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Published on March 14, 2008

Author: Miguel


MCCT SKADS:  MCCT SKADS 14 events and 10 participating institutes 4 types of events: Technical workshop Astronomical workshop Mixed workshop (practical assignment) Schools MCCT SKADS:  MCCT SKADS Intended to complement SKADS Primary objective to train new generation of (Technical) Scientist for new radio astronomy instruments LOFAR, SKA Provides possibility for short (up to 4 weeks) scholarship 10 participants Signed EC Contract expected today Project started 1 January 2007 Total funding level 555k Euro Participants:  Participants 1. Netherlands Foundation for Research in Astronomy ASTRON 2. Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe JIVE 3. Instituto di Radioastronomia INAF 4.Observatoire de Paris OPAR 5. Max-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie MPIfR 6. The University of Manchester UMAN 7. Fundacion general de la Universidad de Alcala - Instituto Geografico Nacional FG-IGN 8. University of Cambridge UCAM DPHYS 9. University of Oxford OXF-DB 10. Rijksuniversiteit Groningen - Kapteyn Astronomical Institute MCCT SKADS:  MCCT SKADS Management team of MCCT SKADS coincides with management of SKADS For the organization of events one Local Point of Contact for each participant that hosts an event Project Structure has still some positions vacant (Quality Group) MCCT SKADS:  MCCT SKADS MCCT components:  MCCT components Schools. Radio astronomy: fundamentals and the new instruments 35-40 participants 3 schools, 8 days each Astronomical workshops: the science of SKA(DS) 25-30 participants 2 tracks, 6 days each Technical workshops: antennas and enabling technologies for SKADS 20-30 participants 2 tracks, 6 days each Mixed workshops: science and instruments 20-30 participants 2 tracks, 6 days each Training (Part of Mixed workshops) “scholarship” 5 x 8 participants, 21 days each MCCT SKADS 2007:  MCCT SKADS 2007 MCCT SKADS 2008:  MCCT SKADS 2008 MCCT SKADS 2009:  MCCT SKADS 2009 Slide10:  Marie Curie SKADS finances Total eligible costs and requested Marie Curie contribution is: MCCT SKADS:  MCCT SKADS MCCT has only funds for Management & Audit Certificates Organization Participants : Living allowances Travel allowances Participation fee (only eligible for limited nr. of participants per category) MCCT SKADS:  MCCT SKADS Has no funds for: No salary costs of trainers/key-notespeakers of host institutions are budgeted. Costs for the facilities of the hosts, such as use of laboratory, computers, equipment, etc., are not budgeted. These costs will be paid for by the hosts. For the practical training no organizational costs are budgeted General Principles:  General Principles No profits are allowed Costs should not be part of another Community Project (when this is the case make a clear separation) No more than 30 % of the total number of event participants (funded+not funded) should: Come from the same country Be from Third countries Role of Coordinator:  Role of Coordinator Updating vacancy tool Ensuring timeliness of reports Create and maintain database of all funded researchers Ensure that all participants (also not funded) complete questionaires Maintain website ( Periodic Management Report (use SESAM!):  Periodic Management Report (use SESAM!) Financial Report Justification of costs claimed Management Report Financial Statement (Form C) (one for each contractor with eligible costs) Summary Financial Report Audit Certificate (after 2nd year) (one for each contractor with eligible costs) All reports should be submitted together Selection of Participants Advertisement of Events:  Selection of Participants Advertisement of Events SELECTION Gender Balance International Balance (30 %) Balance between early stage and experienced researchers ADVERTISEMENT Vacancy tool Website of project Scientific Journals Always Acknowledge MC Administrative & Financial Requirements:  Administrative & Financial Requirements Use only forms from SESAM website Overheads are not allowed VAT is not eligible advise: transfer lump sum to participants for living allowance, reimburse travel Participants should fill in questionaire on SESAM website Contract:  Contract Location and dates are indicative do not require amendment Funds can be transferred between cost categories (but no overheads, max 7 % &management and audit certification) Adding events is possible but cum in contract is maximum Changes need to be discussed with project officer ALWAYS: Keep in contact with Project Office

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MCCT SKADS 14 events and 10 participating institutes 4 types of events: Technical workshop Astronomical workshop Mixed workshop (practical assignment)
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