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Published on March 17, 2014

Author: erikekholm



This was a presentation I held for a group of executives at West Sweden Chamber of Commerce. A couple of slides are in Swedish, but most of it is in English. The presentation has a focus on online content driving sales (content marketing). I also touch on the trend of the increasing number of visitors that are using smartphones and tablets when surfing the web. I also emphasize the need of a clear strategy, to achieve the desired results.

“Innehåll som driver försäljning!” Västsvenska Handelskammaren Erik Ekholm 2014-03-14

Innehåll som driver försäljning • Några trender • Strategier för innehåll • Innehållsmarknadsföring • Rätt besökare blir leads • Diskussion

Presentation – Erik Ekholm • CEO at Skapa • Master of Science and Naval Architect at Chalmers University of Technology • Stena AB, Volvo Trucks, Rosemount Tank Radar • Founded Skapa in 1996 • Lecturer in online marketing at IHM Business School, Stockholm School of Economics and University of Borås.

Skapa – smart online communication Communication and marketing Online marketing is about understanding the needs of your target groups and giving them relevant content – regardless if it’s published on blogs, social media or websites. Web, technology and development We build advanced and easy-to-use apps, extranets and websites that supply the data at to the right person at the right moment!

Skapa – Committed to our customers…

A few trends…

Mobile data doubled from 2012 to 2013 Q2, 2012 Q2, 2013

Utilities and productivity more than doubled

Mobile drives the increase of web traffic -20,0% 0,0% 20,0% 40,0% 60,0% 80,0% 100,0% 120,0% 140,0% Customer 1 Customer 2 Customer 3 Customer 4 Customer 5 Increase from Feb -13 to Feb -14 of visitors from desktop, smartphones and tablets. Desktop Smartphone Tablet Source: Google Analytics from five of Skapa’s customers 10,2% Phones & tablets 16,5% Phones & tablets 12,9% Phones & tablets 12,8% Phones & tablets 37,6% Phones & tablets Visitor share 2014-03-05

Large global potential for selling more smartphones 57% smartphones in Europa Europa Smartphones Cell phones 23% smartphones globally World Smartphones Cell phones Global total about 6,5 billion cell phones75% of phones sold today are smartphones

Mobile use will increase even more! • Mobile users reach for their phone 150 times per day – thats the equivalent of about every six minutes all the time when awake. In average! • Think web mobile first!

The Internet of Things

“Internet of Things/Everything” • Google + Nest (3,2 billion USD) • GE + Intel (cooperation) • AT&T + Cisco (cooperation) • IoE worth 19.000 billion USD this coming ten years according to Cisco’s CEO • Rolls-Royce engines transmitted data for four hours after airplane was lost Baby watchers, lamps, TV, music equipment, locks, cars, health &fitness, more…

Wearable and connected devices: Galaxy Gear Fit Ring Google Glass Jawbone Pebble

Behavior-based communication Yahoos Aviate BroApp Apple iBeacon positioning system Philips Retail Lighting System

User generated content and behavior Waze (Acquired by Google for USD 1 billion) WhatsApp (Acquired by Facebook for USD 19 billion) AirBnB (500,000 listings in 33,000 cities)

Chinese ahead in many fields • China – iOS + Android users surpassed USA, Q1:13 • 55% of total media consumption time on mobile and Internet vs 38% in USA • Alibaba – Gross Merchandise Volume Surpassed AND eBay, Q4:12 • Sina Weibo 新浪微博 (like Twitter+Facebook) has 530 million users and 600 million USD in revenue • Chinese mobile and social media services are advancing fast and will soon be successful also in the western world



What's the ultimate goal of your online communication to achieve business results? Is it (for example) to: • Increase brand awareness? • Improve client engagement? Build confidence/trust? • Decrease customer support inquiries? • Attract and retain key staff members • Support sales with valuable leads Anything that does not support your goal/goals, has no place in your strategy! Strategy – define your goals

Peter Drucker. Popularized in 2006 by Mark Fields, president of Ford Motor Company Ensure top management support and engage (inform & motivate) staff to make sure your strategies are successfully implemented True engagement and motivation is needed

“Our main goal is to get closer to the customers”

”Creating valuable local dialogues”

Where are your target groups?

Strategies to attract the most relevant visitors

Website YouTube Mobile Flickr Twitter E-mail LinkedInFacebook Google Blog Pinterest

YouTube Mobile Flickr Twitter E-mail LinkedInFacebook Google Website Blog Pinterest

Content Marketing

Your audience is your present and future customers – give them what they are searching for!

ABB: zone data robots

Inspire new business and develop loyalty by delivering consistent, relevant and ongoing valuable content, meeting the customers’ everyday needs, challenges, and questions. Content marketing

Focus less on push of content – focus more on attracting interest!

Content with the best ROI Content with best ROI according to marketing professionals worldwide, Jan 2013. Source: CopyPress, “2013 State of Content Marketing Study”, Feb 12, 2013.

Ramirent Group blog • Blog for the Ramirent Group • Purpose: A channel for in-depth articles that support sales by presenting customer cases. • • Google: limited space construction

Tripnet – local expertise Google: lastbalansering

Lantmännen Bozita care about your pet! Google: allergitest på hund

Relevant visitors become leads

Attract leads with relevant content Visitors Customers Inspiration / Customer needs Brand building / Company Offer / Products / Services


Content marketing TidCampaigns Content Marketing value

Vad kan Skapa göra för er? • Strategisk rådgivning för smart online- kommunikation • Webbplatser och bloggar i ett ekosystem av sociala medier • Innehåll som skapar framgång • Systemutveckling av webbaserade lösningar och appar för effektivare verksamhet

Kontakta mig gärna för ett möte: Erik Ekholm, Tel 031 3011151

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