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Published on April 22, 2008

Author: Massimo


International Moscow Ski & Board Salon:  International Moscow Ski & Board Salon Why Russia?:  Why Russia? Stable economy, permanent growth Political stability, world recognition Gross national product growth is about 7% in 2005 and will be up15-18% in 2007 Growth of the middle class purchasing power The vacations in Europe became usual Huge growth of the alpine ski & board tours Sales growth for sports and active rest goods is about 15% per year Russian market: positive changes:  Russian market: positive changes Active lifestyle became popular and trendy Extreme sports & wellness themes are widely used in the TV commercials and other advertisements State program for youth & children sports State support for active lifestyle advertising Dramatic growth of sport goods sales began at the end of 90th Russian market of sport goods:  Russian market of sport goods Share of the Moscow market is more than a half of all Russian About 1000 sport shops are in Moscow 6 leading companies take about 55% of the market Multi-brand retail chains have the most successful business and expand in the regions Stable 20-30% growth per year for the last three years Trend to sell significant volume of expensive goods (alpine ski & board gear, diving, tennis, extreme sports, etc.) Good sales and perspectives at the low segment of mass market (cross-country ski, fitness, sport wear & boots, mass sports) Russian market of sports goods:  Russian market of sports goods Retail chains report the permanent sales growth of the active lifestyle goods and gear Estimated sales volume of sports wear is up to $150,000,000 per year Estimated sales volume of gear is up to $70,000,000 per year The number of regional POS has increased dramatically More than 5000 companies in Russia which have business in winter sports Many non-sport world-known brands (such as Panasonic, Carlsberg, Stimorol, Snickers, McDonald’s Nivea and others) widely used positive image of active lifestyle and extreme sports in their ads Russian market: sales growth Russian tourist market:  Russian tourist market Alpine ski and winter sports vacations has become more and more popular Family vacations on the winter resorts of Europe becomes more usual for Russians Winter is the most profitable season for Russian tourist industry Ertzog - the Organizer of the Ski & Board Salon:  Ertzog - the Organizer of the Ski & Board Salon Established at 1992 Ertzog holding controls two travel agencies Ertzog is one of the leading tourist operators in Russia The company has partners in France, Austria, Switzerland, USA and many other countries The company is the member of the Tourist Exhibitions Association Mikhail Mousiniants, the President of ERTZOG- tourism Who We Are Now:  Who We Are Now International Moscow Ski & Board Salon is the biggest winter sports exhibition in Eastern Europe 4000 sq.m 298 exhibitors In the heart of Moscow 410 brands presented More than 38,000 visitors Ski & Board Salon: State Support:  Ski & Board Salon: State Support Leonid Tyagachev, President of Russian Olympic Committee, Chairman of Russian Ski and Snowboarding Federation opens the Moscow Ski & Board Salon Vladimir Strzhalkovsky, Deputy Minister of Economical Development and Trade greets the participants and guests of the Ski & Board Salon Vyacheslav Fetisov, the head of Federal Agency on physical training and sports Ski & Board Salon: Si magazine Support:  Ski & Board Salon: Si magazine Support Dr. Kurt Wieser (editor-in-chief, Si magazine) gives an interwiew to the Ski&Board Salon Team S&BS: Why did you decide to take part at the Moscow Ski&Board Salon? As one of the leading special interest magazines for ropeway technologies and wintersport industries we are sitting in the center of information. And if we recognize, that the same information comes from different directions, we know: “Oh, it is a trend”. And one of the most important trends in the wintersports industry of the last years was the awaking of the east-european wintersport market. It started with a fastly growing number of guests from Russia, Poland, Hungary and so on. And the second step was the information from our industrial clients that they realizise a number of projects in russia. So we startet our project for a special journal in russian language for the russian costumers and for the marketing of our clients in russia. The first step was so successfull that we surely will make it every year from now on ... and maybe several times over the year. The distribution of your journal has been startet at the “moscow Ski & Board salon”, because it is the first step to meet the whole russian wintersport economy at one point. S&BS: What were you impressions about the Salon? Special interest fairs in the wintersport industry in europe are divided in several parts: Technical investments like rope ways, snow grooming, snowmaking eg. – are presented in special fairs like INTERALPIN Innsbruck, SAM Grenoble eg. Wintersport-Equipment (cloths, skis eg.) and so on is represented at fairs like the ISPO Munique. In moscow the different parts of the branche are all in one place, including all kinds of touristic informations. And as we could see: It is a big event and a great party specialy for the youth. This is probably the best way to for a get-together of everyone in russia which is interestet in wintersports. But if the market grows it surely will be usefull to separate the different parts of interests – some day also in different fairs. But the next time it would be enough to separate the different interests of investors and consumers only localy – a part of the fair for general public, a separated (and a little more silent) part for investors to get in contact for information and business. S&BS: What are you plans about Russia? The first journal was so successfull that we surely will make it every year from now on ... and maybe several times over the year. It will be distributed at the fair but in future time we surely will also send it directly to the managers of the russian ski areas – for free – as we do it already in Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Italy. And we also try to get in contact with russian producers to use our special interest journal for their marketing. S&BS: What do you want to say! For someone who comes the first time to russia it is very fascinating and strange at one time: Everything is big ... but probably also the problems. But we saw so many big cars in the streets of moscow that we hardly can image and surely never can afford. And if you dont speak the language it is more difficult to find your way because you even dont find streets or places because you cannot read the names. So the next thing to do will be to learn the language. Ski & Board Salon: leading winter exhibition:  Ski & Board Salon: leading winter exhibition The biggest exhibition of winter sports and active lifestyle goods in Eastern Europe Main sections are the following: Alpine skiing and snowboarding Winter sports Extreme sports Tourism Resorts equipment and construction Moscow Ski Salon: dynamics:  Moscow Ski Salon: dynamics Why Moscow Ski & Board Salon:  Why Moscow Ski & Board Salon One of the biggest tourism, sport exhibition in Russia National Tourist Offices of France, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Andorra and many other countries participate in Moscow Ski Salon for several years Most of Russian and many international travel operators and agencies are presented Why Moscow Ski & Board Salon:  Why Moscow Ski & Board Salon Most of world-known ski & board gear brands (Adidas/Salomon, Fischer, Rossignol, Head, K2, Volkl, Burton, Oxbow and others) present their new collections on the Ski Salon Ski & Board Salon Participants:  Ski & Board Salon Participants Tourist operators: 38% Wholesale & Retail chains: 16% Representative Offices: 14% Distributors: 12% Media: 9% Manufacturers: 6% Ski resorts & Hotels: 4% Associations: 1% Ski & Board Salon: Ski Brands:  Ski & Board Salon: Ski Brands About 31% of the Ski Salon participants present alpine ski brands: Fischer, Atomic, Salomon, Rossignol, Head, Volkl, Dynastar, K2, Nordica, Blizzard, Kneissl, Marker, Tecnica, Lange, Leki and many others Ski Salon: Snowboards Brands:  Ski Salon: Snowboards Brands Burton, Rossignol, K2, Dynastar, Head, Morrow, Ride, Fanatic, F2, Flow, Scott, HOT, Volkl, Limited 4 You, Nice, Tech Nine and many others present their collections Special “Snowboard Zone” for boarders and riders (special entertainment program: music, video, events, etc.) Ski & Board Salon: B2B/ ski resort development:  Ski & Board Salon: B2B/ ski resort development Boom of ski resorts construction in Russia All sectors of this market are presented on Ski Salon: construction, ski-lifts, snowmaking, data systems, etc. Brands presented on Moscow Ski Salon: Doppelmayr, LEITNER, Datakrat, Poma, PISTENBULLI, Bombardier, Gorimpex SARL, SkiData, Wiegand and many others Ski Salon: wear and accessories:  Ski Salon: wear and accessories Adidas, Colmar, Columbia, Helly Hansen, Killy, Dainese, Oxbow, Fox, Chemisee, No Fear, Iguana, Schoffel, Reima and many other brands present their collections Special fashion-show of sport wear and accessories Cebe, Uvex, Carrera and many other brands of eyewear Rollers Roces and all accessories Thule trunks All main fashion brands of wear for boarders and extreme sports Moscow Ski & Board Salon: audience :  Moscow Ski & Board Salon: audience Total quantity of visitors ~ 38 000, quantity of questionnaires processed – 2345 Visitors’ age: Up to 25 years: 36% 26-40 years: 34% 40 and more: 29% Aim of visit: to find what’s new in gear & technologies: 33.5% to start new business: 28.5% to find the best price/quality for vacations: 20.5% Other: 12% Visitors of the Salon are interested in: Alpine ski - 22% Snowboarding - 24% Other gear& wear - 12% Accessories - 12% Alpine ski resort equipment - 9% Boots - 8% Tourism & leisure - 8% Caps, hats & helmets - 3% Moscow Ski Salon: the mountain:  Moscow Ski Salon: the mountain Unique artificial mountain and the ski lift Height is 25 m, length is >70 m Special show and entertainment program “Ski Ballet” show Ski jump Open tournament for visitors Freestyle show Free “rent a ski” and entrance Ski & Board Salon: attractions:  Ski & Board Salon: attractions Special programs to attract visitors and media Ski & Freestyle shows on the mountain Rollers’ ramp with professional rollers show 3 indoor climbing (free) Mini-golf Sports attractions for kids Quads, trial and bike shows Trampoline Arm wrestling and fingerboards tournaments Fashion show, lotteries and contests Ski & Board Salon Awards:  Ski & Board Salon Awards Official awards of the Moscow Ski Salon: Award “The Best B2C exhibition 2005” (“EXTREME” magazine) Diploma of the VII International Contest “The Leaders of the Tourist Industry” - “The Best Innovative Project” Award “The Best Project of the Year” (“Doski” magazine, the leading extreme sports edition in Russia) Grow With Us!:  Grow With Us! Do you want to grow yourself? Grow up with us! Welcome to Moscow Ski & Board Salon! Contacts:  Contacts Contact person: Anastasia Parafilo, Chief of Advertising & PR Department  +7 (495) 241 -6610, +7 (495) 241-0923  +7 (495) 290-45-71 121002 Moscow Russia 14-2, Bolshoy Vlasyevsky  Pereulok, office 34, 

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