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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: mikepangv20


MICHA E L PANG Accoun t Planner contact me! 917-833-2782



"It’s how you get the mysteries of the Universe to fit on a bumper sticker.” - HOward the Duck “There are only two types of people in this world: young people and younger people” - Michael Pang From a city of 8 million, with a heritage of 2 billion and ideas in the trillions… I take pride in all my crafts & seek constant progress , whether it is drawing, gaming, guitar or advertising. Curiosity is my compass and I am helplessly drawn to its direction. Curiosity leads me to problems that need solutions. There is no substitute for the joy & satisfaction of being able to solve a problem with your own mind & hands. that can never be taken away from you nor can it be given. Curiosity

"Table" of contents O Case 1 - coca cola O case 2 - nikon O case 3 - royal carribean O interests & inspiration O resume

"GRowing Up doesn't mean growing old." Coca Cola sales have been declining yearly due to cultural trends relating to greater awareness of soda's impact on health & obesity. millenials who are growing up in the aftermath of a financial crisis, unemployment, debt etc. Sell more coca cola to America. Challenge! Objective! Target! INSIGht! for millenials, growing up now SUCKS. However, growing up for them in the past was much more fun. Strategy!

“GROW YOUNG” COKE WAS THERE FOR ALL YOUR BEST CHILDHOOD MEMORIES. EVERYTIME YOU DRINK A COKE, EACH SIP BRINGS BACK YOUR YOUTH. COKE IS THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH! Here we have an interactive Coke ad that is modeled after the 90s game “Lite- Brite” where consumers can buy a coke from a vending machine and receive lite brites to fill up the ad anyway they choose. CREATIVE IDEA!

Grow Young 1 3 9 5 7 6 8 10 4 2 Additional executions include: O a print ad that folds into a paper airplane. O magnetic coke cans that attract to other cans. O a print ad with bubble wrap. O a print ad that folds into a fortune game. O TruTH AND Dare digital game. O Radio spots on pandora for 90s songs. You will learn that a co-worker has a crush on you. Grow Young The stars will reveal a secret, look up tonight.

Create new brand positioning that guides the path forward in how to grow Nikon's business. millenials who want to change or improve the world. Growing and bringing out the next generation of visionaries. The only constant is the world is constantly changing. We need that change in order to progress as a society. We need new visionaries. It takes great vision for great change. Challenge! Target! Purpose! Insight! Strategy! Creative! "Focus on the future."

Challenge! Cruise industry suffers from Perception that cruising is for "The newly wed, the overfed and nearly dead". Negative PR from cruise incidents such as ships stuck at sea, crashes or illness have dampened enthusiasm. Cruising is not first of mind for vacation compared to land vacations. Objective! Grow the cruise category as well as grow brand preference for Royal Carribean. Insight! Target! the 24/7 mom who has no time to be anyone else. When women become moms, they become so overworked in their roles as moms, they forget what fun is. Strategy! Creative! "Rediscover Fun." Remind Mom what fun looks like.

Interests & Inspirations! Lebron James John Mayer MY guitar Cooking

resume! Cornell University, Class of 2011, Bachelors in Government Miami Ad School, Account Planning Bootcamp, Winter 2014 Horn Group, New York, N.Y. 5/13-7/13 Assistant Account Executive O Work on media relations, analyst relations, drafting & sending media pitches, bylines articles, press releases in order to help the client achieve their various business goals O These goals include media exposure, brand visibility, positioning, defining a clear message to the market, customers, & the public as well as thought leadership for key executives O Participate in weekly client calls with senior management to update client, provide ideas/ feedback O Brainstorm ideas for new business development, creative branding, byline ideas and media pitches O Monitor the media for relevant news to clients in order to gauge the current news cycle as well as to anticipate & shape future news cycles to position clients in a strategic and favorable light O Client verticals include cloud, mobile, digital advertising, big data analytics, storage and search Experience Education Dukas Public Relations, New York, N.Y. 10/12-11/12 Account Executive O Worked on accounts such as ETF providers, as- set managers, hedge funds, fund administrators and technology clients O Strategize with clients on their short and long term media strategy, including brand positioning, speaking opportunities, and trade conferences O Create media pitches to engage journalists into client interviews and quotes to bring clients media exposure in top tier outlets such as WSJ, Bloomberg O attend weekly strategy meetings and confer- ence calls Experience

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