Side Reclining Pose - Anantasana

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Information about Side Reclining Pose - Anantasana

Published on February 15, 2014

Author: alicesm78


Side reclining pose - anantasana: Side reclining pose - anantasana Side reclining pose or sleeping Vishnu pose is an easy pose but requires strengths, flexibility and balance to achieve the final pose. It mainly focus on the pelvic area. Incorporate this asana into your daily routine to tone the abdominal muscles. Benefits : Increases blood circulation in the legs Improve body balance Develops pelvic region Tones abdominal muscles Helps to stretch hamstring and calves Side reclining pose - anantasana: Side reclining pose - anantasana Duration for holding the pose Hold the pose for 10 to 15 second at the starting, gradually increase to 1 minute. Repeat twice on both the sides. Precautions : Avoid doing the pose if you have headache or diarrhea. People with shoulder, neck or wrist injuries should modify the pose with the help of instructor to avoid any further pain. If you have any issues or problems while doing the pose, talk to your doctor before attempting the pose. Side reclining pose - anantasana: Side reclining pose - anantasana Regular practice of the pose can help your body, mind and spirit stay healthy and balanced. Read steps, health benefits, precautions and modifications to side reclining pose at yoga tips

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