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Information about Skills Development Advanced Portfolio 2014

Published on March 11, 2014

Author: suryagregoryrobinson


Skills Development • Audacity • Adobe Photoshop • Adobe Premiere Pro • Adobe InDesign CS6

Audacity I used Audacity to change the speed of the song to two times the speed so that I could use it for the verse where I slowed down the speed of the song and if I didn’t the lip syncing wouldn’t have fitted with the song.

Firstly you import the track that You wish to alter and then it Automatically puts it into a the Form you see on the picture.

Then you click on the little arrow Where it says the name of the Song and it will bring down a menu Which has set rate ate the bottom. You then click on the set rate and it Displays all the different Hz that the Song can be you click the one that is Double the speed that is already Selected and it will converted your Song to that speeds.

You can the choose to export Your product and it will bring Up a box with all the information about the song you wish to fill. Then once you have filled it up You select okay and it will begin To export it.


I am going to be using InDesign to design the Digipak, so I need to get The right measures for It, so that it doesn’t look Unprofessional.

You choose the custom option And name it what you want the File to be called. Then you find Out the measures for a digipak And place them in the height And width. Because it will fold In reality you need to create the Gutters, margins and then just For the look, a bleed. This means You can place your picture on And make sure that the colour Is strong on the area of the digi[pak that can be seen and then Show the areas where you don’t Need to edit.


The contents-aware Tool can be used to Take out the small blips Inside the image and Then replace the blips With the patterns or Colours around it so That it makes it look Like they are not there.

Premiere Pro

I had two different colour tones and slightly different levels of shading, so I used the fast colour correction tool to Change them to fit each other. I will use this tool through out to get the lighting colours the same or similar due to having many different location and many different lighting goes with that.

I wanted to overlap the layers to try and help make the narrative and emphasize the idea there is going to be a flashback, So I needed to make one more transparent than the other. I then found I could change the opacity of the clip to any Percentage I wanted and then could be done be typing a percentage into the highlighted box.

I used multiple layers and different opacities to get a distorted look when the harmonies came in to emphasize the changes In chords. I need to go over this and make it neater and get the right shades and opacities, but I will use audience feedback First.

I learnt how to stabilize the slightly Shaky bits of film Which was an out- Come of having to use The camera hand held To get a tracking shot.

I wanted to make the colour lighter and also increase the light intensity. So I Googled the best way to do it and It came up with a tutorial which gave me the basic, but best way to see what you are doing with your video. It told me to open up the reference monitor and choose the YC waveform. This aloud me to see where different light Intensities are and the amount of black pixels etc. I took chroma off to make sure I could see it clearly and aimed to Get my facial areas and the certain parts of the film I wanted highlighted above 0.4-6. This meant it was brighter in those areas than the others. The following two slides demonstrate it.

Although this is not a skill I developed while making any of my auxiliary products nor my music video, I feel I should put it in my Skills development. While editing my focus group footage I felt although they didn’t hint to take the visuals from the clip, I should just so that my focus group feel comfortable, because this footage will be posted on the internet for public viewing. Due to taking the visuals out From the clip, I was just left With the audio. I wanted to Instruct the viewer of what The focus is for the focus group And how many people were There. So I clicked on the title option and picked still title, to be As clear as possible for the viewer. Then a box opens and allows you to pick the colours of the text and the size/font etc. So after you have decided you can click where you want the text to appear and add it.

When I was listening to the audio clips I realised that the voices (my voice) was very loud at the start of each audio clip. So I found on the audio transitions there was a fade transition which aloud me to fade in and out of the voice, So that the audience won’t get a shock.

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