Signs You're Offering Too Many Services, Part 1

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Information about Signs You're Offering Too Many Services, Part 1

Published on January 16, 2016

Author: ServiceAutopilot


1. Signs You’re Offering Too Many Services Part 1

2. Offering too many services can be one of the most dangerous things you can do at a field service company! Learn more about the signs you might be doing this.

3. Learn more about the experiment here. Scientific tests have proven that offering fewer options actually tends to make customers purchase more.

4. So how do you tell if YOU are offering too many services?

5. 1. You don’t know how much each service costs

6. To make a new service profitable, you must calculate exactly how much it will cost you to perform. Job Costing is the only way to guarantee that you are charging the right amount for your services.

7. It’s not just about knowing what you’re charging for a service.

8. If you don’t know the cost, you risk LOSING money as you sell more!

9. Stop performing ALL services that you don’t know what they cost until you do, and confirm you are profiting on them. Learn whether you REALLY need to offer that new service.

10. 2. You don’t know how long the next job will take.

11. If it is not a service you perform regularly, you probably didn’t estimate how long it will take properly

12. It always takes longer to do tasks you are unfamiliar with.

13. You’re more likely to lose money on the services you don’t know how to do, so think about cutting those services out altogether. Learn how to properly scale and grow a lawn care business.

14. There’s no point in selling a hundred different services to your customers if you are not ready to handle each of them.

15. 3. Clients are always disappointed or upset with you.

16. It seems like you’re never meeting your clients’ expectations • You killed their grass • Vacuumed up a necklace • Left ice on the sidewalk • Forgot to tighten a pipe properly It doesn’t really matter how, you messed up.

17. If you’re lucky they’ll just let you repair it, but you’ve probably lost their future business.

18. If you’re unlucky, they’ll also badmouth you to all of their neighbors.

19. AND leave a terrible review online.

20. If you keep messing up job after job, cut back to your core services and work on doing them really well.

21. 4. Your marketing efforts get poor responses.

22. Don’t feel you have to offer hundreds of services just because your competitors do.

23. Tons of services does NOT mean they are making money!

24. Promote your key, money-making services, at which you excel

25. Get testimonials from your clients to prove you do these services better than anyone else.

26. Remember, fewer services, done well, make more money than multiple services done poorly.

27. Service Autopilot can help effectively determine the cost of your jobs.

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