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Published on October 18, 2016

Author: layfield_barrett


1. Slip and Fall Lawyers It’s common for slip and fall victims who had their accident in a public place to not stop for a moment and consider the cause of the accident. While victims of a slip and fall are responsible for being cautious when in a public place, there are additional factors to consider too. It’s common for slip and fall accidents to happen on wet floors when someone has neglected to put out a “Wet Floor” sign. Failing to put sign out is considered negligence, no matter what the victim’s intent was. In this type of case, slip and fall lawyers would feel that the property owner, third-party cleaning company or employee was responsible for the accident. While it’s common for people to get up and walk away after having a slip and fall accident, injuries can range from mild to severe. Even people, who don’t think at first that there has been any damage, may find out that they actually have a medical issue or chronic pain as a result of the accident. Premises Liability in Slips and Falls In slip and fall cases, your California slip and fall attorneys may suggest that you file a premises liability claim. This claim says that the person who’s responsible for the property didn’t exercise enough caution. California slip and fall attorneys who put together this type of case also prove negligence and give the victim grounds for getting compensation for his or her pain and suffering, and injuries. Consulting a Slip and Fall Injury Attorney in California No matter how severe the slip and fall was, it’s always a good idea to get in touch with slip and fall lawyers as soon as possible. At first, slip and fall cases may seem straightforward, but they can actually be pretty complex. Your California slip and fall injuries attorney will be able to look closely at the circumstances of the accident and talk to you about what legal action, if any, is appropriate to take. What to Do After a Slip and Fall? If you’re in pain after a slip and fall, do not get up quickly and walk away. Ask to speak with property management and request medical attention. Take pictures of the scene and get the contact information of eyewitnesses. Contact a California slip and fall injuries attorney right away, too. When you’re involved in a slip and fall accident, you may feel frustrated, embarrassed or both. Victims shouldn’t have to be concerned about paying for medical expenses themselves when the slip and fall was the result of someone else’s negligence. Your slip and fall injury attorney in California will help you get your life back while you focus on your recovery. Source: accident/

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