Signs it May be Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner

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Information about Signs it May be Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner

Published on March 25, 2019

Author: adairlegal02


slide 1: Signs it May be Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner Spring is just around the corner and summer won ’t be far behind. In Florida spring and summer bring temperatures worthy of turning on the AC. With that said waiting until indoor temperatures climb past 90° isn ’t the time to find out that your air conditioner needs to be replaced. Instead check out the list below for signs that an AC should be replaced and see which one your air conditioner shows. Old Age The average lifespan for people is 79 years the average lifespan for air conditioners is only about 12. With that being the case you ’ll go through around seven air conditioners in your lifetime. Most ACs will last at least 10 years and some as long as 15 years. However if your AC is giving you any trouble and it ’s between 10 and 15 years old it ’s best to have it replaced. Excessive Repairs or Repair Costs slide 2: One of the funny things about mechanical equipment is that it ’s often more cost effective to replace than to repair it. If your AC requires repairs but those repairs are going to cost more than half the price of a new AC in Bradenton buy the new one. Similarly if your air conditioner has required more than a few small or major repairs within the last two years have it replaced with a new unit. Outrageous Energy Bills Air conditioners use a lot of energy to keep your home comfortable especially older models. If your AC is older can ’t keep indoor temperatures cool or spends a lot of time running to keep your home cool it ’s not energy efficient. In turn low energy efficiency equates to high energy bills. Replacing your inefficient AC with a high-efficiency one will cost money up front but will save you even more money down the road. Inconsistent Temperatures Your air conditioner ’s primary purpose is to keep the temperatures in your home comfortably cool and to do so consistently. If your AC is sporadically keeping your house cool it could be suffering from any number of mechanical problems. In most cases inconsistent temperatures mean your AC is on its way out sooner rather than later and should be replaced. slide 3: If anything on this list reminds you of your AC get it replaced. Don ’t wait until hot temperatures hit you to replace your AC. Replacing your air conditioner early in the year means more flexible schedule and greater deals.

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