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Published on December 14, 2017

Author: edusmartskills


Simple Tips to Comprehend English : Simple Tips to Comprehend English Slide2: Effective Reading comprehension is not dependent on the number of books you read rather it’s about your understanding of what is written in those books. The reasons for lack of comprehension may be diverse such as insufficient vocabulary and slow reading speed. Slide3: Here are some tips as per our online English tutors through which you can enhance your reading comprehension with the least effort. Slide4: Stay Focused : In order to enhance your comprehension, you have to develop focus. This implies that you have to make time for this effort. This will give you a chance to concentrate without being interfered. Slide5: It is advocated by our online tutors of English language that you take this effort it earnestly, and stay away from any form of distraction. You should start off with a minimum of 30 minutes of reading each day. Bear in mind, the more you read, the faster you will progress. Slide6: Predict the conclusion: Before reading the entire story or book, we suggest generating a three column chart and make a list of what the reading will conclude based your understanding.  You can also research about the author and map your understanding of the content with what you have tried to conclude earlier. Slide7: This exercise is extensively used by our online English tutors in USA to help students build an analytical report on how your mind formulates an understanding, prior reading to it. Slide8: Break into summaries : At the end of each paragraph, write a synopsis in 1-2 lines before you move to the next one.  Another option before starting to read the content is to write a summary of 100 – 150 words that describes the author’s view of the content and its significance in his or her life. Slide9: Describe your reading to someone else: In your own words, describe what you have read and understood to a family member, friend or classmate. It is advocated that you do this at various intervals.  You can decide to use your reference notes, but make sure that you read out all in your own language . Slide10: Ask yourself questions: Another proven method is to ask yourself lot of questions in between different paragraphs or situations.  The more questions you ask about what you have read, the deeper understanding you will gain.  You can ask questions such as who is the speaker or what may the speaker be thinking. Slide11: This blog has been created as per our online English tutors in USA .  If you seek guidance of a LIVE instructor to help you improve your English reading comprehension, you may enrol in our English tuition online course . Slide12: To enrol in the “ Online English Tutor In USA ”, Contact us. +1(520)395-7714 /

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