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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: hegs_sidecar


You’re in the driver’s seat. Set your own prices, create your own rider network, make more money.

Riders now choose the specific ride that they want. For each ride request, Riders are shown a list of options that vary by vehicle, driver, ETA and price. They can browse through various drivers and sort by price, pick-up time and recommended drivers. Move up the recommended list by acquiring favorites, maintaining a high acceptance rate and increasing your awesome rating. Riders’ choice

Drivers set their Minimum Price and never see a ride request under that amount. Set your own Price Multiplier, which adjusts the Sidecar recommended payment based on your preference. Ride demand off the charts? Move it up. Want to build your Rider network? Move it down. Have a sweet car or fun experience? Move it up. Driving at a slow time? Move it down. What to charge a fixed fee? NO PROBLEM! Set your own price

Make more money. Get more rides. Get favorited by Riders to increase the number of requests you see. Favorited drivers move up the recommended list, making you more likely to get requests from those Riders. With auto-favoriting, every Rider you recruit is now connected to you. Each time a Rider you referred to Sidecar rides with you, you’ll get 100% of the payment! Build a Network of Local Riders

Use your Driver App Settings to match only the rides you want. Know both the pick-up and destination before you accept the ride. Set your Pickup Radius to the maximum distance you want to drive to pick up a Sidecar Rider. Never want to driver more than 10 minutes for another ride request? No problem. Use your drop-off filter when you only want to drive in a certain direction. Headed home and only want requests in the same direction? Enjoy a certain part of town? With Sidecar, you choose the direction of your rides. Drive whenever, wherever

With Sidecar, you have the freedom to provide the experience you want. Use your car photo and Bumper sticker to message Riders why they should choose you. Have a new or unique car? Let Riders know. Improve your demand by doing something special and giving riders an amazing experience. Offer amenities like water or donuts, or setting up an in-car Karaoke system. Use #Tags: #newcar, #seats6, #luxuryride, #freshcookies, #quietdriver, #lovetotalk. Or tell riders about yourself: “I am French and can give you tips about your next trip to Paris.” Be yourself, get creative!

With so many filters to customize your experience, here are some easy filter presets you can use when driving around town. Set your filters and drive to Sidecar Swarm areas to make the most out of your ride. This preset is for Drivers who drive for multiple ridesharing services simultaneously. Heading to work? Or going shopping? Grab a Rider on the way to your destination. Going on a longer trip? Use the presets below to get a ride that helps you pay for gas. Have time before work? Get a ride with the helpofyourPickupRadiusandPriceMultiplier. Suggested Filter Presets Peak Times Background Mode Fixed-price Commute Long Rides Morning Rush Hour Disabled Disabled 1 mile around your destination Around the airport Disabled 0.5 miles 1 mile 10 miles 10 miles 2 miles $8 (Default) $8 $15 $8 (Default) $8 (Default) Just below competitors Surge rates Default 0x 0.8x Adjust until you get a request Dropoff AreaPickup Radius Price MultiplierMinimum Price

Check your welcome driver email from Sidecar, it should contain a unique promo code. Having trouble finding your code? Email Share this code with friends, family, co- workers and more on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or email. Get creative! Here are some ideas to recruit new riders: • Deliver cards & cupcakes to local businesses • Flyer your neighborhood & transit stops; post at your local cafe • Hand out cards at your school, church, club meeting, soccer team, etc. • Ask friends to promote you at their bars, clubs, cafes Promote on social media When a rider you invited opens Sidecar and you are nearby, they are more likely to see you as the top option, even if others are closer or higher ranked If you are recruiting riders in a geography with few drivers, you are at the top of your rider’s list • Make money. Get more rides. Each time a rider you’ve referred to Sidecar rides with you, you’ll get 100% of the payment! Driven by you Set your price, build your network, and spread your code For more details on the new Sidecar, please visit

Sidecar 101 Learn how to use your settings and change your account

1) Tap on the ‘Settings’ drawer at the bottom 2) Dive into the ‘Price Multiplier’ setting 3) Scroll to set your desired multiplier 4) That’s it! Go back and start driving. Edit your price multiplier

1) Tap on the ‘Settings’ drawer at the bottom 2) Dive into the ‘Minimum Price’ setting 3) Scroll to set your desired minimum price 4) You’re all set! Set a minimum price

1) Go to your account from the menu 2) Tap on the Pencil icon next to your name 3) Select “Edit Message” 4) Add or change your bumper sticker Update your bumper sticker

1) Go to your account from the menu 2) Tap on the Pencil icon next to your name 3) Select “Edit Message” 4) Add or change your bumper sticker Update your photos

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