Skoda octavia G-TEC CNG - Press Release

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Information about Skoda octavia G-TEC CNG - Press Release

Published on March 5, 2014

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Skoda octavia G-TEC CNG - Press Release

Press Release, Page 1 of 4 CNG offensive: The new ŠKODA Octavia G-TEC › World premiere in Geneva: new ŠKODA Octavia with CNG natural gas drive › Environmentally-friendly: just 5.4 m3 (3.5 kg) natural gas per 100 kilometres (97 g CO2/km) › The ultimate in fuel economy: up to 1,330 km with natural gas and petrol › High performance technology: bivalent turbo engine 1.4 TSI/81 kW › Starting signal for the newest member of the ‘green’ ŠKODA model family: there are already 97 ŠKODA models under 120 g CO2/km, 17 of which are below 100 g CO2/km Geneva/Mladá Boleslav, March 2014 – Expanding its environmentally-friendly model range, ŠKODA is renewing its emphasis on CNG (CNG = compressed natural gas) vehicles. The most recent example of this is the new ŠKODA Octavia G-TEC, which will be given its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show. This means that the manufacturer’s best-selling model by far will be going into mass production for the first time with CNG drive. ŠKODA‘s best seller is the Czech manufacturer’s second CNG model after the ŠKODA Citigo CNG Green tec. It goes on sale in May. CNG drive is available for the Octavia and Octavia Combi. “ŠKODA aims to rigorously reduce consumption and emissions in the development of its vehicles,” says Dr. Frank Welsch, ŠKODA Board Member for Technical Development and Design. “CNG drive is an important pillar of our sustainability strategy. CNG is a practical way forward for environmentally-friendly driving and is good value for money these days. In this way we can meet customer demand for environmentally-friendly, economical and affordable vehicles. The new Octavia G-TEC is an environmental icon in the compact class and makes our best-selling series even more attractive,” says Welsch. The Octavia G-TEC is as well as the Octavia Scout the latest variant of the new ŠKODA Octavia after the Octavia, Octavia Combi, Octavia 4×4 Combi and the sporty Octavia RS. The vehicle is being launched in 15 European countries: Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Italy, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic. Bivalent turbo engine 1.4 TSI/81 kW Green tec with a range of up to 1,330 km The new ŠKODA Octavia G-TEC has a 1.4 TSI turbo engine with a capacity of 81 kW (110 hp). The Green tec package with the start-stop system and brake energy recovery is included as standard. The modern unit meets standard EU-6 which comes into force in September 2014. ŠKODA Media Services:, ŠKODA AUTO a.s., Tř. V. Klementa 869, 293 60 Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic

Press Release, Page 2 of 4 The range of the new Octavia G-TEC is impressive: even in CNG-only mode, the Octavia G-TEC can travel up to 410 km without refuelling. Fuel consumption is 5.4 m3 (3.5 kg) natural gas per 100 km with CO2 emissions of just 97 g/km. In petrol-only mode, the range is up to 920 km. The Octavia G-TEC will travel up to 1,330 km on a single tank of fuel. For all the Octavia G-TEC’s fuel economy, it is still a fun car to drive. The maximum torque of 200 Nm is achieved between 1,500 and 3,500 rpm. The Octavia G-TEC accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 10.9 seconds. Top speed is 195 km/h. The engine is bivalent, i.e. it can run on CNG and petrol. The vehicle’s electronics constantly monitor parameters like coolant temperature and the quality of the CNG in the tanks, so determining the optimum fuel mode. With a coolant temperature of below minus 10 degrees centigrade (cold start), petrol is injected first, switching to CNG drive only after approximately 90 to 120 seconds. Otherwise even on start-up, the general rule is CNG first! Not until the gas tanks are empty does the vehicle switch to petrol. Switchover is automatic. The petrol tank has a 50 litre capacity. The CNG and petrol levels are displayed on a single fuel gauge. Depending on which mode the vehicle is operating in, the fuel gauge switches to petrol or CNG display. If the vehicle is running on CNG, the fuel level can be read on the CNG display and a green indicator lamp will light up. In petrol mode, the petrol level will be displayed on the same scale. The green indicator light will be off. The travel distance before refuelling is needed in CNG and petrol mode can also be checked visually on the on-board computer. Refuelling with CNG is very simple. The connection for the pressure valve is directly behind the filler-cap flap, where you will also find the petrol filler nozzle. The two CNG tanks have a total maximum capacity of 97 litres or 15 kg of CNG at a pressure of 200 bar. They are in the form of underbody tanks on a special frame underneath the floor of the boot. ŠKODA has created extra space by dispensing with the spare-wheel cavity and slightly raising the boot floor. The ingenious position of the tanks means that the generous size of the interior is not affected. The CNG-fuelled Octavia also represents the best interior values in its class. The boot has a capacity of 460 litres (saloon) or 480 litres (estate). Technical engine optimisation for bivalent use For bivalent configuration, the ŠKODA engineers have made various technical modifications to the engine. The system has been provided with a new control unit which manages the operation of both fuel types and, amongst other things, controls the CNG injection nozzles. On the gas distributor there is a temperature and pressure sensor. The valve opening of the camshaft has also been adapted for CNG operation. ŠKODA Media Services:, ŠKODA AUTO a.s., Tř. V. Klementa 869, 293 60 Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic

Press Release, Page 3 of 4 As natural gas has lower lubricity than petrol, the valves and seats of the inlet and exhaust valves have been modified. The exhaust valves have also been given a modified valve-stem seal. For optimum CNG ignition, spark plugs with an appropriate heat value are used. Furthermore, the engineers have optimised the turbine area and the turbocharger control characteristics. The new configuration and the size of the catalytic layer in the three-way catalytic convertor have a positive effect on the exhaust values of the ŠKODA Octavia G-TEC. The vehicle setup has been selectively adjusted to allow for the additional weight of the CNG tanks and the modified weight distribution. The chassis is based on the multi-link rear axle and the MacPherson front axle. Success of the ŠKODA Citigo CNG Green tec The new ŠKODA Octavia G-TEC is currently ŠKODA’s second natural gas vehicle. The ŠKODA Citigo CNG Green tec was launched in October 2012. This clean little car uses just 4.4 m3 or 2.9 kg natural gas per 100 km and boasts a CO2 output of just 79 g/km. The total range is 620 km (400 km gas, 220 km petrol). As with the Octavia G-TEC, here again, two underbody tanks are positioned under the chassis floor to save space. The Citigo CNG Green tec is proving to be a resounding success. In 2013 ŠKODA delivered more than 1,300 vehicles to customers in total. One record-breaking journey last year in particular raised its profile. In August 2013, Austrian fuel-saving champion Gerhard Plattner drove the Citigo CNG from Italy to Sweden taking five days at an average fuel consumption of 2.39 kg CNG/100 km. He spent just 81.24 euros on fuel for the entire 2,619 km journey. Environmentally-friendly: 97 ŠKODA models under 120 g CO2/km With the launch of the new ŠKODA Octavia G-TEC, ŠKODA has once more produced an icon amongst environmentally-friendly vehicles. In addition to CNG drive, this is supported in particular by the economical, low-emission GreenLine models. With the exception of the ŠKODA Citigo, for which a CNG variant is available, ŠKODA has a GreenLine version of every model in its range: from the Fabia through to the Superb. The GreenLine models feature state-of-the-art fuel-saving technologies such as start-stop systems, brake energy recovery, low-resistance tyres and specially optimised aerodynamics and drive train. ŠKODA Media Services:, ŠKODA AUTO a.s., Tř. V. Klementa 869, 293 60 Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic

Press Release, Page 4 of 4 The broad range of environmentally-friendly vehicles is at the core of ŠKODA’s intensive efforts for greater sustainability as part of its ‘GreenFuture’ environmental strategy. The aim is to make ŠKODA models even more economical and their use of resources even more sustainable. Currently ŠKODA has 97 models with emission values below 120 g CO2/km, 17 of which have values below 100 g CO2/km. The second focal point of the GreenFuture strategy is production. By 2018 the manufacturer wants to reduce energy and water consumption as well as waste and emission volumes by 25% per vehicle produced. The third GreenFuture pillar is environmental protection in dealership operations and workshops. For further information, please contact: Bernd Abel Zbyněk Straškraba Head of Product Communication Product Communication T +420 326 811 731 T +420 326 811 785 ŠKODA AUTO › is one of the longest-established vehicle production companies in the world. Since 1895, the Czech headquarters in Mladá Boleslav has seen the production firstly of bicycles and then, shortly afterwards motorbikes and cars. › currently has seven passenger car models: Citigo, Fabia, Roomster/Praktik, Rapid, Octavia, Yeti and Superb. › delivered around 920,800 vehicles to customers worldwide in 2013. › has belonged to Volkswagen since 1991. The VW Group is one of the most successful automotive groups in the world. ŠKODA, in association with the Group, independently manufactures and develops vehicles, as well as components, engines and gear transmissions. › operates at three locations in the Czech Republic, produces in China, Russia, Slovakia and India mainly through Group partnerships, as well as in Ukraine and Kazakhstan through local partners. › employs over 26,400 people globally and is active in more than 100 markets. ŠKODA Media Services:, ŠKODA AUTO a.s., Tř. V. Klementa 869, 293 60 Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic

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