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Published on June 17, 2007

Author: Sabatini


Lost in Distraction:  Lost in Distraction Isabel Bastani-Vercosa Educ. 600C Fall 2005 Slide2:  His memories of school are clear. He was a 'problem' in class Disruptive Inattentive Distracted Incapable Defective His teachers defined him He was different from the others He was no good to be near. Slide3:  Why would nobody be near that child? About 4% of school-age children have ADD. Some of their characteristics are::  About 4% of school-age children have ADD. Some of their characteristics are: They have difficulty in listening to others without interrupting and/or being distracted; They have difficulty in waiting for their turn and to sustain attention; They have difficulty in staying seated when required to; They have difficulty following instructions and organizing tasks; They have a wide range of mood swings. Disruptive Distracted Defective Inattentive Incapable Slide5:  Inattention, Distraction Inadequacy in learning Lower grades, Low self-esteem Low motivation, mood swings Cycle of Poor School Achievement for Children with ADD Patience Dignity and Care Acceptance Love Slide6:  Dearest Teacher, I’m that child who never sits still and whom you’re always telling to be quiet. The problem is I understand everything before you’re finished and then things get boring. You tell my parents I can’t learn, but that is not true. When something grabs my attention, I learn easily. I’m not contesting your authority. I’m contesting your methods and strategies. Give me visual, give me hands on, give me time. Don’t just keep asking me for answers. Guide me to find them. I’m just not another student. I’m not different. I just learn differently than your traditional ways. Include me in your decision. When I can’t concentrate, please change the activity. Give me a game, music or even dance. But don’t yell at me . I know it can be frustrating, but have you ever thought of how I feel? Sincerely, An ADD student Slide7:  But who can help them? We can. But how can we help them? can implement intervention and modifications in the classroom that will address their needs.:  can implement intervention and modifications in the classroom that will address their needs. By strategically changing methods of instruction and evaluation; By managing the consequences for desirable and undesirable behavior. Teachers effective Slide9:  Managing Consequences Provide tasks that require an active response; Use audiovisual materials; Help students correct their own mistakes; Simplify directions; Use technology to assist instruction; Lower noise level; Make your classroom bright and colorful. Praise students immediately; Be sincere; Be short, firm and consistent if reprimand is necessary; Establish a mentoring or coaching system; Provide color-coded folders; Start a peer mediation program; Have an open communication with parents. Modifying Instruction and Evaluation Slide10:  But what if ADD was the norm? And there were no stereotypes? TOP 5 REASONS YOU MAY HAVE ADD:  TOP 5 REASONS YOU MAY HAVE ADD You are very creative; You don’t waste time focusing on boring things; You see out of the box; You can teach yourself at your own pace; You already forgot numbers 1-4 Slide12:  Slide13:  Annotated Bibliography Brown, T. (2000). Attention deficit disorders and comorbidities in children, adolescents, and adults. 1st ed. Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Press, Inc. (The book served as a source of academic information and data. Some of the information was really useful with a whole chapter on how to educate students with ADD) Knestrict, T. (2005). Memories from the 'other': lessons in connecting with students. Phi Delta Kappan, 86, 782-786. ( The article gave me a inside look at the educational life of a ADD child from his on point of view - from elementary school all the way to college) Weiss, G. (1993). Hyperactive children grown up. 2nd ed. New York: The Guilford Press. ( The book is full of information and statistical records. However, its content is more of a clinical research and it does not reach the topic of my project) Attention Deficit Disorder Association, (n.d.). Retrieved Dec. , 2005, from (The site gives good information on ADD and great links to ADD related issues) Google Images, (n.d.). Retrieved Dec. , 2005, from (A great source of photos, pictures, drawings, cartoons and also links to sites related to your search) United States Department of Education, (n.d.). Teaching children with attention. Retrieved Dec. , 2005, from (The site gives teachers, and non-teachers, practical instruction on how to conduct a classroom for children with ADD) Interviews: Cynthia W. and Sam R. spoke honestly about their growing up with the ADD label attached to their school records, and how stereotypes and lack of information affects the lives of school children and their parents. I also want to thank Nicolas G., my nephew how was the inspiration for this project.

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