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Published on January 7, 2009

Author: reyesk



Simple Past Tense : Simple Past Tense by Kristi Reyes Simple Past : Simple Past Any event, activity, or state that started and finished in the past Key words: yesterday … last … … ago Regular verbs work talk stay study Irregular verbs see have go drive Spelling Rules for Regular Verbs : Spelling Rules for Regular Verbs Most regular verbs, add –ed to change to past tense: walk listen need 1. close live 2. try dry hurry play? Rule 1: Final e, add d Rule 2: Final consonant + y, change y to i, + ed Spelling Rules for Regular Verbs : Spelling Rules for Regular Verbs 3. shop sob rain? fax? 4. prefer permit happen? Rule 3: One-syllable verb with a consonant + vowel + consonant as final three letters, double the final consonant + ed Rule 4: Two syllable verb with final consonant + vowel + consonant and the last syllable is stressed, double final consonant + ed Remember: Don’t double letters w, x, or y Online Practice : Online Practice Which spelling is correct? Pronunciation of -ed : Pronunciation of -ed Which is the correct pronunciation of the –ed in these regular verbs? Three different pronunciations of -ed 1. /t/ 2. /d/ 3. /id/ Pronunciaton rule: Final /t/ or /d/ before –ed, pronounce –ed as /id/ liked stayed helped looked rained assisted closed watched called decided painted wanted Pronunciation practice : Pronunciation practice Irregular Verbs : Irregular Verbs Need to memorize See handout Practice every day! To be : To be I am You are He is She is It is We are They are People Everyone I You He She It We They People Everyone PRESENT PAST Online Practice : Online Practice Practice 1 Unit 6 and now, writing practice … Questions and negatives in simple past tense : Questions and negatives in simple past tense Make these affirmative sentences into questions and negatives Sentence Question Negative I studied English. She worked yesterday. They took a vacation. He had a day off. I was absent last week. They were on break. It was a holiday. Questions and negatives in simple past tense : Questions and negatives in simple past tense Question formation: Did + subject + verb + ? Was / Were + subject + verb + ? Negation: Subject + did not (didn’t) + verb Subject + was / were not (wasn’t / weren’t) + … Practice : Practice Online Practice (optional): type in the questions and negatives Partner speaking practice Questions about past tense : Questions about past tense More practice to come … Inform the instructor if you would like additional practice!

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