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Published on November 1, 2007

Author: Kestrel


Chapter 10 The European Integration Process:  Chapter 10 The European Integration Process Desmond Dinan The European Integration Process:  The European Integration Process Why European Integration? From ECSC to EEC Consolidating the Community Surviving the 1970s The Single Market and Monetary Union Public Unease and Political Overreach Introduction:  Introduction European integration began immediately after WW2 From 6 to 25 member states EC/EU has been both widened and deepened Intergovernmental conferences play key role in both processes Growing public disenchantment with EU Why European Integration?:  Why European Integration? Council of Europe as disappointment to supranationalists The German Problem The Schuman Plan Pressure for trade liberalization From ECSC to EEC From ECSC to EEC:  From ECSC to EEC EDC as attempt to shackle German rearmament French parliament rejects EDC Monnet as advocate of Euratom Netherlands as key advocate of trade liberalization 1957 Treaty of Rome creates EEC and Euratom Consolidating the Community:  Consolidating the Community De Gaulle accepts Treaty of Rome and presses for CAP De Gaulle sparks empty chair crisis Luxembourg Compromise enshrines principle of unanimity De Gaulle blocks first two UK applications (1963 and 1967) Elysée Treaty institutionalizes Franco-German motor of European integration Surviving the 1970s:  Surviving the 1970s Post-de Gaulle: national leaders commit to “completion” (Hague Summit 1969) UK admitted to EC British Budgetary Question stalls integration until 1984 Some achievements from mid-1970s to mid-1980s: ECJ case law Regional policy begins Lomé Convention EMS First direct elections to EP (1979) The Single Market and Monetary Union:  The Single Market and Monetary Union Single European Act (SEA) 1986 – first major reform of Treaty of Rome: Aimed to create single European market by end 1992 Introduce QMV c. 300 legislative measures Commitment to strengthen regional/cohesion policy Delors also wanted single market – challenged by Thatcher Maastricht Treaty (agreed 1991): single currency Common Foreign and Security Policy cooperation on justice and home affairs Public Unease and Political Overreach:  Public Unease and Political Overreach Post-SEA – people start to question EU legitimacy Public unease over EMU Protracted negotiations over eastern enlargement Treaty changes (1997 and 2001) failed to increase EU efficiency and accountability Constitutional Treaty rejected 2005 Conclusion:  Conclusion European integration has profoundly changed since ECSC Widening and deepening have both been successful, but now face challenges: Eastern enlargement Future enlargement (esp. Turkey) Public indifference/alienation Uneven economic development Which direction for EU after Constitution failure?

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