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Information about Silky Terrier Customer Comments and Photos

Published on January 5, 2014

Author: Delayrekennel



These a real comments from my customers . This is a revised posting with new photos and comments

Customer Comments and Photos Silky Terriers

Winston Hello LeeWe just wanted to say hello and let you know that the wonderful little male Silky pup we got from you on March 5th is doing great! We named him "Winston" and he has quite a personality already! He's intelligent, fearless and feisty, is already learning some basic commands and loves to play with our Belgian Malinois. Thank you very much again for everything - we sincerely enjoyed meeting and talking with you and we'll definitely keep you updated on Winston's progress! We hope you'll enjoy the attached picture of him! All the best, Ali & David

Kai  Hi Lee! 12-12-12 puppy report. Kai is doing great! He is healthy, happy, a handsome little guy, and great cuddle bug. His training is going well and he has proven to be a smart, fast learning, fast running little bullet! He thought he could out run a few deer the other day and quickly learned chasing was much more fun. His friend Buck chases the horses he herds around the arena and Kai loves to sit and watch from the other side of the fence. Thank you for your expert breeding skills and puppies. I am blessed to have found your kennel and especially Kai!

Riley Marie Chesky and Rowdy Ace Dwyer  Happy Puppies, doing well, Rowdy got car sick and throw up a few times but fortunately we were prepared because Harley also would get car sick when he was a baby.  Riley barked for a while last night after a few hours she finally stopped and went to sleep.  They really like their play pen...feel happy and secure in it.  They are eating, drinking, and sleeping well.  Having fun with each other and their toys.  I am not going to get a damn thing done today.  Just so happy with them.  Arthur will be home with them all day everyday while the rest of us go to work....he will be able to handle it ok.  Will send more pics!  Fondly, Tina

Tucker   Sept 16 2013 Our sweet boy "Tucker" is doing great!  He started training a week after we got him & has mastered his week 2 obedience training...sit, lay down, stay & be nice!  We are getting better with house training, not quite there yet :). He has the best disposition...a real little lover boy.  We finally found a treat he likes, and will do "tricks" for them.  Karen & Michael Meyers

Playa      Hi Lee, We are the family that adopted Minnie on Monday.  Just wanted to update you on her progress, and ours.    She is doing really well.  She rode on my lap all the way home without a whimper, and was interested in looking out the window.  Daisy, our Westie, greeted her warmly and they have gotten along really well.  It turns out that Playa (formerly Minnie) loves toys as much as Daisy does, so they spend most of their day sneaking toys away from each other.  We are doing well on the potty training and Playa has gotten the idea of going outside to potty, although she has had a few mistakes.  We have a large enclosed patio area and Playa and Daisy do a lot of running around and exploring out there.  She is quite quiet, which we truly appreciate, because Daisy is a big barker, so I guess Playa is just letting Daisy do most of that type of work.  Playa does have a healthy bark when she wants, though.  She sleeps in a crate beside our bed at night and quiets right down.  We take her and Daisy out to potty usually about 4:30 and Playa always goes, and hasn't yet gone potty in her crate.  She is always thrilled to see us at 4:30 a.m. and runs like a streak of lightning through the yard, then comes back in and goes back to sleep.  We took her to our vet for a checkup and a rabies shot and he was happy with her condition.  He, too, recommends letting her go through her first heat before we spay her, so we will be doing that.  All in all, we are thrilled to have Playa a part of our family.  Thank you so much.  Will try to keep you updated. Sincerely, Gloria Peterson Hemet, CA 

Picachu  Thought you would enjoy this picture of Pikachu...she is now thirteen and a half.  This picture was taken a few years back on the 4th of July.  She is slowing down a bit now, but she is still the best family dog any family could ever want.  She saw our daughters through elementary school and they are in college Khia Silberkleit

Lil Boston Hi Lee, I thought we could add this to your photo album. Bos is 3 now and is very healthy and a good boy. He has a sister Skye and a Brother River and Grandma Daisy (all Yorkies). He has turned out to be such a pretty boy! Thanks again and if we ever want to add another to our family we will be back to see you. Best Wishes! Kym and Chris and the pupstars! "Bos, Riv, Skye and Daisy"

Benjamin Hi Dear Mrs. McTaggart, How are you? This Alex if you still remember me. I got from you boy Silky his name is Benjamin back in February. I just want to say hi and ask you if we could come with Benjamin to visit you. He is so lovely boy and I like him so much. Once again, thank you for the lovely baby I have from you. Best regards, Alex  

The Feder Boys I was just looking at your website after many years and I noticed that you have my dogs "The Feder Boys" still on your website. I just wanted to let you know that they are both alive and well and will be 16 years old on April 1st. Thank you for many wonderful and loving years. Debbie Feder

Fast Eddie Thank you for your email. I enjoyed it and found in very educational. Fast Eddie is doing fine. He is very stubborn though. He can learn any trick in a matter of minutes, but will not perform without treats. He is a definite "mama's boy" and a wonderful friend and jogging partner. Thank you again, Marie Kontos

Gracie  Lee The kids are doing great. Gracie has settled in well. Gracie rules the roost over Zubee. They both love running around the backyard Their own racetrack Have been able to get her to start peeing and pooping outside consistently (after some persuasion with treats ) Beth

Sydney Dickerson Baby and Adult  We love our "Sydney" She's a great agility dog and a VERY spunky terrier. We just had her ears shaved so she looks all grown up now

Sir Barrington of Warwick “Bear” DOB April 3, 2012 We love him. So Smart! I carried him in my tote bag when he was 4 months old. He likes the car. He has completed 5 training lessons and is signed up for 5 more .

Quigley “the Q” Sullivan  Dear Lee Hello, how are you? Wanted to write and let you know I am getting settled in my new home . My person always remembers to feed me and I enjoy playing with her . She is so happy when I make #2 outside and gives me a treat. When I mess up and do #1 in the house she seems disappointed I've seen my new Vet and gotten shots and vitamins . Also he told my person to brush my teeth which I don't like. Say hello to the gang for me . Take care Quigley aka The Q

Robbie Wheeler  Dear Lee We named him Robby and he's the love of my sister and me . Sis's husband died 3 weeks ago (unexpected) and Robby has helped get us both through some hard times. He's so loving and funny and cute etc. I'm so happy to have him Thank you Dolores Wheeler

Tippy O’Mally  Lee Am I beautiful of What!

Normand Lee Happy Holidays and Silky hugs love Normand and his crew

Tilly DeMarco  Parents Silver Lightning and Nantiki Princess, has a lot of "princess" in her. Born 5-26-03

Gracie Owen  Hi Lee, Gracie wanted us to send you greetings. She is so smart with a very sweet nature. It is so interesting when we put our calls on speaker phone she appears to recognize your voice. We trust everything is going satisfactorily with you. Pauline & Ernie Owen

Romeo Lee. Yesterday was Romeo’s Birthday. He’s 3. Such a good boy and a handsome man! He and Josie got new toys to mark the special occasion Patti

Syd Morlino Hi Lee, My name is Kristin Morlino and I bought a silky terrier pup I named Syd from you in 2002. She is the best friend anyone could ask for! She's super smart and so sweet. She and my 6 year old son Jacob are best friends! I wanted to thank you for breeding such a wonderful dog and tell you that she is VERY well taken care of and loved. Since getting her, I have moved to West Virginia and wanted to make sure you had my info in case, god forbid, something happens and they need to identify her through her microchip # 056781-515. I have also included a picture of my now 7 1/2 year old sweetie and her boy. Hope all is well! Thank you again for giving us our best friend! Kristin Morlino Morgantown, WV

Josephine What a delight J. is. We had a bit of snarling and adjusting (with our other Silky Fiona ) Saturday night but by Sunday all were running and playing together. . She has bonded with Ian . She follow him everywhere

Wiley Ito (17 in this photo) Lee I have been following all your FB posts, and I am so impressed by your dedication to your Silkies and Wire Foxes and the love you have for them and all animals. My Wiley is a testament to your integrity and love of the breed. When the time comes, we will be seeing you for a puppy descendent of Wiley

Leo Schipper  Dear Lee, My name is Vickie Schipper and almost 4 yr. ago my husband and I came to Delayre Kennels and found a dog that has been very wonderful in so many ways. Leo has made the cover of Silky Terriers 2011 and "Mr. March" for Brown Trout Publishing. The largest calendar publisher in the world. As well as being a fully trained and license service (medication alert and signal ) he is an active Therapy dog with Love on a Leash. I would love to send you a calendar and his bookmark + some nice pictures of him. If you would reply I will get those thing off you the same day! I so blessed to have found your great web sight and for you to have breed such great dogs! PA I have meet one of your dog in Carlsbad. The owners, and older couple stopped to talk and when I told them where Leo was from they were so surprised. They got a little female silky Terrier from you too. Well God bless you and the dogs that bring such love in to out lives. Sincerely,. Vickie

Matey  Dear Lee We want to thank you for allowing us to adopt our little "Matey" He is smart , alert and most curious. The first two days he missed his puppy friends and was afraid of the house and its sounds and all new large spaces . Then he discovered the "dog" in the mirror and learned to run upstairs to visit him . Matey has settled in now . He uses the doggie door, rides in the car without shivering, is learning to walk on a leash and LOVES the boat (engines and all ) He is a Joy

Madyson  This is my Madyson. My daughters and I got her from you 7 years ago today. Thank you for my girl, she is my heart. She is a precious angel and spoiled rotten and we couldn't possibly love her any more than we do. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Debbie Nicolai

Winston and Jazmin Here's my latest picture of my 2 beautiful pups, Winston and Jazmin, that I bought from Lee! I originally had the blonde beauty, Jazmin, and she wanted a off we went to Lee's and Jazmin picked out her own friend! It was a great experience!!! I have been dealing with Lee for over a decade, and recommended her to many of my friends and clients who want a fabulous dog! It is great to see the actual parents of the pups you choose right there!!! Go and get one now!!!

Maggie Marafino  This is Maggie she was born on 4/3/12. Dad was Delayre's Shot in the Dark and Mom was Delayre's Angelica. She is the sweetest silky I have owed yet!

Chloe  Hello Lee, I came to you three years ago this summer (this July!) and got my amazing little baby girl, Chloe. You knew her as Isis :) She has been the best thing to ever happen to me - as I write this, she is snuggled on the couch sleeping after a hard day of hanging out with Mom! She has traveled all over the US with me and manages to win over the hearts of anyone and everyone that comes in contact with her. She truly is a special little girl. I just wanted to let you know she was doing well and is still bringing love and light to the person who picked her up that hot July afternoon in 2008....Thank you for my Chloe. She is my heart!!

Macy  Hi Lee, Macy is quite the little energy ball these days. She is just the sweetest little girl. She loves everyone she meets. There isn't a walk long enough to tire her out. She is 8.5 pounds of action all day and a sleeping snuggler at night. Will probably be looking for a sister for her in the coming months. She needs a playmate to channel her energy. Also,  Favorite spot..looking out the window Ginger Joyce

Buddy  Hi Lee, wanted to share this picture of Buddy turning 7 yesterday :) He is such a great companion and loved by all.

Rocket Man Hi Lee, It's been 8 years since I found "Rocketman (Rocky)" at your Kennel. What a love !!! Although when I first held him he was so scared, but after getting him home through all those winding roads up to Lake Arrowhead, he settled in and has had a great life. He started out in Lake Arrowhead, Ca, moved to Rancho Mirage, Ca., then on to Las Vegas. His final destination is in true Paradise. Big Island of Hawaii, Kailua-Kona. What a wonderful companion. Great traveler. He loves other dogs. He is a peace maker to some of the nastiest dogs encountered. The owners are amazed. So obedient. Soooo socially correct he makes me laugh. I never taught him to be so polite he naturally came that way. Great guard dog, and so many other great qualities they would fill a page. He has been very healthy all his life. Only ongoing problem is his ear battle with yeast due to his ears not standing up. But he knows his daily routine and knows "mom" makes him feel better. That's a small price to pay for such a great companion and beautiful Silky. His life is filled with love, play, his beloved neighbor dog "Lelani", who he pines away for !!! I am sending you some pictures. Hope you enjoy seeing him all grown up. Thanking you again for bringing Rocketman into my life. Aloha, Susan Watson-Port (never got the photos)

In conclusion   The photos and comments are from real people. The photos and comments are on file at my kennel From time to time I will be updating with more photos Please to feel free to check out my web site or e mail me at

About Delayre Kennel         Member of the Canine Ambassador Program with Orange Empire Dog Club. Educating people in the joy canines bring into our lives through their relationship, interaction, and unconditional love. Pet Professional specializing in the training of puppies in Sun Valley since 1974 . Breeder of Silky Terriers and Wire Fox Terriers My boarding, training and breeding kennel was awarded Small Business of the Year 2000 I have owned and/or bred 21 Conformation Champions including 6 International Champions Member and former Vice President of the City of Angels Silky Terrier Club Past President of Sun Valley Chamber of Commerce Have also served on the boards of Associated Terrier Breeders, Animal Safe Haven Foundation, United Chambers of Commerce

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