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Published on January 4, 2008

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ChapterV Oceania :  ChapterV Oceania Slide3:  大洋洲 Section 1 summary of Oceanica geography Section 2 Australia Section 3 New Zealand exit Slide4:  Section 1 summary of Oceanica geography 一 The Narrow and Broad sense of Oceanica Slide5:  二 The “Geography detection ” of Oceanica (一) local residents’ Oceanica aborigines local resident Slide6:  1.Melanesia person It includes Papua New Guinea, door islands...etc 4 insularities. Melanesia is the generic name of the residents who came there first.The total population is about 38,98 0.000.Most Melanesia person is short, their skin are black, they have curl hair.Under the influence of west culture,Their life style is modern,but also reserve many traditional customs. Slide7:  2. Micronesia person Most Micronesia person are taller, their skin are light brown, the west of the region nears Asia ,so the residents have the Asia's characteristic;The eastern region nears to the west of Polynesia , so they are taller,and their hair is curl,their skin is lighte;The south closes to Melanesia, so the hair of residents is curl, their skin is brown, and they are shorter. Slide8:  3. Polynesia person Tt is the generic name of the Western Samoan, Tonga, Tuvalu ,Cook Islands and residents who currently still live under the rull of England, France, America etc. There are about more than 90 myriad peopleses currently.The physique characteristic is black hair, the face is more generous, the skin is light brown, moreover,they are taller. Slide9:  (二)The "geography detection" of Europe colonize From the beginning of 16 century to the middle period of 19 century, European colonize arrives at Oceania to probe into geography successively. From half afte 17 century to the middle of 19 century ,British had been the first to probe into Oceania, the most representative example among them is jams.kuk’s three times probe into Oceania . Slide10:  三 The political map of Oceania (一)Countries of the continent Australia,New Zealand , the nation and region of the three islandses.(二)Transnational nations and regions of the continent New Guinea island;Hawaiian islands. Slide11:  Section 2 Australia 一 General situation Australia locates in Southern Hemisphere, lying between the southwest Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. Slide12:  二 The history and state of the nation Australia's fundamental realities Slide13:  三、矿产资源 (一)铁矿 (二)铝土矿 (三)煤矿 (四)金矿 (五)其他矿产 澳大利亚矿产分布图 Slide14:  三、Mineral resources (一)Iron mine(二)Aluminum soil mine (三)Coal mine (四)Gold mine (五)Other mine 澳大利亚矿产分布图 Slide15:  四 Half cyclic annular structure Distribution ofAustralia weather Slide16:  (一)The forest area 1. Evergreen rain forest of tropics 2. Drying tropics forest and open forest 3. Moist subtropics forest 4. Drying subtropics forest and open forest (二)Do grasslands belt (三)The barren desert area Slide17:  五 The distribution of industry (一)Agriculture and animal husbandry There is vast and natural ranch in Australia .In addition to middle western region, the weather is warm and moist, so it is good to agriculture .   澳大利亚农牧业分布图 Slide18:  The agriculture herding industry is a traditional and important economic section in Australia ,the main management method of which is the management of capitalistic big farm.The machinery level is very high, now, machines are used in turnning over the ground,sowing seeds,harvesting,shearing hair,slaughtering etc. The production ways is more profession, the merchandise of agriculture livestock product is very high,while be restrict by international market price ,indor to adapt the international market conditional, Australia has already developed various managements. Slide19:  1. Livestock husbandry   The livestock husbandry is the most important economic section and has the longest history in Australia agriculture,position section.In livestock husbandry, sheep keep industry is the most outstanding section. and so Australia is called“the country that rides on the back of sheep".    美利奴羊 Slide20:  2. Planting industry   The Planting industry of Australia takes about 2/5 in total industry production value .   The wheat in Australia mainly distributes in the molay river-darling river area, reaching south Australia ,presenting a breadth which wides 80-300 kms.   In addition, other crops are barley ,coats,corn,paddy rice...etc.. Tansimania iaisland is called"the island of the apple", the non-nuclear raisin that produced downstream the molay river is famous in the world. Slide21:  (二)Mining industry   The abundant minerals of Australia provides benefits for it’s quick development of mining industry. 1. Excavating coal industry 2. Iron mining industry Most of the iron is carried to Western Europe,Japan,Chinese etc., Australia is the country that has the most exportation of iron mine sand in the world. 3. Other mining industry 4. The petroleum and natural gas Slide22:  (三)Processing industry The development of manufacturing industry of Australia is quick Post-war, the section structure changed variely. The metallurgy and the machine manufacturing industry make the quickest progress . its production value takes about of 3/5 in the total production value, and the chemistry followed. Slide23:  Steel industry It is the most important section of the Australia industry, the investment for this industry takes 1/10 of the total investment for industry post-war . For its superior in the development of steel industrial ,it became one of the sections which makes quickest progress. Slide24:  2. Manufacturing industry   The manufacturing industry of Australia is founded before World War II, During the war, British and American made use of Australia to produce various ammunition, especially weapon, so stimulated the growth of the machine manufacturing industry . The automobile,airplane,shipbuilding,electronics,motorcycle and agriculture machine etc.. make the most quick progress Post-war ,Among them, the most outstanding is the automobile manufacturing industry. Slide25:  3. Chemistry industry   In recent years, The chemistry industrial of Australia have developed comparative quickly. 4. Spin and weave industry   The spin and weave industry is one of the sections which has the longest history in Australia. Food industry    Food industry is a comparatively large industry section of Australia. Slide26:  (四)The tour industry 1. The tour resources  Australia is very broad, so it’s tour resources is abundant and colorful.   Sydney is the biggest city and port of Australia. Sydney Slide27:  2. The development and the present condition of the tour industry In the recent ten years, the development of travel industry is very quick.and the domestic travel industry is also more flourishing. 大堡礁 Slide28:  (五) Population and it’s distribution    Australia is a nation with wide ground and little people.After the colonization of English ,the namber of immigrates had been increased continuously. Australia is one of the nations which has the list population density in the world, the population distributes very unbalance, about more than 90% people distribute in the southeast coast . Slide29:  六 "Walk into Pacific Asia region" Australia not only belongs to Oceania, but also is a nation that near Asia again in the meantime, as all places in Pacific Ocean in Asia, just as someone say that "west of tradition, east of position" ,It’s special geography position influences the geography structure of economics and trade ,also influences the relationship with the Pacific Asia region. Slide30:  (一) The geography structure of the outward economics and trade relationship The high quality iron mine stone of the Australia and the aluminum are famous in the world ,also the exit quantity of the cow mutton is first in the world. England is the main trading partner of Australia in the history. Slide31:  (二)The active member of"the Pacific Asia region" Australia is a member of Pacific Asia economic cooperation organization(APFC).It adjusts the policy of APFC actively, and put forward the national policies that"face to Asia and integrate Asia". Australia plays it’s roles in the world economy actively.    Slide32:  Section 3 New Zealand New Zealand Locates in the southwest of Pacific Ocean, It’s territory is constituted by the south island , the north island and some group of islandses nearby.between the two islands locates the kuk Straits. Slide33:  一 The geography and weather (一) The geography    North island and south island in New Zealand belong to the wreath Pacific Ocean ,as a result, there are many mountainous areas and mound. (二) weather New Zealand places during 34-47, It is rounded by sea from all directions,so it is influenced by ocean greatly, in addition to Auckland which belongs to subtropics weather, other regions belong to maritime climate zone.    Slide34:  二 The plant and animal (一) The plant   The natural forest of New Zealand reaches 730 ×s 104 hms 2, takes 27.3% of the national total land area.The western region of north island and the mountainous of south island are the main areas that the natural forest distributes. Symbolization of New Zealand Slide35:  (二) Animal    New Zealand took separations from Australia mainland , and keeps off other mainland, therefore there reserve some ancient animals. Slide36:  三 Mineral resources The mineral resources that in New Zealand mainly are coal, petroleum, natural gas, iron, gold...etc.. Slide37:  四 History and residents (一)History of New Zealand 毛利人 Slide38:  (二) Residents in New Zealand There are about 384.28 myriad people in New Zealand (in end of in 2000), among them, European immigrates is 79.6%; The descendant of the gross profit takes 14.5%, most of these gather in the suburban area, live a destitute life; The overseas Chinese, Chinese descent takes about 2.25%(July in 1998);and there are some Indians and Polynesia persons. Slide39:  五 Economics The economics in New Zealand develops quickly with the product of livestock’s efficient production and exportation, It depends on the exporting of livestock products to exchange the fuel, raw material, industrial product and food. In the total value of production exportation, the industrial production takes more than 20%. while up to the present, The agriculture herding industry is still the economic foundation of New Zealand. Slide40:  (一)The agriculture herding industry The livestock husbandry in New Zealand is the predominant section of the national economy. The agriculture herding industry economy in New Zealand has the typical model of the flourishing capitalism, its main form is management of big agriculture ranch. Mechanization and intensive turn degree are very high, and the large-scale adoption of machine and other science measure improved natural ranches and artificial grass field. Slide41:  Plant industry is in the secondary in importance in the agriculture and herding in New Zealand . The raises of cow and sheep are principle in New Zealand livestock husbandry. The livestock product processing industry is one of the country’s traditional economic sections. New Zealand ranch Slide42:  (二)Industry    During 50 years Post-war , the growth of industrial is very quickly. From the mid 60's in 20 century, the country has set up the steel and color metallurgy, petroleum chemical engineering and the automobile assemble...etc successively. Auckland Slide43:  (三)Transportation industry and foreign trade The railway of New Zealand mainly distributes in the north island, and its trunk line is the one between Wellington and Auckland. The economics of the country depends on foreign trade highly. The rise and fall of price of the agriculture industry in the international market, influences the international receipt and expenditure of the country greatly.    Slide44:  Thanks Designer:Cheng Ying Teacher:Cheng Ying exit

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