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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: jasweet



Draft of final presentation for Stanford GEM class for Team Awesome.

Goals of the project Empathy Compile list of thought leaders Blogger 40 surveys Run Campus Campaign Enlist betta users

People Interested in the beta program 12 emails of beta people 1 who wants to learn more 15 from surveys who want to help out more Total: 28 email addresses

Email list of test small portions people Present as just a list

Email List of Thought Leaders

Data from surveys

Lessons learned from Campaigns

Campus Campaign

Twitter spam


Lessons Learned from Website

Things that could be improved

Direct vs group ask

Talking to CAPS and Bridge Sympathy with individuals Bureaucratic barriers in organizations Pursue when you have a product to show so you can capture champions within each organization.

Next Steps Develop a product or wireframe so you can inform product development Reach out to individuals who have signed up Build relationships with experts Drive web presence



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