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Published on February 19, 2008

Author: Arley33


Antarctic Artists and Writers Program:  Antarctic Artists and Writers Program Program Overview Kim Silverman, Program Officer August 21, 2006 Agenda:  Agenda Program Purpose and Objectives Historical View Moving Forward Researchers Interacting with Artists and Writers 2006/2007 Projects Program Purpose and Objectives:  Program Purpose and Objectives Purpose The purpose of the Antarctic Artists and Writers Program is to enable serious writings and works of art that exemplify the Antarctic heritage of humankind. Expand fundamental knowledge of the region, to foster research on global and regional problems of current scientific importance. Increase public understanding of the Antarctic region, including the continent and the surrounding oceans, as well as the associated research and education endeavors. Why? Antarctica’s unique geographical, political, and cultural characteristics are of intrinsic value and interest to the American public. A new perspective on Antarctic research and discovery. Historical View:  Historical View First of its kind Imitation is the highest form of flattery Other programs: Australia (1987), New Zealand, (1997), Great Britain (2002) Since its formal inception in 1992, through 2006: 444 Proposals Reviewed 60 Individual Artists and Writers Selected (through 2005) 15 Selected multiple times, including Barry Lopez, Writer (1987, 1989, 1991, 1992, 1998) Alan Campbell, Painter (1988, 1989, 1993, 2005) Neelon Crawford, Photographer (1989, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994) Stuart Klipper, Photographer (1989, 1992, 1994, 1999, 2000) Ann Hawthorne, Photographer (1990, 1996, 2003, 2005) Past Participants Antarctic Artists and Writers Program:  Past Participants Antarctic Artists and Writers Program Moving Forward:  Moving Forward New in 2006: Early career artists and writers who demonstrate promise, are encouraged to apply. For 2007/2008 field season, 72 proposals received and reviewed, a 58 percent increase over last year. Researchers Interacting with Artists/Writers:  Researchers Interacting with Artists/Writers How can artists and writers work best with researchers? Artists/Writers often make direct contact with scientists in the course of doing research for their projects Artists/Writers may request to observe or record your work in the field or on station. Artists/Writers are occasionally embedded as part of a research team. Researchers can work with an artist or writer to have a merit reviewed artists/writers project included as part of their broader impacts. Artists/Writers may request to be a member of a research team. Upcoming Projects 2006-2007 Field Season:  Upcoming Projects 2006-2007 Field Season For more information on the Antarctic Artists and Writers Program, visit: Anne Aghion, Filmmaker:  Anne Aghion, Filmmaker Project: Works and Days: An Antarctic Chronicle Work Plan: 16 Weeks in the McMurdo area --- on station and in Dry Valleys remote camp Winfly deployment 3 People: Director, Camera person, Sound person Science Groups: Terry Deshler and Dave Marchant Successes: 2005 Emmy Award: In Rwanda We Say… Lita Albuquerque, Earth Artist:  Lita Albuquerque, Earth Artist Project: South Pole Stellar Axis Work Plan: One week in McMurdo area Temporary Installation on sea ice 5 people: Artist, IT specialist, Astronomer (Dr. Simon Balm), project assistant, and documentary filmmaker. Successes: Numerous solo exhibitions, public art projects, media attention, and awards, including: Cairo Biennale Prize, Egypt National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship (3) Civitella Ranieri Foundation Fellowship , Italy Dove Bradshaw, Installation Artist:  Dove Bradshaw, Installation Artist Project: Six Continents, Sculptural installation Work Plan: Request of 100 lbs. of Antarctic Salt Will not Deploy Successes: Numerous solo and group exhibitions. Work is held by world acclaimed museums and private collections including: MOMA, NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art , NYC National Gallery of Art, DC Le Centre Pompidou, Paris Moderna Museet, Stockholm Xavier Cortada, Installation Artist:  Xavier Cortada, Installation Artist Project: ANTARCTICArt Message Mural Work Plan: 3-part project Antarctic Message Mural Longitudinal Message Mural Installation 150,000 Year Journey McMurdo with a turn around trip to the S. Pole, 2 people Successes: Commissioned artwork includes : The White House, The World Bank. Florida Capitol, HBO, Hershey's, Nike, Global Health Council, International AIDS Conf., Miami-Dade Co. Juvenile Courthouse, Miami Art Museum Werner Herzog, Filmmaker:  Werner Herzog, Filmmaker Project: Antarctica: The Inner Landscape Work Plan: 5 weeks in McMurdo Area 2 people, Director/Sound Recordist and Cinematographer Science groups: Phil Kyle, Sam Bowser, Doug MacAyeal Successes: Written, and directed more than 40 films, published more than a dozen books of prose, and directed as many operas. Films: more than 80 international awards, which include: Grizzly Man, Sloan Foundation Award (Sundance Film Festival) Best Director (Cannes Film Festival) Aguirre, The Wrath of God, considered by critics to be one the top 10 best movies of all time. David Ruth, Glass Sculptor:  David Ruth, Glass Sculptor Project: Antarctic Ice: Sculpture in Cast Glass Work Plan: 4 weeks at Palmer Accompany staff members in zodiacs to see and take molds of various ice formations. 2 people Successes: Numerous solo and group exhibitions. Work is held by world acclaimed museums and private collections including: Glasmuseum, Denmark Corning Museum of Glass, NY Oakland Musuem, CA Noto Jima Glass Museum, Japan

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