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Published on December 13, 2017

Author: yoniplatteau


Working abroad: Yoni Platteau 2ION1 2017-2018 Interviewing Christine Hillaert Working abroad: Introduction - Christine Hillaert - Sykes Enterprises - 51 years old - Scotland - 01/03/1999 - 2 kids Working abroad: Living Abroad 3 months : Find a job Apply for a house Have a bank account Difficulties connecting the Brexit issue Article : ‘ Brexit uncertainty hits Scottish economy’ ‘By 2020, it believes the average property in Scotland will cost £160,000, up from £139,000 in 2016.’ Working abroad: Living Abroad Great work -life balance Childcare-costs , 80% repayed Flexible working hours Adapting to local habits Masculine , short term oriented culture (cf. Hofstede) Contact via social media Working abroad: Working abroad European colleagues Office hours , yet flexible Lots of lunch meetings Individualistic , power distance (cf. Hofstede)

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