Sl3.1 Seerah of the Prophet Muhammed (sws)

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Information about Sl3.1 Seerah of the Prophet Muhammed (sws)

Published on June 11, 2016

Author: AyahMoonfruit


1. SEERAH OF THE PROPHET(SWS) Slides based on Seerah Series done by Yasir Qadhi SLIDE#: SL3.1 TOPIC: Why Study the Seerah? & Pre-Islamic Arabia

2. PART I (00:00 – 12:45)

3. • What is the Seerah and why should we study it? • Before beginning with the birth of the Prophet (sws), should learn about the world before and during his time • The word “seerah” comes from a word which means to journey • This is because we are trying to follow in his footsteps, traveling through his life • The word “seerah” used to refer to all biographies but after the Prophet, scholars only use it for the Prophet (sws)

4. • Benefits of studying the seerah: – 1. Allah commanded us to know the Prophet(sws). There are over 50 verses in the Quran that says to take the Prophet as our example. In the Prophet(sws)’s life, we have the perfect example to follow. No matter which angle we look at his life, we have a living example to follow. If Allah(swt) wanted to, He could have sent angels but he sent human beings with a good reason. – 2. This is the number one way to increase our love for the Prophet (sws). This is however a neglected study. We know more about celebrities and politiicans than the life of our Prophet. This is a sign of loving someone. A sign of loving someone is wanting to know more about the person. Asking kids what they did or spouse what they ate? Like who cares? Only if you love, you ask.

5. • Benefits of studying the seerah (cont.): – 3. It helps us understand the Quran. The Quran can not be understood without a context. You will not understand a lot of the revelations without understanding the life of the Prophet(sws). – 4. It is a source of optimism. It helps us to understand that the people before us suffered more. Our trials are nothing compared to those of people before. It helps to increase your iman. – 5. The Seerah itself is a miracle of the Prophet(sws). His whole life is a miracle, from beginning to end. Everything indicates that he was the Prophet(sws) of Allah (swt).

6. Questions 1. Describe the 5 benefits of studying the seerah that were explained thus far.

7. PART II (12:46 – 21:45)

8. • Benefits of studying the seerah (cont.): – 6. The Seerah lays out a precise methodology for the revival of the Ummah. The Prophet began from scratch (from zero) and then built from there. We see in his life a plan of revival. – 7. We see the best generation who ever lived – the lives of the Sahaba. The best of all generations were during the time of the Prophet(sws). By studying the Seerah, we study the lives of these pious people who inspire us, their struggles, patience, etc.

9. • Benefits of studying the seerah (cont.): – 8. The Seerah brings about knowledge through which we can defend the Prophet(sws). The Prophet was always attacked from day one. Even the Quraish and Arabs did not know how to explain the Quran, coming from a poor, unlettered, orphan, and shephard. We can not defend our Prophet when we ourselves don’t know the life of the Prophet(sws). That’s why the early Sahabas would teach the seerah like the other Quranic sciences. – By studying the Seerah, we study the best person, the best time, the best generation, the best place. Its only 23 years of Prophethood.

10. Questions 1. Describe the 3 benefits discussed in this section of studying the Seerah.

11. The complete lecture can be found: s

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