers and a management feature that can store health related information such as allergies and medication (Samsung, 2012). 15

b. Premises location/design Although Samsung has a very limited number of retail stores worldwide, its presence in Europe is limited to third party shops. It also has an online shop, though this is not available in every territory, nor does it stock a complete range of Samsung products. The Samsung website itself provides a number of tutorials on how to use the website and adjust computer settings to fit the customer‘s needs in its guides. c. Marketing Although Samsung produces a wide variety of products, including handsets designed specifically older people, the bulk of its promotional spending is in aid of their Galaxy range of devices. Samsung are also a worldwide partner of the Olympics, and featured prominently in the London 2012 Games. Released in September, 2012, a video titled ―The Next Big Thing is Already Here‖, features young people all waiting enthusiastically for a new, unnamed phone (Samsung Mobile USA, 2012). 3. Community a. Company Programmes The majority of Samsung‘s community programmes have an environmental focus. However, it does operate a number of socially focused initiatives. Founded in 1989, the Samsung Welfare Foundation is dedicated to developing childcare services in lower income areas of South Korea and its primary programmes all have a focus on children and teenagers (Samsung Welfare Foundation, n.d.). The foundation is in line the priorities identified by Samsung Electronics in 1995; the disabled, environment preservation and ―informatization‖ for society (Samsung, 2008). 16

Samsung also runs the Samsung Digit ALL Hope programme, which provides funding for technology projects that focus on the empowerment of young people or those with disabilities. b. Participation in other initiatives The majority of Samsung‘s partnerships are internal, with internal companies partnering together to achieve common goals. However, again, these initiatives are focused on the environment, with no attention paid to the elderly or age related issues. Corporate Social Responsibility of Samsung. Based on the belief that integration of CSR into business activities is essential for sustainable growth, Samsung Electronics makes every effort to listen to the views of internal and external stakeholders and incorporate them into CSR initiatives. The recent rise in CSR related inquiries from external stakeholders has increased the need for timely and transparent information disclosure. In response, Samsung Electronics set up a new external request handling system to facilitate communication with stakeholders. In 2010, we received 96 requests from external stakeholders. We effectively responded to these inquiries through cooperation with the HR, environment and IR departments. Presently, we are expanding the scope of issues covered in the Sustainability Report and information disclosure via the Web to communicate CSR issues more effectively. Vision & Direction CSR Through active social contribution activities, all Samsung Electro-Mechanics employees put their best effort to make happy society by assisting and sharing love with local communities. Social contribution activities for making helping society is mandatory business supporting 17

activities for corporations. Through sharing-management, Samsung Electro-Mechanics will lead sharing and assisting corporate culture and bright and happy society by fulfilling social responsibilities and duties through sharing management. Compiled with the G3 Guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and AA1000APS, the 2011 Samsung Electronics Sustainability Report includes the company's profiles as well as its economic, environmental, and social performance indicators to ensure the full sharing of information across all sectors. As a new feature in comparison with the previous report, this report contains the company's CSR vision and strategies. The financial data included in this report generally represents the corporation's consolidated figures that encompass the performances of Samsung Electronics' overseas plants. The environmental and social performance information mainly reflects the domestic subsidiaries of Samsung Electronics. The data that pertains only to the performance of its headquarters has been footnoted accordingly. Samsung Electronics will continue to strengthen its data collecting process to expand the scope of its reporting for future periods. Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives taken by Samsung. Samsung has made many CSR initiatives in education, employment, environment & health and medical. 18

Samsung Smart School Education : Educating our tomorrow : Samsung is dedicated to improving the use of technology in education, applying employee expertise to empower youth around the world. Bridging the Divide :Access to smarter learning environments can lead to enhanced student performance and reduce the digital divide. Shaping the Future :When students receive smart education and skills training, they‘re better equipped for the future. Smarter Education :Samsung is providing students with access to smarter learning environments. Samsung Tech Institute Employment and Community : Samsung provides employees and local residents with the means to accomplish their goals and improve their community. Providing meaningful employment opportunities to more people : As an equal opportunity employer, Samsung is helping more people full fill their dreams with meaningful employment opportunities. Investing in local communities : 19

With its domestic and international reach, Samsung is dedicated to being a respected company and contributing to the development of the communities it operates in. Pursuing shared growth strategies Samsung is always open to cooperating with anyone when it comes to mutually beneficial innovation. Samsung LED Solar Lantern Environment : Samsung practices environmental responsibility throughout its operations for the benefit of the global community. Responsible supply chain and product life cycle Samsung is proud to have strong principles and clear guidelines for protecting the environment while also regularly assessing partners supplying raw materials on their worksite safety and environmental protection practices. Responsible products By leveraging eco-friendly processes and technology, Samsung is sharing its green management vision with both employees and consumers. Responsible facility management Samsung protects the environment through its green activities, which minimise energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions Samsung brings Mobilised medical care to Rural Areas 20

Health and Medical : Samsung seeks to address the need to increase Healthy Life Expectancy with the convergence of IT technology. Leading A Longer, Healthier Life People are living longer and Samsung is using technology to create personalised and efficient healthcare solutions so the longer years are about quality, not just quantity. Meeting Unique Needs Samsung is developing innovative product solutions to meet the unique needs and improve the lives of the differently-abled. Reaching Underserved Communities Samsung is ensuring remote and underserved communities have access to healthcare by providing critical medical technology. Chapter 4 Samsung's CSR Initiatives : In India Samsung's CSR program in India places substantial focus on providing quality education to underprivileged children in the country. The company is in the process of setting up Samsung Smart Classes at Navodaya Vidyalayas in different parts of the country. This initiative is helping 21

bridge the digital divide in the country while at the same time improving the quality of education being provided in these schools. Samsung to Initiate its „Nanum Village' Project in Baidpura Village, Greater Noida Samsung to improve infrastructure, health and education facilities in the village Samsung today announced the launch of its ‗Nanum Village' project in India, with the adoption of Baidpura village near its Noida manufacturing facility. One of the first of its kind CSR initiatives by Samsung in India, the Nanum Village project will see Samsung bringing in several improvements in the infrastructure, health and education facilities in the village. Mr. B.D. Park, President and CEO, South West Asia, Samsung Electronics and Mr. Rama Raman, Chairman and CEO of Noida and Greater Noida launched the project in the presence of Ms. Grace Lee, Head of Community Relations, Samsung Electronics and Mr. Hiralal Gupta, District Magistrate of Gautam Buddh Nagar along with other officials from Greater Noida Authorities. Speaking on the occasion, stated Mr. B. D. Park, President and CEO, South West Asia, Samsung Electronics, "The ‗Nanum Village' is one of our global corporate social responsibility programs and we are happy to introduce this program here in India. There is a strong principle of sharing that underlines harmonious living in communities. The Nanum Village concept evolves from this principle to provide residents with benefits that will improve the quality of their life." As part of its Nanum Village initiative, the Company will construct a community centre for Baidpura residents at the Sri Sant Vinobha Bhave Inter College, which will house 22

recreation facilities, a library as well as computers for the benefit of the community. With education as a strong focus for its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, the Company plans to set up a Smart Class in the school. By providing computers, tablets and Smart board in the Samsung Smart class, the Company plans to enrich the quality of education being provided to the students and open up a whole new world of possibilities for them. The Company will also carry out other health and community development initiatives at Baidpura going forward. The Nanum Village project in Noida is the latest addition to several CSR projects undertaken by Samsung in India. Samsung ; CSR initiative in Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu A group of volunteers from Samsung Electronics' headquarters in Korea have been working in Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu and now in Delhi, for the past three weeks, as part of the Company's global employee volunteer program. The volunteers set up a Samsung Smart Class in the Keeranallur Government High School, carried out repair works in the school, taught students basic hygiene and involved them in various physical education activities. Some volunteers also supported health check-up camps organised by Samsung India in around 10 villages in Sriperumbudur. Samsung volunteers are currently working in the Sarvodaya 23

Secondary School, Sawada carrying out educational activities. SRIPERUMBUDUR (Tamil Nadu): Strengthening its commitment to contributing to the communities where it operates, employees from Samsung Electronics‘ headquarters in Korea participated in a unique employee volunteer program, focused on educational initiatives in India. As part of this Program, these volunteers set up the first Samsung Smart Class in the Keeranallur Government High School in Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu. Mr. R. Suryanarayan, District Education Officer, Kancheepuram along with Mr. Ookki Kim, Managing Director, Samsung Chennai factory inaugurated the Samsung Smart Class. ―It is a proud moment for us as we inaugurate the Samsung Smart Class in the Keeranallur Government High School ‖, said Mr. Ookki Kim, Managing Director, Samsung Chennai Factory. ―The Samsung Smart Class that has been set up by Samsung volunteers will undoubtedly contribute to improving the quality of education provided to the students in this school. Samsung‘s employee volunteer program is one of Samsung Electronics‘ global CSR programs. Through our Corporate Social Responsibility programs, we are harnessing our legacy of innovation to transform communities and their lives for the better while opening a new world of possibilities for them.‖ The Samsung Smart Class is equipped with 20 computers and will be the first step towards ensuring that the 300 students of this school from classes 6 to 10 get basic computer education on a regular basis. The Samsung Smart Class is one of several initiatives that the volunteers undertook. Besides setting up the computers, they also helped improve other facilities in the school by carrying out repair works on the water tank and toilets. They regularly interacted with the students and taught them basic hygiene and involved them in various physical education activities. In addition, some volunteers also supported Health Check up camps 24

organised by Samsung India in around 10 villages in Sriperumbudur. Speaking on the occasion, Nohcheon Park, the group leader of the volunteer team from Korea, stated, ―We are happy that our work has come to fruition today with the inauguration. We hope that the Samsung Smart Class will serve as an enabler to help these children realize their potential. We are thankful to Samsung Electronics for giving us the opportunity to come here and participate in this initiative. Samsung CSR Initiative in Bangalore Mahatma Gandhi once said- “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Employees of SRI-B strongly believe in the same. SRI-B SEVA is one such initiative by Samsung R&D Institute India - Bangalore(SRI-B). Promoted by Samsung R&D Institute India - Bangalore and driven by it's employees, the Foundation works in Bangalore Karnataka with key focus on providing education and social support for underprivileged children SRI-B SEVA currently supports a non-funded orphanage housing around 100 young children whose lives suffer paltriness of parental affection and a paucity of resources. Employees donate on voluntary basis for this cause. That apart, special occasions and festivals call for a celebration to add colours of smile in the lives of the young ones. SRI-B SEVA also involves these children in all its grand happenings like the annual celebrations. This apart, SRI-B SEVA also organizes blood donation camps for various blood banks and hospitals in Bangalore and also other donation drives like books, clothes, old PCs etc. 25

Corporate Social Responsibility of Samsung in world wide. Samsung Engineering seeks to improve conditions around the world through our social contribution programs. Company-wide, we utilize our strengths and resources to benefit local communities and help children and families in need. Individually, our employees are encouraged to take part in the many volunteer programs offered by the company. CSR Projects Working in cooperation with our project sites and regional offices around the world, Samsung Engineering ensures that our corporate social responsibilities are fulfilled everywhere we do business. These global CSR efforts include, but are not limited to, providing financial support to children from low-income families, training and employing people from local communities, building schools for children who do not have access to education, and building communal facilities. BUILDING LIBRARIES : Children ought to have a clean, safe, well-lit environment in which to learn, but for many communities around the world, the resources necessary to make that happen are simply too scarce. Realizing this need, Samsung Engineering has been transforming neglected schools and community centers into children's libraries at sites all around the world, including India, Iraq, and Bolivia. The project, which began in 2012, has become a huge success, so we plan to expand the program to include even more regions and communities. 26

BOOK DONATION : With library buildings being refurbished all around the world, the next task for Samsung Engineering was to fill those libraries with books, so we run a parallel program through which we donate books in the names of guests who visit Samsung Engineering's corporate promotion center located at the head office in Seoul. By building libraries and filling them with books, we can invest in the future. TECHNICAL SCHOOL : Samsung Engineering will begin building technical schools near some of our major project sites in order to train local men and women in basic technical skills, such as welding and carpentry. After the schools are built, we will then offer employment opportunities to graduates. By providing people with the skills to earn a living, creating jobs where they are needed, and securing a global network of qualified human resources, Samsung Engineering is able to benefit the communities we work in while strengthening our corporate standing in the region. 27

DISASTER RESOURCE PARTNERSHIP : In June 2013, Samsung Engineering became a member of the World Forum's Disaster Resource Partnership (DRP), a new private-public model for disaster response. Through this partnership, Samsung Engineering has pledged to aid communities damaged by fires, earthquakes, major storms and other natural disasters. The DRP program includes an emergency response team made up of technical experts and project managers who can provide support for temporary housing and materials as well as financial contributions. 3 Keys To Samsung's Latest CSR Initiative Samsung Electronics America just announced the winners of its latest corporate social responsibility initiative, Solve for Tomorrow, and there are lessons to be learned by other companies from Samsung‘s approach. The Samsung Hope for Children, the company‘s philanthropic initiative focused on helping children lead healthier, smarter and more sustainable lives. More than 1,600 schools from across 28

the country entered the contest that kicked off in August with essay submissions on how STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) can help the environment in their communities. Seventy-five classrooms — 25 from each of three categories: rural, suburban, urban — were selected as semi-finalists and received a Samsung camcorder, laptop and Adobe editing software to create videos to compete in the video phase of the contest that answered the challenge: How can STEM help improve the environment in your community? Winners were selected based on an online voting process. ―The excitement this contest creates is wonderful,‖ said David Steel, Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategy of Samsung Electronics North America. ―The public voting portion of the contest received a strong response from the online community. That kind of support is fantastic. We hope that the challenge of this contest, together with the technology for winning schools, will help spark students‘ passions to pursue careers that help improve the world through STEM.‖ In a recent conversation with Steel we discussed why this program was a success. I believe there were three keys that were important and that can be used by other companies as they formulate their CSR initiatives. 1. Relevant focus: Samsung has focused on improving the lives of children as the umbrella for all its philanthropic efforts globally. This program helped support STEM programs in education, which are strategically important to Samsung‘s workforce needs. And it utilized products from the company‘s portfolio in relevant ways that also met the expressed needs of educators. 2. Partnerships: Samsung did not approach this program in a heavy-handed manner, but chose to partner with the National PTA and the National Environmental Education Foundation. By involving these organizations, Samsung assured the program met real needs in the communities the company hoped to impact. It also better understood the sensitivities of teachers and parents so 29

that the program could be executed in a manner that best connected with the desired audience: youth. 3. Participation: This program was not simply a grant of funds or products. It was a wellorchestrated series of participatory activities, including writing essays, producing videos, sharing social posts and voting online. The activities not only broadened an understanding of Samsung‘s support but assured that the recipients of the prizes were willing, eager and prepared to put the prizes into action immediately. Corporate Social Responsibility taken for and by the employees of Samsung Samsung recognizes that your choice of workplace is affected by more than benefits and compensation. Many in the workforce want to work for an employer who will value them and help them reach their fullest potential, while preserving work-life balance. Others are also concerned by what their employer is doing to help the environment and those in need. 30

Samsung's commitment to sustainability and good corporate citizenship is strong. Here are some examples of how Samsung Mobile is not just a great place to work, but how we're also doing our part and giving back. Environmental Initiatives As an electronics company, we have a tremendous opportunity to do work that positively impacts the environment. We constantly design eco-friendly products that are energy efficient and help consumers reduce their carbon footprint. We also have set up the Recycling Direct program, which helps consumers needing to dispose of their old electronics find the most environmentally friendly way to do so. Citizenship and Service A commitment to bettering our communities runs deep at Samsung, both among our employees and as part of our corporate culture. Samsung's charitable programs have raised more than $25 million for more than 300 school and community-based foundations and charities in the United States since 2002. The main focus of our social contributions is making the lives of children better, especially by promoting education and health. For instance, through Solve for Tomorrow, Samsung and its partners donated $1 million worth of technology to public schools. Meanwhile, Four Seasons of Hope supports charities sponsored by famous U.S. sports stars. Our corporate sponsorship benefits many local and national organizations focused on improving lives. Highlights of this sponsorship include our work with Habitat for Humanity, providing funds, appliances and volunteers to build a house for a family in need, and recently, a matchingdonation program for UNICEF's Haiti Earthquake relief efforts. Other beneficiaries of Samsung's 31

efforts in 2010 include the Cricket Charity Golf Tournament in San Diego, the Greater Dallas Korean School, the Atlanta Area Boy Scouts Golden Eagle Breakfast and the Curing Kids' Cancer Golf Tournament. Our employees are also generous in donating of their time and money to community service. Samsung volunteers have worked with the following organizations: Habitat for Humanity is one way Samsung gives back to the community by building a home for a needy family from the ground up. Samsung maintains an annual budget near $100,000 and donates over 300 volunteer hours annually. Samsung provides food to area food pantries, soup kitchens and meal delivery service. Samsung wants to promote goodwill in the community and allows employees to help those in need around the holidays. Employees were invited to wear jeans to work if they donated money to the foundation. Employees paid $5 to wear jeans to work one day – $20 for the whole week. All funds went to support the foundation in the Dallas area in the name of Samsung Telecommunications America. 32

Each day, local patients depend on 1,100 blood donors. Each employee's single donation has the potential to help an average of three patients. The blood drives keep the local blood supply strong and available to those whose lives depend on it Cricket Charity Golf Tournament – Keeping with the tradition of years past, the tournament will benefit Rady Children's Hospital of San Diego with a focus on helping low-income families impacted by cancer. Approximately 3 Children get diagnosed with cancer every year in San Diego & with Rady Children's Hospital serving approximately 80% of ALL pediatric cases in San Diego, we are confident that our efforts will make a difference in people's lives. Employees donated new, unwrapped toys for needy newborns to 12 year old during the toy drive. The primary goal of Toys for Tots is to deliver, through a new toy at Christmas, a message of hope to less fortunate youngsters that will assist them in becoming responsible, productive, patriotic citizens. 33

Samsung CSR Initiatives with other partners. Samsung and ENERGY STAR Celebrate in Atlantic City on ENERGY STAR Day : Samsung and ENERGY STAR celebrated ENERGY STAR Day with festivities at the Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City. In light of the severe damage that the Club suffered from Super storm Sandy one year ago, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, ENERGY STAR and Samsung partnered to unveil the refurbished Pennsylvania unit of the Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City. They celebrated the accomplishments in teaching Club members and their families about the importance of saving energy and protecting the environment from climate change. Samsung and ENERGY STAR Give Back to Local Communities in Need in New Orleans : Samsung and ENERGY STAR kicked off its ENERGY STAR Day celebrations with Rebuilding Together in New Orleans. Rebuilding Together gathers hundreds of volunteers to help improve the homes and lives of low-income homeowners nationwide. This year, Rebuilding Together in New Orleans offered the opportunity for ENERGY STAR partners to take on one house and make it more energy efficient for a local family-- naming it the "ENERGY STAR House." EPA and its partners came together to give this home an energy efficient makeover, bringing energy savings to a family in need. "Samsung is a good company and I'm glad they're working with Rebuilding Together to do this for us," said Bertha Lucas, whose home was severely damaged in Hurricane Katrina in 2005. "I'm really grateful because I couldn't afford to buy another washer and dryer. I'm just so grateful and so thankful." 34

Jimmie Johnson Foundation, Lowe‘s and Samsung Award Third Annual Team Up For Technology Grant : Team Up for Technology grant, a partnership between the Jimmie Johnson Foundation, Lowe‘s and Samsung Hope for Children. ―Team Up For Technology is a great program because it addresses a critical issue in education – the need for adequate technology to prepare students for their futures,‖ said Johnson. ―All of the schools‘ submissions were fantastic. We are thrilled to partner with Samsung and Lowe‘s to provide P.S. 193 Gil Hodges with this year‘s $48,000 makeover.‖ The Team Up For Technology program encourages parents, teachers, administrators and children‘s advocates nationwide to nominate their school to receive a technology makeover. In its third year, more than 2,000 nominations were received through the Foundation‘s website and Twitter account. In the past three years, more than $210,000 in cash and product has been awarded through this program. 2014 Boston Film Festival Showcases Samsung's Solve for Tomorrow Campaign The Center for Corporate Citizenship at Boston College is holding its 6th annual Film Festival. This year Samsung has entered a video showcasing our Solve for Tomorrow initiative. At the heart of the three-minute video Samsung entered in this year‘s festival is a 2011 contest finalist, a school in the remote village of Kokhanok, Alaska. In the two years since documenting their project in a short video for the contest, Kokhanok School has used their technology prize package in many innovative ways, not only to improve opportunities for students but to transform the community. 35

Samsung technology is being put to work to benefit everyone in the village, from exploring ways of harnessing wind energy and further reducing dependence on fossil fuels to reviving the ancient native Yupik heritage and language by allowing villagers to check out laptops and Yupik audio books from the community library. Chapter 5 SAMSUNG AWARDS AND RECOGNISATION IN CSR Samsung gets Golden Peacock Award for CSR initiative Samsung Electronics has been awarded the prestigious Golden Peacock Award 2012 for its CSR program, Samsung Hope Project, for the second consecutive year. The award recognizes Samsung‘s CSR initiatives in the areas of Education, Sports, Arts and Culture. New Delhi, India: Samsung Electronics, was awarded the prestigious Golden Peacock Award 2012 for its CSR program, Samsung Hope Project, for the second consecutive year. The Golden Peacock Award was given away by H.E. Humaid Mohamed Obaid Al Qutami, UAE Minister of Education and Justice M. N. Venkatachaliah, Chairman, Institute of Directors and former Chief Justice of India. Ruchika Batra, GM-Corporate Communications, Samsung South West Asia HQ was given the award in the presence of eminent leaders from the industry. The Award recognises the Company‘s CSR initiatives in the areas of Education, Sports, Arts and Culture. ―We are proud to receive the prestigious Golden Peacock Award for our CSR program, Samsung Hope Project for the second consecutive year. At Samsung, we are committed to giving back to 36

the community and our projects in the areas of education, culture, sports and community development are aimed at making a positive difference in the lives of the beneficiaries,‖ states B D Park, President & CEO, South West Asia HQ, Samsung Electronics and MD, Samsung India. Samsung Hope Project represents Samsung Corporate Social responsibility initiatives in the area of Education, Culture, Community development and Sports. Some of the Company‘s initiatives in the area of education include running e-learning centres in different parts of the country; Samsung Wheels of Hope, a mobile computer lab that gives children studying in government and government-aided schools access to internet and notebooks/tablets and also awards scholarship programs to those in need. Samsung has recently partnered with two NGOs – Smile Foundation in Delhi and AID India in Tamil Nadu, to provide quality education to underprivileged kids. Under the ‗Samsung Super Kidz Program‘ children from 100 villages in Tamil Nadu will benefit from AID India‘s vast experience and will learn Tamil, English, Math, and Science through innovative teaching techniques. Mission Education, established in the year 2003, is the flag ship programme of the Smile Foundation. The programme reaches out to more than 12000 children across 19 states in India. Through Samsung‘s support, Smile Foundation will reach out to children at two centres in New Delhi and Noida. The program will enroll children in the age group of 6-16 years in bridge courses and equip these children by making them ready for education programmes at formal schools. Samsung India wins the prestigious Golden Peacock Award for its CSR initiatives • Samsung recognized with the Golden Peacock Award‘ for the third time 37

Bangalore, January 22, 2014: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, a global leader in technology has been awarded the prestigious 'Golden Peacock Award for Corporate Social Responsibility 2013‘for its Samsung Smart School initiative. The Award recognises Samsung‘s work to improve the quality of education provided to underprivileged children in the country through its CSR initiatives. Ms. Ruchika Batra, Director, Samsung India, received the award on behalf of the company from Shri Nikhil Kumar, Hon‘ble Governor of Kerala. Commenting on the award, Mr. Ravinder Zutshi, Deputy Managing Director, Samsung India said, ―We are delighted to receive the prestigious Golden Peacock Award for the third time over the past few years. For Samsung, Corporate Social Responsibility involves extending our legacy of innovation to create value for society by addressing societal needs and challenges. Through our initiatives to improve the quality of education, such as the Samsung Smart School project, we hope to open newer possibilities that positively transform people's lives.‖ The Samsung Smart School initiative seeks to address the digital divide in the country by 38

providing students an interactive learning environment in the classroom, facilitated by Samsung products like the Smart board, laptops and tablets. Several Smart Classes have been set up in Navodaya Vidyalaya schools across the country in the Year 2013. Most recently the Company has set up a Samsung Smart Class in Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu. Samsung is also partnering with Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) in the country to enrich the quality of course content relevant to its business. The Golden Peacock Awards are bestowed annually under various categories since 1991 and are recognized worldwide as the hallmark of corporate excellence in areas of innovation, quality, training, governance, environment management and corporate social responsibility. The rigorous selection process includes expert evaluation of applications by members from various sectors, benchmarking against best management practices, site visits and presentations from the shortlisted organization Samsung Receives The American Legion Patriot Award The nation's largest organization of wartime veterans today presented its prestigious 2013 Patriot Award to Samsung for its sustained contributions in education, marking the first time the award has been given to a corporation. Announced at its National Convention, The American Legion recognized Samsung for its generosity in providing $5 million in education scholarships to nearly 1,700 descendants of U.S. war veterans. Yang Kyu Kim, president and CEO of Samsung Electronics North America, accepted the Patriot Award on behalf of Samsung. ―Samsung is honoured to accept the 2013 Patriot Award, and we are very grateful to The American Legion for their recognition,‖ Mr. Kim said. ―In addition to furthering our mission to 39

support students pursuing STEM education, providing scholarship funds to direct descendants of wartime veterans allows Samsung to show gratitude and respect to those who risked their lives fighting the Korean War.‖ In addition to Samsung, other recent winners of the American Legion Patriot Award include former U.S. Rep. Ike Skelton (2012 honoree) and Afghanistan veteran Greg Gadson (2011 honoree). Samsung Recognized For Its CSR Investments Made In 2011-2012 : Samsung Electronics West Africa has been recognised by the Association of Ghana Industries and the Ghana Chamber of Commerce for investments made in communities and for corporate social responsibility activities it implemented in 2011 and 2012, at a colourful ceremony held in Accra. Receiving the award, Corporate Marketing Manager of Samsung West Africa, Tracy Kyei expressed Samsung‘s gratitude to the organisations for their recognition and stressed that ‗Samsung will continue to make meaningful impact in the community in which they operate. Our success will ultimately be measured by the lives we touch with the things we do. We have always been driven by a passion to impact lives and this we will do wherever we operate. Samsung C& T recognized as the leading social- contribution company in Asia. Samsung C&T recently received recognition in Singapore as a socially responsible and respected global corporation. Samsung C&T received the ARCA award in the social contribution category in front of an audience made up of ambassadors from around the world and VIP guests from key Asia-Pacific countries. 40

This year‘s categories were environmentally friendliness, social contribution, personnel, and leadership, and Samsung C&T took home the award in the social contribution category. For the social contribution category, judges from CREATIVE Group and Channel News Asia evaluated the candidates based on their corporate achievements, public reputation, and contributions to the communities. For Samsung C&T, receiving this reward is synonymous with recognition for its contributions to the communities through successful execution of its many projects in the region and its active CSR programs taking place around the globe. [ CSR] Samsung having the 7th caring company award In line with our long-term commitment to consistent, Corporate responsibility with HK Red Cross & Haven of Hope Charity associations. It is an honor to be having the Caring Company Award for 7th consecutive years. Caring Company Award. [CSR] Poly U wins Samsung‘s to advance hospitality technology. Equipped with advanced computing facilities and specialized software for the industry, the Samsung Digital Lab for Hospitality Technology has been set up on the university campus. It is officially unveiled today (30 October) by Mr Brian Kim, President of Samsung Electronics Hong Kong Co. Ltd.; Prof. Suleyman Demokan, PolyU Vice President (Academic Development); and Prof. Kaye Chon, Director of SHTM. ―Samsung‘s goal is to empower young people with opportunities to excel and to benefit their local communities,‖ said Mr Kim. ―With Hong Kong‘s potential as a leading city for international conferences and window to the world‘s largest market, China, there is a strong demand for creative, talented people in the tourism industry. The Samsung Digital Lab will provide these students with an inspirational and flexible learning environment that is conducive 41

to creativity. We hope it helps them to reach their full potential and ultimately contribute to Hong Kong‘s sustained status as an internationally competitive economy.‖ Conclusion: Companies have a lot of power in the community and in the national economy. They control a lot of assets, and may have billions in cash at their disposal for socially conscious investments and programs. Some companies may engage in "green washing", or feigning interest in corporate responsibility, but many large corporations are devoting real time and money to environmental sustainability programs, alternative energy/cleantech, and various social welfare initiatives to benefit employees, customers, and the community at large. Corporate Social Responsibility not only ensures that companies conduct their efforts with integrity, it encourage a responsible way to do business in the marketplace. CSR is a strategic imperative that provides companies with real business value. It is something that has become increasingly important to Samsung ‗s customers and continues to remain a business imperative for Samsung . CONCLUSIONS INITIATIVES TAKEN BY SAMSUNG TO PROMOTE CSR Making CFC gas free compressors. Making the home appliances 5 star rated. Launching fresh tech refrigerators in the market. Launching televisions with easy view technology . Although it is based in a country with a rapidly ageing population, Samsung has little in the way of structured programmes addressing age related issues. Although its partnership with Great call 42

means that it has produced products explicitly designed with accessibility in mind, its advertisements and marketing for its flagship range suggest that this attitude does not extend entirely through the company. Bibliography 43

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