Skeletal System

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Information about Skeletal System

Published on November 20, 2008

Author: brandenzuke


Skeletal System/Basic Bones/Joint types : Skeletal System/Basic Bones/Joint types A. Bone Structure 1. Hard cells and a rigid matrix gives bone strength and shape connective tissue structure called the periosteum covers every bone and provides vessels for nutrition. 2. Oppositional growth of new bone and matrix remodeling of existing bone matrix are responsible for shaping bones. Skeletal Bone Cont. : Skeletal Bone Cont. B. Classification of bones 1. Flat bones Examples: the ribs and the skull 2. Long bones Recognized by a long hollow shaft or diaphysis, and at least two epiphysis, ex. Femur and ulna. 3. Irregular bones Two or more forms within the the same bone structure, ex. vertebrae

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