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Published on February 14, 2014

Author: colshabbir


SKILLES REQUIRED FOR SALES MANAGER: SKILLES REQUIRED FOR SALES MANAGER “WHO IS A SUCCESSFUL SELLER”?: “WHO IS A SUCCESSFUL SELLER”? COMMUNICATION SKILLS: COMMUNICATION SKILLS The ability and expertise to communicate is necessary function. The sales people should possess a good vocabulary and express themselves intelligently to the customer. The later element is necessary mostly in intelligent buying and selling situations, such as business to business. LISTENING SKILLS: LISTENING SKILLS The sales manager has to be a very good listener and use his listening skills to lead towards sales realization. It is generally observed that salespeople spend more time in receiving communication and information than in transmitting it. Poor listening skills may lead to dissatisfaction of customer CONFLICT MANAGEMENT SKILLS: CONFLICT MANAGEMENT SKILLS Conflict exist in every organisation. Conflict in sales organisation is more evident than in any other organisation. This is due to the fact that there is always conflict of interest among people at different levels as the goals are different at each level of the organisation. A sales manager wants his salespeople to cover the territory as thoroughly as they can where as the sales person is interested in realizing the desired sales through a few loyal customer. NEGOTIATION SKILLS: NEGOTIATION SKILLS Negotiation occurs when someone else has what you want, and you are prepared to bargain for it and the vice versa. Successful negotiation is an attempt by two parties to achieve mutually acceptable solutions, which does not result in a winner and loser. The core skills required to successful negotiation includes the ability to define and prioritize a range of objectives, the ability to explore a wide range of options, the ability to prepare well, interactive competence. PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS: PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS Besides the negotiation skills described above, one also needs problem solving skills for effective selling. The relational and consultative selling approach suggests that a sales persons should not be a mere order taker, he should rather act as a problem solver and a consultant to the customer. These roles are more significant for high-tech selling and business to business selling

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