Sl2.3 Seerah of the Prophet Muhammed (sws)

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Information about Sl2.3 Seerah of the Prophet Muhammed (sws)

Published on June 11, 2016

Author: AyahMoonfruit



2. PART I (40:17 – 51:05)

3. • Patience and Understanding  In one incident, the Prophet asked Anas (who was 7 years old) to do a chore. Anas saw some kids playing and started playing and forgot about the chore. The Prophet came and saw. He picked Anas up and smiled. He did not even get irritated. • In another incident, a group of people came and were saying harsh words to the Prophet. Aisha started yelling at them. The Prophet told her to stop and he maintained his temper and remained patient. He did not stoop down to their level.

4. • Generosity  he would never refuse any asking of him • The Prophet was one day wearing a cloth that had holes. A Sahaba saw this and bought him a new one. The Prophet put it on. Then another Sahaba asked for it and the Prophet just gave it to him. The other Sahabas scolded the one who took the shirt and he explained that he wanted to be buried in that cloth. • Sense of humor • However, whenever he would joke he would not joke about something that is not true

5. • Ex. of a joke: When a woman came in and asked him to pray for Jannah. Then the Prophet (sws) said “Don’t you know that old ladies can’t go into Jannah?” and she got upset but then he said that ‘No, don’t worry. Old women will be brought up in their young age and then will enter Jannah as a young woman.’ He explained that it was a joke and the woman was happy. • There was even fiqh (Islamic law) derived from his jokes. Ex. When he joked about taking care of certain funeral rights of the husband to wash the body of the wife.

6. Questions 1. What did the Prophet do when he realized that Anas forgot about the chore that he asked him to do? 2. What did the Prophet say to Aisha when she started yelling at the group that was insulting the Prophet? 3. What did the Prophet do when a Sahaba asked him to give the newly received cloth that he got? 4. Why is it that fiqh could be derived from even the jokes of the Prophet (sws)?

7. PART II (51:06 – 1:07:40)

8. • Sense of humor cont. • One day a boy named Zahir was selling things in the market. The Prophet slowly came to him and then grabbed him from the back. Then Zahir was trying to figure out who grabbed him. Then when he realized it was the Prophet he tried to stick the Prophet as much as he can. Then the Prophet joked, Who is going to buy this slave? (referring to slave of Allah)? Zahir joked that he was not worthy of much. Then the Prophet said that he is worth a lot in the eyes of Allah.

9. • Love for the Ummah  to the believers he is Rahuf and Rahim (used for Allah usually with the Al but without the Al it is being used for the Prophet). – Rauf  means full of compassion – Rahim  is a general mercy • The Prophet is eager to bring good to the believers • The greatest indication of the Prophet’s love for us  • Allah has always given every single Prophet one request (wish) that they really want answered will be answered. Some Prophets used this wish against the people who were against them. Ex. Nuh(a) wished that he wanted not one kafir left in the world.

10. • Ibrahim(a) made a prayer for the Prophet Muhammed (sws). • Muhammed (sws) was the dua of Ibrahim(a) • Musa(a) made dua against Firaun  to not guide this person • Sulaiman (a) made a special dua that he would get a dominion (control), not just a kingdom, that was not given to any other human being before him. He had the power of the jinns and had the power to speak to animals so he had dominion over the animals as well.

11. • Our Prophet(sws) used his one dua that Allah guaranteed to answer  he said that every single Prophet before him used their dua in this world and he said he will save his dua for the Hereafter so that he can use it then to ask Allah to forgive everyone who followed the Prophet(sws) • This is why everyone will eventually go to Jannah and will be forgiven • This is the greatest sacrifice he made for us

12. • When someone came to the Prophet and asked when is the DOJ? Of course the Prophet did not know. He did not make fun of him but instead directed him to something more useful. He questioned : What have you prepared for when it comes? The man said I don’t have that much good deeds but he said I love Allah (swt) and the Prophet (sws). The Prophet then said that the man will be with who he loves. • So let us have a genuine love for the Prophet (sws)

13. Questions 1. Describe the incident of Zahir. 2. What two words are given to the Prophet that desribe Allah with Al and what do they mean? 3. What is the greatest sacrifice that the Prophet (sws) gave for us? 4. Describe how the following Prophets used their one wish: Nuh(a), Ibrahim(a), Sulaiman(a), and Musa(a).

14. The complete lecture can be found: E&index=2&list=PLAEA99D24CA2F9A8F

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