Simple tips to save money on the moving day select the right time to move

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Information about Simple tips to save money on the moving day select the right time to move
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Published on February 19, 2014

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Moving requires both labor and money. While there are many companies offering moving services, there is still some work that you can do on your own. Doing little things like the ones mentioned above will help you save money on the moving day.

Simple tips to save money on the moving day - Select the right time to move Moving from one place to another is a very long and tedious process. However, proper planning and negotiation can help you save a lot of money on the shifting day. Mentioned below are a few tips to save money on the moving day. 1. Schedule your move on an off-season day – Yes, seasons do matter. Just as seasons change, the moving cost associated with them also changes. For example, moving during summer may really make your pockets light but doing the same during monsoon may cost you much less than what is normally expected. Also, moving at the beginning and end of each month will cost you a lot. Hence the idea is to select a middle date in any of the off season times and save up to 50% of your money than what would be incurred during the seasonal shifting. 2. Sell the old products – The best way to check if you require a particular product is to see if you have used it in the past 6 months. If not, then it is time to discard it either by selling it via any of the online stores or by giving it to someone you know. The more unused products you’ll be carrying with you, the more money you’ll spend in the relocation process. Therefore, it is essential to pack only the stuff that you use regularly and do away with the things you are not using. The meager money that you get out of selling your unused goods can be added to your moving budget. 3. Start packing yourself – You can always pack up the smaller items such as the DVD player or the mixer on your own and leave the large furniture such as beds and cabinets to the moving professionals. In this way, you are saving a lot of money in the process. 4. Gather packing materials from different sources – You can buy boxes from retailers at low costs as they have plenty of them in stock. Keep all your newspapers and magazines with you so that you can wrap the fragile items and other smaller things in them. You can also use dishtowels and other unused clothing for packing stuff inside boxes to keep them from moving incessantly. 5. Negotiate with the professional moving services – Though the moving service provider might tell you that the prices are fixed, it’s always better to

negotiate. Also, don’t rely on the cost given by them blindly. Instead, make a rough estimate of the cost and see if the price offered by them matches your calculation. You need to pay the entire sum only after cross checking with your price estimate. Keep the above tips in mind to save a few bucks on the moving day.

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