SKEMA Alumni Webinar #2 : Willing to move and work in the US? How to approach the American Dream

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Information about SKEMA Alumni Webinar #2 : Willing to move and work in the US? How to...

Published on February 26, 2014

Author: SKEMA_Alumni



Retrouvez le contenu du troisième "Interactive Workshop" USA SKEMA Alumni, du 23 janvier 2014 : Willing to move and work in the US ? How to approach the American Dream.

Plus de 40 participants à cette nouvelle session où nos trois experts américains ont abordé le sujet et répondu à diverses questions :
Pierre Georges Bonnefil – Immigration Attorney.
Emmanuel Cargill – Senior Vice President, Human Resources, for Pernod Ricard USA.
Sandrine Bernard – Executive Vice President, Solstiss USA, (SKEMA 1999).

Grâce à ce nouveau partenariat et un outil Webinar innovant, retrouvez ci-dessous les conseils et réponses de nos experts dédiés à l’évolution de votre carrière aux USA

Willing  to  move  and  work  in  the  US?   How  to  approach  the  American  dream!     LIVE  WEBINAR   JANUARY  23rd  2014  at  1pm  EDT   In  partnership  with  

CAREER  MANAGEMENT   Welcome  !  by  Fabienne  Buon   •  For  SKEMA  Alumni,  your  career  ma4ers.  With   this  brand  new  program  of  interac@ve   workshops,  SKEMA    Alumni  gives  you  access  to   exclusive  tools,  advice  and  experts  dedicated   to  assis@ng  you  with  managing  your  career  in   the  United  States,  whether  you’re  already   working  there  or  willing  to  do  so.   •  Several  sessions  are  scheduled  over  the  school  year,  hosted  and   animated  by  our  US  partner  Strat’America,  co-­‐founded  and   managed  by  Sylvie  Giret  &  Lae@@a  Longuefosse.   •  Keep  checking  Skema  Alumni’s  website  for  upcoming  dates  !  

CAREER  MANAGEMENT   The  speakers  today   PIERRE  GEORGES  BONNEFIL   EMMANUEL  CARGILL   SANDRINE  BERNARD   And  Youri  moderator:  LAETITIA  LONGUEFOSSE   Execu@ve  partner  of  the  US  consul@ng  firm  Strat’America  and  co-­‐founder  of  Stratégies  Américaines   (  with  Sylvie  Giret.       Connect  with  Lae--a  at     3  

CAREER  MANAGEMENT   Table  of  content   1.  Is  immigra@on  part  of  the  dream  or  a  nightmare?   2.  Human  Resources:  What  are  the  best  ways  to  prepare?   3.  «  I  did  it!  »  The  inspiring  experience  of  a  Skema  Alumni  


CAREER  MANAGEMENT   Work  visas     Appropriate  visa  depend  on  your  background.  A  competent  immigra@on  lawyer  will  direct  you  to   the  visa  that  makes  sense  for  you.     Most  common  work  visa  are:   F1/J1  Visa:  Student  and  intern  Visa   H1B:  Most  common  working  visa  –  Quota  (85K  visa  per  year)    open  each  year  in  April  for  October   1st  of  the  same  year.  It  takes  a  couple  of  months  to  build  the  case.   E2:  Investor  visa   L1:  Transfer  Visa     What  is  the  best  way  to  prepare?   Once  you  have  a  job  offer,  send  the  job  offer  as  well  as  you  resume  and  any  relevant  informa@on   to  your  immigra@on  lawyer,  and  he  will  discuss  with  you  which  are  your  best  offers.      

CAREER  MANAGEMENT   Transfer  :  L1  Visa   Transfer   What  is  the  best  way  to  prepare  for  an  internal  promo@on?   If   you   get   transfered   to   your   current   company’s   subsidiary,   you   will   be   able  to  work  with  your  lawyer  to  get  a  transfer  visa  (L1  visa)   Good  news:  There  is  no  quota  for  a  L1  Visa.       Family   What's   happening   to   my   spouse   and   children   if   my   company   transfers   me?   A   L1   visa   spouse   is   not   allowed   to   work   in   the   United   States.      

CAREER  MANAGEMENT   Entrepreneur/investor  E2  Visa   How   to   approach   the   immigra@on   constraint   should   I   decide   to   start   a   business  in  the  United  States?     E2  Visa  is  for  entrepreneur  with  a:   -­‐  Substancial  investment  (amount  depends  on  the  project)   -­‐  Investment  must  be  at  risk.  You  are  willing  to  be  inves@ng,  even  if   you  do  not  get  your  E2  Visa.     A  E2  visa  is  valid  5  years  and  renewable  at  vitam  eternam  as  long  as   you  keep  the  business  running.     Cost   and   @meframe   depend   on   many   factosr,   including   your   level   of   involvement  in  the  case  construc@on      

Green  Card     CAREER  MANAGEMENT   What  are  the  ways  to  the  Green  Card?     -­‐  Lo4ery:  Opens  once  a  year  for  a  month  in  October.   -­‐  Work:  your  employer  sponsor  you  or  you  are   willing  to  invest  a  million  USD  (EB5  visa)   -­‐  Family  :  Marriage      


CAREER  MANAGEMENT   It’s  all  about  image!     What   do   you   associate   French   Business  School  with?       There   is   a   lot   of   compe@@on   :   The   US   are   very   a4rac@ve  to  French  people.  First  impression  from   a   French   Vice   President   Human   Resources:   Empathy.    

CAREER  MANAGEMENT   Looking  for  a  US  job  from    France     Is   there   a   privileged   route   to   follow   for  an  execu@ve  willing  to  move  from   France  to  the  US  ?     First,   iden@fy   a   short   list   of   10   companies   that   you   would   really   like   to   work   for.   Do   some   research   and   apply   to   each   of   them   with   a   personalized   applica@on.   HR   people   are   gejng   many   applica@on   every   day.   You   will   not   get   the   a4en@on   of   a   HR   person   without   showing   interest  in  the  company    and  passion.     Then  social  media  are  a  good  way  to  find  common  contacts.      

CAREER  MANAGEMENT   Some  mistakes  to  avoid     What  are  the  major  mistakes  Foreign   applicants   make   when   applying   for   a   US  posi@on?     1.  DON’T  SEND  AN  APPLICATION  IN  FRENCH.  The  tempta@on   is   here,   when   you   see   a   french   patronym.   But   this   applica@on  will  be  lost  as  it  cannot  be  forwarded.   2.  Use  spell  check.   3.  Get  your  contact  involved.  Spark  his/her  interest.      

Do’s  and  Dont’s     CAREER  MANAGEMENT   -­‐  Usually  resume  are  rather  well  forma4ed  :  Remember  to  use  the   US  format  (no  personal  men@ons  such  as  picture,  age,  sex).   -­‐  On  an  interview,  a  HR  person  expects:   Candidates   must   know   what   they   are   really   good   at.   Show   confidence.     Candidates  must  show  passion.  The  first  2  minutes  are  crucial.   The   best   advice   is   to   prac@ce,   with   friends,   family,   a   mentor,   go   through  the  usual  ques@ons  and  prac@ce.  You  have  to  shine!  


Why?     CAREER  MANAGEMENT   It   was   a   family   project.   Sandrine   and   her   husband   wanted   to   work   overseas   and   he   managed   to   be   transferred   to   the   United   States.   However,  he  was  not  transferred  as  an  «  expat  »   but  as  a  «  local  »  -­‐  Moving  expenses,  lodging  etc   were  not  paid  or  arranged  by  the  company.    

CAREER  MANAGEMENT   Challenges   What   were   the   biggest   challenges?   Even   if   Sandrine   was   not   working   the   first   6   months,   every   aspects   of   the   personal   installa@on  was  challenging:   Being   French,   we   do   not   have   a   credit   history   which   makes   it   difficult   to   do   pre4y   much   anything:   sign   a   lease,   get   a   cellular   phone,  get  a  credit  to  buy  a  car,  etc.     Cost  of  living  is  challenging:  cost  of  living,  educa@on  (20K  USD  per   child)      

Prepara[on     CAREER  MANAGEMENT   What   would   you   do   differently   if   you   could   go   back  to  Skema?       Sandrine   took   advance   to   Erasmus   in   Spain.   If   she   could   go   back   to   the   Skema   years,   she   would  chose  China  or  the  United  States.    

CAREER  MANAGEMENT   Advices   What  are  the  best  advices  for  those  who  would   like  to  follow  your  path?     -­‐  Be  prepared!  Especially  if  you  move  with  your   family.   -­‐  Take  advance  of  your  networks.   -­‐  Believe  in  yourself!  

CAREER  MANAGEMENT   NEXT  STEPS  1/2   CHECK  YOUR  MAILBOX   Please  answer  our  survey  (check  your  email!)  and  email   us  any  addi@onal  comment,  feedback  or  sugges@on  at  

CAREER  MANAGEMENT   NEXT  STEPS  2/2   CHECK  SKEMA  ALUMNI  WEBSITE   •  Access  the  recording     •  Post  your  comments  and  share  the   experience   •  Register  to  our  next  topic  :  “An   entrepreneurial  projet?  How  to  make  it   happen?”  (date  to  be  announced  soon  on   Skema  Alumni  website)  

THANK  YOU  FOR  ATTENDING  !   In  partnership  with  

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