Significance of Extracurricular Activities for your child's growth- MI

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Information about Significance of Extracurricular Activities for your child's growth- MI

Published on January 21, 2019

Author: mitgurukuleducation


Slide2: Accreditation and Affiliation Significance of Extracurricular Activities for your Child's Growth : Significance of Extracurricular Activities for your Child's Growth According to a well-known saying “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. This saying holds significance in molding a child into a well-balanced individual. Yes, extracurricular activities are known for the holistic development of the child. However, children nowadays are so much prone to the pressure of academic excellence that they lose interest in enrichment activities. Slide4: Since this is the era of cutthroat competition, so everyone gives sole impetus to academics. The prime focus is on securing high grades as that is considered as the entry ticket to top colleges and universities. Thus, parents rarely encourage children to indulge in different activities or to pursue their passion. Slide5: Though result-oriented pedagogy forms the crux of the school’s ambience as it equips the child with the requisite knowledge, but extracurricular activities hold magnitude in child’s development as they inculcate life skills. Below are five points that accentuate the importance of extracurricular activities: 1.Extracurricular activities give a refreshing break to the child Slide6: Concentration is the key to excel in academics. However, a child cannot maintain a steady concentration for prolong period. He/she needs a break to restore the ability to concentrate and to retain knowledge. Furthermore, sole focus on academics leads to boredom and may even burden the child. Here, extracurricular activities come into play. The activities act as a breather for the children and give them the much-needed break from the monotonous schedule. Slide7: 2.Enhances the critical and creative thinking The extracurricular activities expose the child to different real-life challenges. So, a child thinks of relevant solutions which in turn, enhances the critical thinking ability of the child. In fact, extracurricular activities allow the child to apply classroom learning in the real world. It motivates the child to carefully analyze the situation and then think of suitable solutions. Slide8: 3.Develops the social skills Socializing is imperative for the progress of both personal and professional life. However, bookish knowledge alone cannot facilitate the child to master this art. That’s where extracurricular activities hold significance. While indulging in activities, a child gets an opportunity to meet like-minded people and to build a bond with them. Furthermore, a child is exposed to diverse cultures, ethnicity, religion, perception and lifestyle. In this way, he/she learns to understand and value others. These activities even teach a child to work in a team. Slide9: 4.Boosts confidence When a child receives appreciation for other activities along with academics, then it uplifts the mood of the child and even elevates his/her self-esteem. It gives the much-needed confidence to the child to face the challenges of the real world. MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul: MIT Vishwashanti G urukul The curriculum followed in the school includes : IB Primary Years Programme IB-PYP IB Middle Years Programme IB-MYP IB Diploma Programme Conclusion: Conclusion MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul offers the facility of boarding where the students are molded according to Indian ethos while following the international standards of learning. Its value based education system and homely ambiance with excellent accommodation facilities make it the  top international boarding school in Pune . Slide12: THANK YOU

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