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Published on March 3, 2008

Author: slooh


Whirlpool Galaxy 1


M101 3

M101 4


Box Galaxy NGC4449 6

Box Galaxy NGC4449 7

Butterfly Galaxies ngc4568 8

Butterfly Galaxies ngc4568 9

Edge-On Spiral Galaxy ngc4565 10

Edge-On Spiral Galaxy ngc4565 11

Ring Nebula m57 12

Ring Nebula m57 13

Gold Dust Cluster m37 14

Gold Dust Cluster m37 15

Whale Galaxy ngc4631 16

Whale Galaxy ngc4631 17

Wild Duck Cluster m11 18

Wild Duck Cluster m11 19

Best Slooh Picture Basics • Choose best scope D1/Deep D2/Planet • Less Moon – know its position • Object higher the better • Understand Meridian line • Know your objects Right ascension (RA) • Know the Local Sidereal Time • Wear a Slooh T-Shirt  20

21 5stlb 22






Pinwheel Galaxy M33 28


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