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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: hegs_sidecar


Simply a better way to get around

Driver Handbook We believe we’re on this planet to make it better. Our vision is to make transportation smarter, cleaner, and more connected. Just because we’ve inherited a world filled with cars, pollution and frustrated people stuck alone in traffic doesn’t mean we should accept it. We see a different future. ! The solution starts with an idea. It becomes a reality with you. Thank you for joining us. Welcome to the Sidecar Driver community

Driver Handbook We’re growing really fast, but will grow even faster with your help. Spread the word about Sidecar and you’ll always have passengers to pick up. ! There’s no bad way to spread the word about Sidecar. You’ve even got your own promo code to share and earn extra $$$ along the way! Hint: check your email for all the info you need to put more money in your pocket ! Not only are you making money by encouraging your friends to use Sidecar, you’re also ensuring that there will always be passengers around town to keep you busy. Help us spread the word!

Driver Handbook We’re all about flexibility and choice. You choose when you drive. You choose who you drive, and see both the pick up and drop off locations of the ride. Have free time and extra seats in your car? Turn on the Sidecar app and share a ride! ! You can have your app and accept rides while you’re hanging out in your apartment, reading at Starbucks, running errands, commuting, etc. As long as you’re ready to rock and rideshare within a few moments, log on! ! The more often you go online and drive, the quicker our beautiful community grows with more shared rides for everyone. Drive whenever. As a rule of thumb, it’s always busy, especially on the weekend evenings!

Driver Handbook 1. Slip one MOX onto each mirror and double check to ensure the Sidecar logo is upright. 2. Tighten the elastic cords until the MOX are safely secured. 3. If you feel your MOX need additional security, attach the plastic clamps (included). 4. Double check that you have full visibility in each mirror before driving. Rock your MOX!

Driver Handbook Questions about banking? Vehicle documents? Check out the in-app Support Center. Use your account to highlight just how awesome you really are. Take a great photo of your car and show riders your great car. Riders will be able to see your car photo along with your Driver Activity in the passenger app when they’re choosing a driver Your Account

Driver Handbook Don’t want to drive across the city or just want a drop off close to work? No problem. Using your ride filters, like Pickup Radius and Dropoff Area, you can tailor trips to your life. You’re in the driver seat.

Driver Handbook Driver App Our driver app is designed with you in mind. Sharing your ride is easy! Here’s how it works: 1. Go online 2. See (and hear!) ride requests. 3. Accept the ride, confirm, and pickup! 4. Greet, connect, and drive safely. 5. Dropoff, close out, and rate. Click here! Donation Pickup & dropoff location Your distance to rider Rider name & rating Call rider to confirm! Get directions here. HINT: Use WAZE! Get directions to dropoff Distance to dropoff Click here! Rate rider out of 5 stars!

Driver Handbook Safety & Standards Basic requirements: 1. Use a dashboard mount — for hands-free and safer driving. 2. Keep your car clean. 3. Be friendly. 4. Have the front seat available. ! Keep your account in good standing. It’s easy, we promise. Your ratings and driver stats are a reflection of who you are. Take pride in your status as a great driver in the community! ! Our expectations are simple, and we take 
 them seriously. 1. Maintain a positive rating from riders.* 2. Maintain an acceptance rate above 50%. 3. Avoid the No-Nos listed below and in the Terms 
 of Service: • Disruptive behavior. • Smoking in the vehicle. • Inappropriate language/cursing. • Violence or threats. • Weapons of any type. • Use of illegal substances or abuse of prescription medicines and over-the-counter medicines. • Consuming or possessing alcoholic beverages. • Texting or talking on the phone while driving. We have high standards. We require our community to maintain high standards. Drivers must keep their driving record and car in tip-top shape, must accept feedback in a positive manner. Riders must be respectful, punctual, and dependable community members. Drivers and riders rate one another and people with low ratings are removed from the Sidecar community. ! We value safety. 1. Every ride is GPS tracked. We record your trip location details and our support team monitors rides as they happen. 2. Our support line is always just a tap away within the app. We’re available by phone for urgent issues and via email for feedback and general assistance. 3. The entire experience is cashless. All donations are made through the app and are based on a suggested donation. Never accept cash.

Driver Handbook It’s all about Community. ! 1. Connect. Make a real connection with your rider — fist bump, high five, hand shake — whatever feels authentic to you. 2. Let your personality shine! Offer a unique twist –– basic passenger needs that you’d love as a rider! Think bottled water, snacks, phone chargers 3. Share your experiences! Having a great time? Making extra dough? Share your stories, your adventures, your pics, and your love for the #SidecarFAM with us at @sidecar! Create an amazing experience! ! Make your riders feel good, and you’ll feel great. We’re all in this business of pioneering transportation, and it’s just more fun when we’re at it together. Little touches make all the difference. Let your personality shine!

Ride on. You’re now ready to log online and give rides! Remember, the more often you go online, the more likely you are to get rides. Share your unique code with all the awesome people in your life and let’s build this network! Now, buckle up, hit the road, and start ridesharing!

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