Silva Method: Exercising the Mind through Relaxation

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Information about Silva Method: Exercising the Mind through Relaxation
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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: MeditationTrainingAcademy



The Silva Method was developed by Jose Silva who believes in the power of relaxation in increasing a person’s IQ.

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The Silva Method was developed by Jose Silva who believes in the power of relaxation in increasing a person’s IQ. This method is also believed to increase a person’s higher thinking skills.

This type of meditation can help a person in different ways, all for the improvement of the person’s concept of his or her self, improvement of the person’s relationship with other people, and his or her perspective of life and everything in it.

Self Image

People are often at a loss for words when asked to describe themselves. The same thing happens when they are asked about their future plans, their biggest desires, and their darkest fears. Not many people know the answer as much as they are confident to disclose such information.

Having a clear image of one’s self is perhaps the hardest and the most important achievement of a person. Knowing one’s self will lead to a lot of open doors. Once they are certain about who they are, they will not have a hard time finding out what they want.

Clear Mind

A clear mind is another product of the Silva Method. This allows the person to figure out things easier. This also helps them to focus on one task. A lot of people are having a hard time to focus. In this day and age, there are a lot of things and gadgets that may be used to allow people to multi-task. However, more often than not, the result becomes unsatisfactory and obviously done hastily.

This is why some people need to learn how to focus on a task and give it their best before moving on to a new one. A clear mind will also help them make sound decisions and put everything into consideration before making a major decision. A clear mind also allows for wise quick judgment and decisio-making.

Overcoming Addiction

Silva Method also strengthens one’s will power. This is how people can overcome addiction such as alcoholism, nicotine and drug addiction, as well as gambling addiction among many others. It teaches people how they should and could be in charge of their own thinking instead of the other way around. It means mind over matter of the extreme sort.


A person who practices the Silva method of meditation owns positivity in his or her mind. With confidence, the person will be able to see the brighter side of things. They will also have the courage to try new things since they are not the type who would worry a lot. This will give them more opportunities to be successful in their goals or life in general.

Happiness, courage, and self-confidence are products of the Silva Meditation. These are things that can make people appreciate life better. These are all products of a person’s mind power.

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