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Published on February 24, 2014

Author: CommunicationCoach



Slides used for Communication Styles 90-minute conference session presented by Sue Johnston, of It's Understood Communication, at Agile + Beyond 2014, Dearborn, MI, February 22, 2014. For more information, please visit

Communication Styles Employing + Enjoying Team Differences

PLEASE NOTE SLIDES ≠ PRESENTATION • These slides are designed to be viewed in conjunction with a human being talking and interacting with you you. • They may make little sense to you if y were not at y y y you the live session. Images are by Mirek P and are copyrighted and used with permission via iStock licence

7,215,001,903 7 215 001 903 This question will not be on the exam

Who is Sue @itsunderstood 10+ years: It’s Understood Communication, Inc. (Waterloo, Ontario) Agile via: Professional coaching Communicator via: TV + newspaper reporting Education: Social psych + business Last project: Wrote a book about communication Current project: Professional coach training for agile coaches Mission: Help you change the world, one conversation at a time

Session Objectives j • Recognize differences in people’s co communication sty es u cat o styles • Identify your own communication style • Develop strategies for working with people whose styles are different from yours

We need to see our differences as something other than flaws. David Kiersey

Please hold your questions until you have one!

Audience Determines Meaning g • You want them to hear the meaning you intended • Not the one they are going to make up for themselves • Knowing about styles can help y p

Conscious Communication • • • • Know your purpose Know your message K Know your audience Know yourself 9

Origins g • Plato • Carl Jung • MBTI (Myers Briggs) (Myers-Briggs) • Temperament (Kiersey) • Simple model

Guardian Rational Artisan Idealist HEART INTUI ITION EVIDEN NCE HEAD

Guardian • • • • • • • Driver: Security Reliable Likes structure Follows rules Detail oriented Values process V l Hates change >40%

Rational • • • • • • • Driver: Knowledge Inventive Values logic Future oriented Goal oriented Sees bi picture S big i t Strategic <10%

Idealist • • • • • • • Driver: Identity Empathetic Avoids conflict Values inspiration Future oriented Focus on people F l Feelings rule >10%

Artisan • • • • • • • Driver: Sensations Spontaneous Avoids structure Values speed Improvises Action oriented Takes risks >40% 40%

Exercise Karina K i • • • • • • Karina is a commercial loans officer at the Grand Valley branch of the Halifax Savings Bank. She enjoys her work because making a loan requires her to gather a lot of information about the loan applicant the business or service the customer is applicant, in and the activity or equipment for which the customer wants to borrow the money. She then gets to analyze the information, compare it to industry data and similar lending situations. She also looks to see if it’s a strategic fit with the long term goals of the customer’s business or organization. She’ll make her decision based on the logic of the case. She takes pride in the fact that clients come to her for advice on managing their finances and consider her a strategic partner in their long term success.

Exercise Kirsti Ki ti • • • • • Kirsti is a commercial loans officer at the Grand Valley branch of the Halifax Savings Bank. She really enjoys her work because she’s able to make things work out for her customers – especially when they have a short term need need. Though it took her ages to learn, she knows the lending process thoroughly – and that lets her quickly know whether the customer’s situation is standard – and if it’s not, what measures she can take to structure the deal so it will it s work for everyone. She doesn’t take crazy chances – but if the evidence suggests a good likelihood of repayment – even if the client or the situation is quite unusual, she’ll find an innovative way to make it work. She takes pride in the fact that clients come to her with creative ideas and she can help them bring those ideas into reality.

Exercise Kostya K t • • • • • • Kostya is a commercial loans officer at the Grand Valley branch of the Halifax Savings Bank. He loves his work because of the people he meets. He sees his role as enabling them to make their dreams come true by providing the funds they need to start and run their businesses. He knows the work his clients do not only provides products and services their customers need – it supports the families of their employees and suppliers. suppliers He loves interviewing people about their business ideas and their future plans. He works to create the absolute best payback options for his clients. He doesn’t want them to get in over their heads. He really cares about his customers and takes pride in the fact that they share their visions for their business with him. He feels his is a helping profession.

Exercise Ken K • • • • • • Ken is a commercial loans officer at the Grand Valley branch of the Halifax Savings Bank. He loves his work because there’s a process in place that’s been around as long as there have been lenders lenders. He relies on the lending process to make his decisions. It took him a while to adjust to the new automated loan system when they introduced it, last year. He kept manual backup files for a while. But now that he’s satisfied with its he s reliability, he can confidently manage the risks in his clients’ business. He loves to provide his clients with lots of details about their loan – so they know exactly how the process works – and what their responsibilities are. Clear data, clear instructions and clear expectations make him happy. He takes pride in the fact that his customers rely on him to help keep their financial affairs in order.

Exercise What’s Your Style? y Using side one of the assessment • For each question, select the one most like you • Tally the As, Bs, Cs and Ds.

GUARDIAN 40% of normal pop. ARTISAN 40% of normal pop RATIONAL 10% of normal pop. IDEALIST 10% of f normal pop.

Exercise What’s Your Style? y 1. Our style is . . . 2. Our i 2 O unique contribution t th workplace i . . . t ib ti to the k l is 3. If you want to persuade us you should . . . 4. An aspect of our style that may bug others is . . . 5. When all else fails, you can rely on us to be . . . 6. Our motto is . . .

Adapting Your Style p g y • Why? • How?

Exercise • • • • Let’s Practise Talk to Artisan style about time sheets Talk to Rational style about re-org Talk to Idealist style about re-org y g Talk to Guardian style about new process Adapt to their st le What’s important to them? style. How does it feel when you do that?

Ask for what YOU need • • • • More detail Less detail Impact for p p p people Action needed now This helps people adapt to your style. How d H does it f l when you d th t? feel h do that?

Exercise Making it Real g • Prepare for a conversation with someone in your life IMAGINE YOUR PICTURE HERE

Exercise Link to Agile Teams g • What does it mean? • Why does it matter?

I note the obvious differences between each sort and type but we are more alike, my friends, y than we are unalike. Maya Angelou

Questions? @itsunderstood

If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away. Henry David Thoreau

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