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Published on January 27, 2016

Author: EmmaJaneSixx


1. Teen Drama By Emma Jane Laffoley

2. Characters Cassie – eating disorder, relationship issues, family issues Tony – relationship issues, gets hit by a bus & becomes partially disabled Sid – relationship issues, depressed, failing at school Rich – metal head, in love, gets bullied for his appearance Emily – lesbian (who finds it difficult to come out), family issues & relationship issues Effy – relationship issues (heartbreaker), self-harm & depressed Season 1 & 2 Season 1 & 2 Season 1 & 2 Season 1,2,3 & 4 Season 3 & 4 Season 5 & 6

3. Conventional Themes & Issues- Alcohol addictions - Relationship issues -> cheating, love triangles - Teen pregnancy - School issues -> failing classes, skipping school, not getting any qualifications - Drug addictions - Mental health issues -> eating disorders, depression, anxiety - Partying -> house parties & raves - Family issues - Sexuality problems -> parents not accepting their sexuality - Fights -> physical fights & verbal fights - Smoking addictions - Sex

4. Narrative & Plot There are different sets of characters in each season, on the character page I have included at least 1 from each season. The narrative is based on the sets of characters that are in that season, most people are familiar with the 1st & 2nd season where the main characters are; Sid, Cassie, Tony, Jal, Chris, Maxxie, Michelle & Effy. All of the characters have their own back story and the episodes are split into each character (as seen on the image bellow). An example of one of the episodes is Cassie (series 1 episode 2) where we get the bigger picture of what is going on in Cassie’s life away from the group and with it. We get to see her personal hidden issues which is that she has an eating disorder and how she’s in love with another Character called Sid however he likes Michelle. We also get to see her family life. Skins have structured their show really nicely as it gives us a clear insight to what each individual character's life is like.

5. Settings Conventional settings include: - House parties - Bedrooms - Raves - Concerts - School building - Backstreets of Bristol

6. Technical aspects

7. Camera work Here a long shot has been used. This is to show Michelle walking towards the boys (Sid and Tony) in the café. This shot has been used to show Michelle’s whole body as the boys turn around to see her walking there way. This camera shot supports Laura Mulvey’s theory ‘The Male Gaze’ as Michelle’s character has been placed in this TV Drama for male pleasure as long shots have been used to show her whole body and she has a boyfriend (Tony) as well as Sid wanting to date her.

8. Mise en Scene In this screenshot, mise en scene has been used to communicate the genre. This is because an abundance of alcohol bottles are present, denoting that the teens have been drinking. The room is also trashed which shows that they had a party the night before. This represents the genre as teenagers conventionally go out partying and drinking, which is shown in this image as there are empty bottles on the table and people passed out. This is a conventional theme featured in a teen drama such as Skins.

9. Editing In this extract a reaction shot has been used. This can be seen when Effy is looking at the men from her car, it then cuts to show Freddie gazing back at her in awe. This represents women as being objects to men as they’re only there for male pleasure. I have come to this conclusion as throughout the series as Effy is used to gain males attention (typically sexually). This supports Laura Mulvey’s theory on Male Gaze which stated that women were only included in media products for male’s viewing pleasure, this supports my point about women being objects for male viewing.

10. Sound Skins uses a theme song which is conventional to a teen drama. The song chosen is Fat Segal which is an upbeat, electronic song. This fits the intended use of being the theme song for a teen drama as teenagers conventionally listen to electronic (sometimes known as dubstep) music. This also relates to the theme of the genre as even though it has negative themes (such as drug taking) it also has happy themes such as creating memories with friends by attending parties and having loving relationships.

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