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Published on October 30, 2008

Author: alanpt


SKATEBOARDING : SKATEBOARDING A Brief History On Skateboarding Slide 4: Here Are some commercial parts of: Decks, Bearings, and Wheels. DECKS WHEELS&BEARINGS Slide 5: Parts Of A Skateboard A skateboard is made up of various different parts, the basic parts of a skateboard are: Deck Trucks Wheels Bearings Deck Trucks Slide 8: This Trick is Called an : Ollie Slide 9: This trick is Called a : Kickflip Slide 10: This Grind is called a: Boardslide Slide 11: This Trick is Called a :Fakie 360 flip Slide 12: This trick is Called a: Shifty Flip Slide 13: thanks for watching By Emanuel

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