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Published on November 23, 2008

Author: pvniharika



The advent of image-guided surgical technology has revolutionized conventional surgical techniques by providing surgeons with an intricate view of almost all body parts that includes the lobe of a brain, the nasal cavities, and even the structure of vertebrae in the spine. Computer-assisted image-guidance technology is a development to be on the lookout that will work in concert with minimally invasive techniques and is found to be much more powerful and elegant than simple X-ray technology. This minimally invasive technique enables the surgeons to obtain three-dimensional models of a patient’s anatomy that appears on a computer screen with virtual representations of real surgical instruments. Surgeries can even be fore planned virtually on the computer before a patient is subjected to anesthesia.

This presentation intends to specifically cover the unique integration of emerging technological advances in computer-assisted image-guidance and intraoperative image-guidance systems that will bring about fewer traumas to normal tissues, push forward the healing times, minor incisions, equivalent or better relief from pain, and last of all hasten the patient’s normal recovery. Highlights of the PPT include: outline of the surgical concepts behind image-guided surgery and robotic-assisted surgery; viewpoint on surgical robots designed to address surgeon’s limitations; enabling computer-assisted technologies for minimally invasive surgery, and future trends for image-guided surgical interventions sector.

See Beyond “Simplifying Surgery” – Robust Image- Guided Product Line for a Variety of Surgical Indications. Prasanna Vadhana Kannan Research Analyst Healthcare 11/13/2008 Sourced By :

Agenda Image-Guided Surgery Outline Viewpoint on Surgical Robots Emerging Technology Advancements Technology Steering Forces and Challenging Factors Future Trends Analysis 2

Introduction Image analysis as well as tracking tools that support image-guided surgery in an operation room is enumerated below: • Hand-held Surgical Probe • Robotic-Assisted Remote Surgery/Telesurgery • Virtual Endoscopy • Remote Magnetic Navigation/Stereotaxis • Radiological Image Guidance Techniques Sourced By : Intuitive Surgical Inc. 3

Surgical Robots: Address Surgeon’s Limitations • Degree of Surgeon Interaction: A. Supervisory-Controlled B. Telesurgical C. Shared Control Systems • Features: A. Remote Access B. Exact Precision C. Compatible with Imaging Systems in Use. D. Extends Physicians Productivity E. Quick Installation Sourced By : F. Minimal Learning Curve for Staff 4

Applications Reconstructive Neurosurgery Orthopedic ENT Surgery Surgery Applications Revascularization Surgery Other Surgical Disciplines 5

Snapshot of Noteworthy Emerging Technologies Intuitive Surgical Inc. ----- latest generation da Vinci S surgical system. Hansen Medical Inc. ----- FDA cleared CoHesion 3D Visualization Module. PEAK Surgical Inc. ----- FDA approval for PEAK Surgery system. ROBODOC, a CUREXO technology firm ----- FDA cleared DigiMatch ROBODOC surgical system. MAKO Surgical Corporation ----- employed Solid Works 3D CAD software for designing Tactile Guidance System. Integra Radionics ---- Advanced XKnife system for brain and spine tumor treatments. 6

Novel Increased Innovations Visualization Boost Adoption Market Size and Broad Growth Applicability Technology Drivers Ergonomic Impact Benefits High Impact Medium Impact Low Impact 7

Delay in High Investment Integration Costs of IGS systems Compliance- Market Concerned Size and Issues Growth Technology Challenges Impact High Impact Dearth of Medium Impact Knowledge Resources Low Impact 8

Strategic Recommendations: IGS systems having Simplified Custom-Specific Product and Enhanced Development User-Interface options to be devised Key Strategies For Improvement More focused staff training to be offered Better Clinical Testing & Surveillance to be done 9

Convergence of surgical Surgical Robots positioning systems and robots will help spur novel products Growing Convergence Navigation Real-Time Increasing need of improvising surgical preoperative planning and equip the surgeon with an effective visual feedback offering image- guidance system. 10

Top Companies to Target Neurosurgery Orthopedic • Medtronic Inc. • Biomet Inc. • BrainLAB inc. • MAKO Surgical Corporation • St. Jude • Smith & Nephew plc • DePuy Orthopedics ENT Cardiovascular • Intuitive Surgical Inc. • Hansen Medical Inc. • Integra Radionics Inc. • Stereotaxis Inc. • Novadaq Technologies Inc. 11

Your Feedback is Important to Us What would you like to see from Frost & Sullivan? Growth Forecasts? Competitive Structure? Emerging Trends? Strategic Recommendations? Other? Please inform us by taking our survey. 12

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