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Published on July 21, 2009

Author: davidorban



What happens when we move from billions of mobile phones around us, to networks made of ten, one hundred or one thousand times more nodes? What are going to be the necessary features of these networks, which will constitute the Internet of Things? How can we think about, and must start planning for the nature of this new fundamental entity quickly emerging?

Internet Of Things Spime Design Workshop Jurvetson

David Orban Advisor & European Lead Singularity University

David Orban Chief Evangelist WideTag, Inc. Dennis Mancini


<1> Who <2> What <3> Why <4> How <5> When <6> Play!

What we will talk about Evolution of paradigms Emerging properties Examples from today Arenamontanus

What we won’t talk about Technical standards Communication methods Energy source conundrums Passive identification Arenamontanus



kandinski Bruce Sterling Forget trying to pass for normal




Fred Armitage William Gibson The future is already here. It is just not evenly distributed yet

The Open Internet Of Things

Ignorance Questions Answers Kevin Kelly -

"The formula for success? Double your rate of failure." Thomas J.Watson, IBM “The Internet multiplied a thousandfold our failure rate, without increasing the cost of our success” Cory Doctorow

What’s on your radar Banksy / Robbiedangerous

Spime = SPace + tIME Bruce Sterling

2 7 > 100

Evolving devices

Necessary Autonomy Platform Orders of magnitude PCs ≈ 108 Mobiles ~ Humans ≈ 109 Spimes > 1010

Around us already Ryan Harvey

Network Evolution Generation Isotropy Access Web data knowledge Web 2.0 applications social Spimes sensors world

Redundancy of spimes NASA JPL

Nature of the dialogue Generation Bandwidth M2M Index Industrial apps Kb/s 1% Realtime Web Mb/s 10% Spime Networks Gb/s 99%+ M2M index: M2M/M2H, communications among machine in proportion to those with humans

Data deluge µµ

Awareness Volvo



Why David Rose Integrity is the most important value

The Anthropocene 1% 2% terrestrial humans vertebrates pets in the wild cattle 99% 98% 10.000 BC Today

Unsustainable badjonni

Old methods... Seamus Murray

...same as current ones Marcin Wichary

What do we know? Gaspa

Sensing the technium Nite Owl

Radically new methods The Alieness

Sensing the world bazusa

Adapting to the world aussiegirl

Growing with the world Michael Filion

Hinding information? 2001 2007 USGS Global Fiducials

A government hiding climate change data to prevent rational debate is committing a crime against humanity!




claren44 Larry Smarr Failure of imagination is a fundamental human defect

• Spreading the Idea. Involve people. First Quarter Action Plan

CO2 Spime Collects CO2 levels Communicates wirelessly Visualizes collected data online

Social Energy meter


Spime Design Workshops



Scalable Davichi

High concurrency Martineric

Native support for parallelism

>1M targeting over one million data reporting events per minute per server-core




Randy Stewart Bre Pettis Things are changing faster than we can die

Years from present 1 < IoT< 25

Advanced Collaboration Foxtongue



Let’s play! Aschaf

Your Tasks Form groups Pick presenter Draw the idea Explore parameter space Arenamontanus

Which Sensors? Electromagnetic Chemical Mechanical Social ... Arenamontanus

What Aggregation? Local Global Non-geographic ... Arenamontanus

What Moment In Time?

M2M Interaction Self provisioning Redundancy Reliable communication

M2H Interaction What is “friending”? What is “poking”? What is X?

Backchannel Friendfeed room: spimews Twitter hashtag: #spimews


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