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Published on October 13, 2007

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Math Jeopardy Similar Proportions Indirect Scale Random Figures Measurement Drawings $10 $10 $10 $10 $10 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $30 $30 $30 $30 $30 $40 $40 $40 $40 $40 $50 $50 $50 $50 $50

$10 Are they similar? 5 4 7.5 6 2 3

Question Yes

$20 Th e pa ra lle log ra m s b e low a re s im ila r, find x. 3 ft 4 ft x 3 ft

Question What is 2.25 ft ?

$30 Find x 1.2 cm 0.8 cm x 1.5 cm

Question What is 1 cm?

$40 In the figure below, find x 4 yd x 4 yd 6 yd

Question What is 3yd?

$50 Tell how you can determine whether two polygons are similar

Question What is: If two polygons have corresponding congruent angles and have sides that are in proportion

$10 Solving Proportions Answer Determine whether each 8 10 pair of ratios , form a 12 15 proportion:

Question What is Yes?

$20 Solving Proportions Answer Determine 0.2 0.5 whether , each pair of ratios form 0.6 1.5 a proportion:

Question What is YES?

$30 Solving Proportions Answer Evaluate: 120 24  b 60

Question What is 300?

$40 Solving Proportions Answer In a survey of 3,000 people, 41% listed speaking before a group as one of their biggest fears. How many people gave that response?

Question What is: 1230 people said that speaking in front of people is their biggest fear.

$50 Solving Proportions Answer The ratio of a person’s weight on the moon to his/her weight is 1 to 6. If a person weighs 126 pounds on Earth, how much would he/she weigh on the moon?

Question What is 21 lbs?

$10 Alma is 5 feet tall and casts a 7 foot shadow. At the same time, a tree casts a 17 ft shadow. Find the height of the tree.

Question What is 10 feet?

$20 Jenny is 5 feet tall and casts a 3 ft shadow. At the same time, a flagpole casts a 15 ft shadow. How tall is the flagpole?

Question What is 25 feet?

$30 Jill is 30 inches tall and casts a 1 foot shadow. At the same time, her dog casts a 9 inch shadow. How tall is Jill’s dog?

Question What is 22.5 inches?

$40 A photographer wants to enlarge a 4 by 6 in. picture. If he makes the new length 11in what should the width be?

Question What is 16.5 inches?

$50 From the shoreline, the ground slopes down under the water at a constant decline. If the water is 2 ft deep at a distance of 5 ft from the shore, how deep will it be 100 feet from the shore?

Question What is 40 ft?

$10 In a s c a le dra wing of a g ira ffe , th e g ira ffe is 8.5 inc h e s ta ll. If th e s c a le is 0.5 in = 1 ft, wh a t is th e g ira ffe ’s a c tua l h e ig h t?

Question What is 17 ft?

$20 If the actual distance between 2 airports is 500km and the distance on a map is 4cm, what is the scale for the map?

Question What is 1cm = 125 km?

$30 A dollhouse is being designed as a replica of a townhouse. The scale is 1 in = 12 in. If the actual house has dimensions of 25ft by 35ft, find the dimensions of the dollhouse.

Question What is 25in by 35in?

$40 An amoeba is pictured in a science book. If it is 2.4cm long in the picture and the scale is 200:1, find the actual size of the amoeba.

Question What is 0.012 cm?

$50 The distance between Little Rock and Memphis is 140 miles. If the scale on a map is 1 inch = 50 miles, find the distance between the two cities on the map.

Question What is 2.8 inches?

$10 Define Indirect Measurement

Question What is: a technique used when it is either too difficult or impossible to measure by direct methods?

$20 What is the difference between similar and congruent?

Question Congruent: same size and same angles Similar: same angles, sides are in proportion

$30 3 cds cost $29.97, how much do 5 cds cost?

Question What is 49.95?

$40 A mailbox casts a shadow 6.5 meters long, while a nearby tree casts a shadow 52 meters long. If the mailbox is 2 meters high, how tall is the tree?

Question What is 16 meters?

$50 A scale model of the statue of liberty is 10 inches high, If the statue of liberty is 305 ft. tall, find the scale of the model.

Question What is 10 in = 305 ft or 1:366?

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