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Published on March 10, 2014

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Six Simple Strategies for Nonprofit Success Allegra Marketing Print Mail Corona, CA (951)734-8181

Six Simple Strategies for Nonprofit Success! Presented by Eugene & Paula Montanez Erika Leon March 6, 2014

1. Know More About Your Donors 2. Know Where the Clones Are 3. Be Personal 4. Be Relevant & Engaging 5. Use Referral Power 6. Make Website “Convenient” 7. Mobile Optimized Website On Word Press The Six Strategies for Nonprofit Success

Know the “Known” of Today 5,000 Per day Notice about 50 Remember only 4 or 5 What you are up against: Competition of Attention Source: Wizards of Ads, Roy H. Williams citing Yankelovich study, USPS Study delivered to PIA Variable Data Conference, January 2007

Know the “Known” of Today What you’re up against: Competition for Donations – 1.8 million nonprofits in U.S. – 160,000 in California – Hundreds in Riverside County

Know the “Known” of Today Your “competitors” are noisy – 93% major donor cultivation – 92% face-to-face fundraising – 91% website donations – 89% special events – 86% direct mail – 86% matching gifts – 85% automatic donations – 79% planned gifts/bequests – 72% email – 56% social networking – 32% telemarketing – 18% Text messaging – 13% door-to-door Source: Blackbaud 2010 State of the Non-Profit Industry Survey

More Media Options 14% 16% 17% 21% 24% 31% 29% 30% 32% 34% 37% 39% 39% 40% 40% 41% 43% 45% 54% 57% 63% 71% 72% 89% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Podcasts Mobile messaging Mobile advertising Video (e.g., YouTube) Blogs Webinars Outdoor - Billboard, Signage Inserts Telemarketing Broadcast - Radio Broadcast - TV Catalog Newspaper ads Printed Directory Social networks Display/Banner ads Search engine marketing Online directory listing Magazine ads Trade shows Event sponsorship E-mail Direct mail Company Website Percentage of Respondents Which of the following media types does your company use for marketing? Electronic Print Multiple Responses Permitted Source: Capturing the Cross-Media Direct Marketing Opportunity, InfoTrends, 2010

More Access Options Which of the following devices does your household currently own? Source: Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project,August 9-September 13, 2010Tracking Survey.

• According to Forrester Research, U.S. mobile retail sales are expected to top $12 billion in 2013 • At least 25% of U.S. smartphone users have made a purchase on their phones in the last six months • Mobile commerce grew at a triple digit pace in 2012 As of Q1 2013, more than half of all U.S. adults, and 48% of Canadians, owned a smartphone. Mobile Commerce Stats

The Growth of Online Giving The Internet is becoming an increasingly significant source of giving and of new donor acquisition.

Direct Mail Response Preferences 43% of people prefer to respond to direct marketing online. Every direct marketing campaign must include an effective online response option. Source: Study conducted by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA).

Online-acquired donors are reported to be younger than mail-acquired donors. Source: 2011 donorCentrics™ Internet and Multichannel Giving Benchmarking Report Demographic Differences

- Findings from the 2011 donorCentrics™ Internet and Multichannel Giving Benchmarking Report suggest that… Although direct mail remains the dominant channel for new donor acquisitions, it has been increasingly common for new donors to give their first gift online. Online-acquired donors tend to give larger gifts than mail- acquired donors. Online-acquired donors tend to have slightly lower retention rates than mail-acquired donors. Trends in Online Giving

Trends in the Percent of Donors Giving Online * 2011 donorCentrics™ Internet and Multichannel Giving Benchmarking Report 9% 12% 16% 14% 5% 5% 6% 7% 7% 10% 9% 8% New Donors Multi-Year Donors All Donors 2007 2008 2009 2010 2007 2009 2008 2010 2007 2008 2009 2010 Trends in Online Giving

Source: Blackbaud 2010 State of the Nonprofit Industry Survey When asked to rank the fundraising efforts that are the top drivers of donations to the organization, respondents said: Direct Mail One-on-One Solicitation of major donors Special Events Top Donation Drivers

So … What’s “Known”? • Bad News -- Harder to get noticed • More general noise • More competitive noise • More media channels • More devices to access info • Good news -- Mail is best-performing medium • Personalization enhances mail • Web presence enhances mail • Other News -- Online giving on the rise…preferred by many • Online givers are premium givers • Online givers are younger givers

So…What to do?

– Append data so you can • Be personal and relevant • Know how and when to escalate • Know how to clone to attract more – What you can/should learn • Donation frequency, consistency, amounts • Basic demographics; age, gender, family status, home ownership, income, active donor • Psychographics: hobbies, special interests, religion, political affiliations, pet ownership, affinity for your cause Strategy #1: Know Your Donors

• Since mail is the thing … and personalization is critical • Know how to clone … or come close – Consumer lifestyle databases with more than three dozen selections available • Experian Acxiom • InfoUSA AmeriList – Donor databases with rich demographic selections, as well as cause affinity • 2,066 donor files available through Allegra Strategy #2: Know Where the Clones Are

Strategy #3: Personalize Response Rates: Static vs. Personalized

Introducing “PURLs” Because: •Mail is the thing •Personalization is key •People want online access

Personalized “Giving” Site - recipient’s name (Jane Doe) - a campaign-specific domain name Web address to capture online responses to a direct mail promotion. Includes:

How It Works Step 1 Identify Campaign Recipients Step 2 Send Direct Mail w/PURL Step 4 Thank You Email to Recipient Step 3 Personalized Landing Page Step 5 Fulfillment of Offer/Phone Call

Use a Personalized Giving Site • Build a two-way relationship • Deepen understanding of your donors • Get instant feedback in real time • Add measurability to your campaign The average Personalized URL visit rate for nonprofit organizations was 10.8% Source: Carlson, 2010

QR Codes for instant engagement  Quick Response (QR) barcodes  Created in Japan in 1994  2D barcode that hold 4,296 alphanumeric characters  Contains: phone, URL, contact info, text  Scannable by smartphones Strategy #4: Be Relevant and Engaging

How a QR Code Works Point your camera phone at the QR Code. Snap a picture The QR Code will decode instantly You’ll be brought to the webpage

Creating a QR Code You can create a QR code at no cost If you want tracking built in or a personalized QR code for each recipient, that requires additional work, we can help you with that.

Scanning a QR Code Several QR Readers (most available at no cost) - Quick Mark - NeoReader - OptiScan - Barcode Scanner - ScanLife - TagReader

QR Code Uses Uses • YouTube Video • Donation Request • Special Event Calendar • Event Registration • Coupon • Product Demonstration • Where to put QR Codes: • Direct Mail Piece • Business Card • Poster • Mug • Window Decals • Signs • Magazine/Newspaper Ad

QR Do’s & Don’ts DO: • Send them to a mobile-friendly site that is optimized for mobile viewing • Link to content that matters • Provide instructions on how to use them • Make sure they work DON’T: • Just send them to your home page

Strategy #5: Referral Power • “76% of all economic activity in the U.S. is influenced by personal recommendations.” - eMarketer • “9 out of 10 people trust the recommendations of a friend while only 1 in 10 trust traditional advertising.” - Forrester Research • “The average value of a referred customer is at least 16% higher than a non-referred customer.” - Goethe University

How an automated referral system works: • Build a microsite • Push members/donors to site • Members/donors become advocates and request others to join/donate – Auto email feature – Direct mail to members/donors – Referral cards handed out – Ads/QR codes in newsletters, mailers Referral Power

Referral Website


• Don’t make visitors have to think. Visitors must identify what your organization does within seconds from the home page. • Is your donate button easily found within 1-2 seconds? • Post photos that make sense to your organization. Don’t make visitors have to think about what it is and why it’s there. • Don’t be boring. Fundraising is an emotional engagement so leave off the mission statement from the home page. • Have links to other opportunities of engagement: events, newsletter, social network sites etc. • Be media-friendly … have a page for reporters • Be volunteer-friendly … have content for them Strategy #6: Be Convenient

Website Example

Questions? Talk to us! We’d like to learn your organization’s fundraising challenges, and talk about ways we can help.

• Allegra Marketing Print Mail • Formerly ZAP Printing & Graphics - 951-734-8181 • 127 Radio Road - Corona, CA 92879 • Corona , Riverside & Eastvale • Direct Mail Copywriting Quality Full-Color Printing • List Sourcing & Management Marketing Planning Mailing Services • Signs & Banners Website Design • Graphic Design Email Marketing Promotional Products

Thank You! For more information, contact: Allegra Marketing Print Mail 951-734-8181

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