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Published on September 25, 2014

Author: dianerchen



Powerpoint for the TENN-SHARE Datafest September 25, 2014.

simpl-E STEM Diane R. Chen Twitter: hcstemlibrary Facebook: dianerchen Hattie Cotton STEM Magnet Elem


Engineering Design Process View slide

STEM IS HANDS - ON View slide

All students need STEM

The 5 E’s Engage Explore Explain Extend Evaluate

Engage • Ask great questions • Inspire with illustrations and objects • Use storytelling to capture attention • Present or create a problem • Use whiteboards to introduce and have students write and participate • Build connections between what student knows & wants to know • Use realia • Have an event

Provide Science Magazines Scholastic Classroom Magazines like DynaMath, SuperScience, Science Spin for grades K-1, 2, 3-6, Math, Science World. SuperScience includes classroom codes for online resources, smartboards, worksheets, more

Magazines Appleseeds, Ask, Chickadee, Chirp, Cricket, Dig, Ladybug, Muse, National Geographic Little Kids, Odyssey, Owl, Ranger Rick, Ranger Rick Jr. , Reptiles, Spider, Yum Food & Fun, Zoomaf, Zoonooz, Zootles

Magazines for adults Popular Science, Discover, Consumer Reports (technology), NSTA

Explore • An essential part of every library activity • Hands-on Activities with guidance • Give opportunities for movement • Inquiry based • Interactivity • Safe zones • Reading!

My PLC: LM_NET Robert Joyce’s hit involving movement in the school library • Scavenger hunts • Use index cards for students to hold while alphabetizing themselves • Bean bags with the letters of the alphabet • Discovery learning through examining Dewey Decimal groupings of books

Explain • Teachers and librarians check for understanding and clear up misconceptions. • Conceptual clarity • Videos • Experts • Direct instruction and corrections • Peer learning

Extend Extend, Enhance, Enrich Publish Budding Scientist – an elementary school research journal http://vanderbilt.educ/cso/bsj.php

Great Lesson STEAM-Y STORYTIME: CONSTRUCTION! From Claudia Haines blog storytime-construction/ A fantastic public library lesson

Evaluate • An essential part that should force you to loop back to other parts of the cycle • Real Life Authentic Audiences • Identifying what is next to learn or study

Think Like a Scientist Think Like a Scientist Mini Bulletin Board Set $6.99

Free Stuff Engineering Is Elementary Engineering Adventures is a FREE curriculum created especially for kids in grades 3 – 5 in out-of-school time programs! Follow the adventurous duo India and Jacob around the world and solve real-life problems through the engineering design process. Engineering Everywhere is a FREE engineering curriculum for middle school-aged youth in afterschool and camp programs. EE empowers youth to tackle real-world engineering problems using the engineering design process, creativity, and collaboration.

Free stuff process.php Two key themes of the engineering design process are teamwork and design. Engineering is Elementary MA Science Standard 2.1 Grades 6-8 NASA Grades K-4 or Grades 5-12 Sally Ride Science - Engineering Design Process Poster Sally Ride Science - Rules of Brainstorming Design Squad (pdf) The Works: A Hands-On Museum (pdf)

Free Stuff LEGO club School Edition Toll-free 800-362-4308

Science Buddies *Teacher's Guide to Science Projects *Science Fair Project Grading Rubrics *Other Classroom Resources Science Projects mapped to NGSS Core Teaching Standards: Teachers Guide to Student Resources on Science Buddies: Printable Copies of our Science Fair Project Guide Webpages: *Scientific Method Classroom Poster: 36" x 20" classroom poster download the PDF or poster-sized version is available for purchase. Comparison of the Scientific Method and the Engineering Design Process: side-by-side comparison of the two methods, suitable for printing as a classroom poster.

Science Buddies buddiesprocess “Safer highways. Cool phone apps. Green buildings. Thrilling roller coasters.”

Bio-Rad PowerPoint Presentations for Workshops and for Teaching Grant Money — For Teachers in the U.S. Only

Great Books • 11 Experiments That Failed • Monkey with a Toolbelt • Papa’s Mechanical Fish • Norwood House Press A Great Idea: Engineering • IGGY PECK, ARCHITECT by Andrea Beaty • Marvelous Mattie by Emily Arnold McCully • What Floats in a Moat? • Coppernickel, The Invention by Wouter van Reek • Captain Arsenio: Inventions and (Mis)adventures in Flight by Pablo Bernasconi • Biographies! Girls Research! Amazing Tales of Female Scientists by Jennifer Phillips

Great Web Sources National Geographic Learning: Girls Start NEA’s list: html PBS ASCD’s list: NSF Graduate Fellows Live Binders

Pinterest Boards * activities-and-ideas/ * *

iPad apps Unblock Me and Unroll Me Sudoku Playground app to build bridges Mathstorm Kids count money USA

Ask the Publishers Every publisher online has links to STEM resources. Use their work to save you time to develop interactive stations in the library.

Examples from Publishers Enslow’s list of Mathematics Enslow’s list of STEM titles Follett’s link to STEM titles Capstone search STEM Gareth Stevens Millbrook (a Lerner imprint) Lerner STEM Trailblazer Bios

Books I am purchasing Bearport Publishing’s Science Slam titles like Rock-ology

AASL STEM task-force CHARGE: To gather, prepare and disseminate information on the school librarians role in STEM. FUNCTIONS: 1. Search AASL’s current resources to find existing STEM content and resources (eCOLLAB, KQ, ACHIEVE document). 2. Investigate collaboration with other STEM initiatives outside of ALA. 3. Create awareness within AASL of school librarian role in STEM 4. Develop a toolkit or other appropriate resources.

AASL STEM task-force by sue kowalski

Don’t forget these teacher resources are on my school web page Training Feb 17 2014; Research Skills and Using Videos with Ms Chen. Training sheet used with teachers

Get-Togethers / PLC Sometimes the best way to learn how to share STEM is to experience it. Come by and visit our STEM school. Plan a day to look at books. Contact me at

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