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Published on November 21, 2007

Author: Rosalie


SIBERIAN CHAGA:  SIBERIAN CHAGA Pacifex Investment Ltd for Natural Products Expo Asia 2003 MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS: Healing Abilities of an Ancient Remedy:  MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS: Healing Abilities of an Ancient Remedy For thousands of years, revered throughout world esp. China and Japan as folk medicine Documented in Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing in 100 B.C. as the “King of the Herbs”. In Russian folklore, Chaga used since the 16th Century For past 40 years, modern scientific studies demonstrate proven pharmacological effects for the immune, hormonal and central nervous system. A few drugs developed ie. specifically beta glucans for cancer and immunity system MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS: Considered the Third Kingdom:  MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS: Considered the Third Kingdom Neither plant or animal yet its DNA make-up (30%) is closer to humans than plants Valued throughout Asia and Europe as both a health food and as a medicine According to TCM, medicinal mushrooms improve health, preserve youth and increase longevity and boost “Chi”, or life energy But the biochemistry of these mushrooms are complex and far from being thoroughly studied. About 200 species with anti tumor and anti immunity properties, the most famous being Ganoderma Lucidum, known as Lingzhi in China or Reishi in Japan MED MUSHROOMS: King of the Herbs:  MED MUSHROOMS: King of the Herbs Estimated 140,000 types of mushrooms and fungi, ie penicillin mold is one 38,000 are mushroom species including 200 of demonstrated medicinal value 75 species being in China; But just a few defined as truly “Superior”; Scientifically coined as: edible higher “Basidiomycetes” mushrooms “The greatest success of the pharma industry in the 20th century … antibiotics… came from molds, closely related” yet surprisingly med mushrooms are used mainly as supplements BASIDIOMYCETES MUSHROOMS (approx 200 types with medicinal value):  BASIDIOMYCETES MUSHROOMS (approx 200 types with medicinal value) MOST COMMON SPECIES Inonotus Obliquus (Siberian Chaga) Agaricus blazei Murill Ganoderma lucidum (Lingzhi / Reishi) Lentinus edodes Cordyceps sinensis Grifola frondosa Hericium erinaceus Cor. Versicolor (Yunzhi) Tremella fuciformis Phellinus linteus Hericium erinaceus SMORGASBORD MED VALUE Immunity enhancer Anti cancer/anti tumor Anti viral/bacterial Lowers cholesterol Liver, kidney, lungs Cardiovascular Blood sugar/diabetes Chemotherapy adjunct Stomach/gastric system Candida albicans Hepatitis and HIV Nerve tonic/stress Melanoma / skin care MODERN SCIENTIFIC STUDIES:  MODERN SCIENTIFIC STUDIES Over 1600 Research Studies In vivo & in vitro studies over past 40 years, incl cancer research, immune deficiencies diabetes HIV hormonal imbalances Over 40 Cancer drugs extracted such as AHCC, Lentinan (shiitake) PSK (Yunzhi), Schizophyllan, D-fraction, Reishi (mannentake), Betulin (Siberian Chaga) and others Siber Chaga Studies Include Cancer research: breast, lung, stomach,melanoma Pulmonary, diabetes, rectum, ulcers, TB, liver; cardiovascular-related; Leukemia, SOD, HIV Supportive clinical result: 85% and 78% reduction on lung and breast carcinoma, respectively; 89.9% erythrocytes in bone marrow THE MAGIC OF MUSHROOMS:  THE MAGIC OF MUSHROOMS Agaricus blazei murill: Founded in Brasil to protect immune system. Popular in Japan for cancer, lower cholesterol & blood pressure Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) Called Lingzhi & widely researched. For immune, cardiovascular. 200 Ganoderma species Maitake (Grifola frondosa): Indigenous to Japan. D-fraction approved for clinical phases in 1998 by FDA Shiitake (Lentinus edodes): extracts approved 1985 by FDA in Japan for anti cancer. Cordyceps sinensis: Found 12000 ft above sea level in China & Nepal. For stamina, endurance and sex drive. Tremella fuciformis: More than 70% dietary fiber for skin & weight control. Coriolus versicolor: Known as kawaratake or Yunzhi. PSK approved for cancer in Japan & China HOW CAN A SINGLE PRODUCT HAVE SO MANY HEALTH BENEFITS?:  HOW CAN A SINGLE PRODUCT HAVE SO MANY HEALTH BENEFITS? Assess the Nutritional Value of Medicinal Mushrooms, in particular Siberian Chaga Evaluate the Active chemical compounds and how they affect the immune, hormonal and central nervous system Cite Siberian Chaga case study examples Just as there are many medicinal mushrooms to contribute to immunity protection, “which one is best for me” is a question frequently asked NUTRITIONAL VALUE OF MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS APPEAR SIMILAR:  NUTRITIONAL VALUE OF MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS APPEAR SIMILAR Generally rich in minerals such as Vitamin B1, B2 and B3 and many Amino Acids. Contains Ergosterol (Vitamin D2) which is not found in vegetables. High in dietary fibers, low calories Medicinal mushrooms contain a complex “cocktail” of immune-activating compounds Beta glucans are the COMMON compounds: considered complex carbohydrates or polysaccharides. Also in algae, yeast, oats Immunity effectiveness inter-linked to protein/amino acid complexes and heteroglucans, sterols, triterpenes, SOD, Saponins and other trace minerals CHEMICAL / NUTRITIONAL VALUES DIFFICULT TO DIFFERENTIATE:  CHEMICAL / NUTRITIONAL VALUES DIFFICULT TO DIFFERENTIATE Based on records of Assays: (per 100 grams) Components Sib Chaga Agaricus Linghzi Protein g 2.3 43 8-12 Diet Fiber g 58.2 6.1 17-20 Fat/Lipid g 1.7 3.9 1.9 Cellulose .. Saccharide g 19.3 <41.5 54-56 Beta Glucan g <13 9.3 1.2-6.2 Vitamins (mg): .. Ergosterol, Thiamin (B1) Riboflavin (B2) Niacin (B3) Trace Minerals: Ca K P Zn Cu Mg Cl Mn Se Si Fe Na Sterols, Triterpenes, Amino Acids Glycosides SOD (anti oxid Sib Chaga contains 215 phytonutrients; Lingzhi 180 or so MED MUSHROOMS ARE IMMUNITY STIMULATORS & ADAPTOGENS:  MED MUSHROOMS ARE IMMUNITY STIMULATORS & ADAPTOGENS Modern scientific research demonstrate that beta glucans are largely responsible for warding off tumors, cardiovascular, immune deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases Several beta glucans extracted for cancer therapy Medicinal mushrooms are biologically described as “adaptogens”, or as natural-plant derived agents that Cause no harm on the body Stimulate the nervous, hormonal & immune system Exert non specific regulatory functions i.e. blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, respiratory, hormonal glands, inflammatory joints, etc In ancient TCM, Med. Mushrooms considered the elixir of life providing equilibrium or “Yin/Yang” HOW BETA GLUCANS FUNCTION:  HOW BETA GLUCANS FUNCTION Beta Glucans and complex proteins do not attack virus, bacteria, cancer cells directly. Instead “sets off alarm” to activate different immune systems to bring out defensive weapons. Such as macrophage cells including T cells, B cells, natural killer cells. Then activating antibodies custom formulated to fight specific invaders. CLINICAL TRIALS PROVE: Prevention of oncogenesis Direct anti tumor activity Synergy with chemotherapy Prevents tumor metastasis Host of Beta Glucans: Over 17 in Agaricus blazei 29 in Inonotus Obliquus 57 in Grifola frondosa 45 in Ganoderma tsugae 15 in Hericium erinaceus MOST POWERFUL INGREDIENT: Beta-1, 3-D GLUCAN:  MOST POWERFUL INGREDIENT: Beta-1, 3-D GLUCAN Mushroom cell walls contain a multiple number of beta glucans that are interlinked to proteins, amino acids, anti oxidants etc. Siberian Chaga has 29 beta factions Alpha & Beta Glucans are complex carbohydrates or commonly known as polysaccharides. Their structural interaction, molecular weight and effects on cellular immunity makes them difficult to isolate, research and apply under the modern medicine philosophy of “One disease, one chemical compound” However all effective med mushrooms MUST HAVE the 1,3-D beta glucan structure for proper immune function. Different mushrooms have different molecular weights, water solubility and ability to permeate the stomach walls after oral ingestion. SIBERIAN CHAGA:  SIBERIAN CHAGA Used as folk medicine since 16th Century in Russia and East Europe Modern research confirm efficacy as anti-tumor anti-viral, anti-parasitic CHAGA FACT SHEET:  CHAGA FACT SHEET Woody fungus, with black deeply scarred outer surface resembling burnt charcoal & brown inner layer Cell membrane walls very very hard, similar to spores of Lingzhi variety. Naturally grown in Siberia. Best quality from black birch trees. White birch trees prevalent in Hokkaido, N Canada, Finland Approved by Russian Medical Research Council and Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in Japan and Korea. Classified under WTO Tariff Code as medicinal mushroom fungi MANY VARIETIES OF S. CHAGA:  MANY VARIETIES OF S. CHAGA Over 10,000 fuscoporia obliqua, but only 2-3 species demonstrate strong anti viral, anti bacteria & anti parasitic effects The birch tree withers & dies within 2-3 months after Chaga harvest, Nature’s tell tale way to identify the best grades. Siberian species grow best in wintry conditions below minus 40 deg C at least 4-5 months per year Birch tree grows in 13 years and another 7 years for Chaga “sap” to grow on its trunk Latin Name Inonotus Obliquus, others: I. Radiatus, I. Sciurinus, I.Tabacinus, I.Orientolis SIB CHAGA GROWS BEST (-40 °C):  SIB CHAGA GROWS BEST (-40 °C) SIBERIAN CHAGA FOLK REMEDY:  SIBERIAN CHAGA FOLK REMEDY Used in folk medicine since 16th century in Russia & East Europe for gastritis, ulcers, TB of bone, cancer, asthma, bronchitis, digestive system, skin eczemas, blood pressure Drunk as a hot tea concoction Chaga also burned and the smoke breathed in for lung and pneumonia disorders. Also combined with tobacco and smoked Small pieces placed over skin (like Moxa) and slowly burnt, for skin irritants, arthritis, skin infections SIBERIAN CHAGA INGREDIENTS:  SIBERIAN CHAGA INGREDIENTS Contains 215 phytonutrients including 29 polysaccharide or beta glucan derivatives Includes heteroglucans, triterpenes, sterols, anti oxidants, saponins, amino acids, trace minerals, vitamins, dietary fibers combining together in complex integrated compounds to enhance the immune and hormonal system. Siberian Chaga, unlike the other medicinal mushrooms contain an exceptional amount of Betulinic acid and SOD (anti oxidant) content BETULINIC ACID:  BETULINIC ACID Betulinic acid is a pentacyclic triterpene available from several botanical sources, including the bark of birch trees Betulinic acid has been tested for Melanoma cancer, retards HIV infections and for eczema and other skin conditions. In Russia East Europe & North America, birch bark is used in teas to treat stomach and intestinal problems such as diarrhea and dysentery CORRELATION OF BETA GLUCAN STRUCTURE AND ANTI IMMUNITY:  CORRELATION OF BETA GLUCAN STRUCTURE AND ANTI IMMUNITY Sib Chaga polysaccharides are comprised of different types of glycosidic linkages, ie (1,3) (1,6) beta glucans or (1,3) alpha glucans Each differs in configuration, anti immunity activity, molecular weight, size of branching chains and hence its complexity But research evidence indicate glucans work best in synergy with other protein-glucans, triterpene sterols and anti oxidants to enhance the body’s natural defense mechanisms to fight against different infectious conditions … contin BETA GLUCAN IMMUNITY:  … contin BETA GLUCAN IMMUNITY Beta-D Glucans trigger and stimulate many immune responses to fight against infections: Activate microphage,T-helper, NK cells, B cells All of these increase the production of antibodies Beta glucans do not attack deficient/cancer cells directly however Macrophages are a kind of white blood cell that “eat up” pathogens such as bacteria, yeast cells, virus infected cells. Reside throughout the mucous membranes, ie digestive, urinary and respiratory tracts. Polysaccharides stimulate this protective shield SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase):  SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase) SOD is one of the most important anti oxidants in our body. SOD decreases as we age. Living well and exercising keep levels up. Chaga has far more SOD than Vitamins C,E and super foods like barley grass, seaweed prunes, fish oils, many aromatherapy essential oils. SOD are enzymes to keep our cell membranes supple and healthy. Research indicates its use for arthritis, side effects of cancer treatment, prostrate SOD uses in skin creams, burns, wounds, inflammatory SOD content in Sib Chaga is exceptional : 35,000 units/g Agaricus: 1500 Lingzhi: 630 Truffles: 860 Phellintus Linteus: 1400 (Source: Dept of Health, Food Res Center, Japan) COMPARE SUPER FOODS (HI ORAC) (in units of Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity):  COMPARE SUPER FOODS (HI ORAC) (in units of Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) Food ORAC Scores Prunes 5770/100 ml Strawberry 1540 Spinach 1260 Oranges 750 Carrots 210 Essential Oils Cloves highest: 10,000,000 Oregano 153,007 Eucalyptus 24,157 Lavender 3669 Daily Oxidant Levels: 3000- 5000 ORAC or few servings of fruits and vegetables Siberian Chaga more Super 1 ml clove oil has anti oxidant power of 10 lbs carrots or 1 gal beet juice But 1 g Chaga has 4 times the anti oxidant power of the highest rated essential oils. Chaga is 20-25 times more potent than med mushrooms like Agaricus, Phellinus linteus, Truffles …proven anti oxidants ORAC test: Tufts University TRITERPENES AND PLANT STEROLS:  TRITERPENES AND PLANT STEROLS All the superior med mushrooms contain vast amounts of triterpenoids and sterols. Lingzhi has 100 types including Ganoderenic Acid A and ergosterols and ergosterol peroxides Sib Chaga has a similar profile but far more Betulinic acid & Lanosterol-linked triterpenes Lanosterols for anti bacteria, candidas, cholesterol Trametenolic acid for non insulin dependent diabetics Ergosterols for anti oxidant therapy and cancer drugs. Chaga: 35.3 mg per gram versus Agaricus:3.8 mg per gram (a ten fold difference) Inotodiol for influenza virus A & B … continued:  … continued Triterpenoids and sterols promote good blood circulation and assist to lower blood pressure and reduce cholesterol (LDL) Tests in Japan indicate increased red blood corpuscles flow 20 minutes after Chaga intake Sterol derivatives effective for prostrate, herpes, lupus, allergies, psoriasis as well High potency standardized extracts from Chaga’s Inotodiol compounds developed in Canada and Finland for influenza viruses SAPONINS FOR HEALTH:  SAPONINS FOR HEALTH First, it was fibers then anti oxidants, now it is saponins for health benefits. Saponins are glycosides mainly of triterpenoidal type Found in vegetables (spinach, tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts) oats as well in Siberian Chaga Research studies indicate lowers the risk of cancer, lowers cholesterol and long known as natural antibiotics for plants In addition birch trees contain other essential oils similar to wintergreen plants, methyl salicylate and high ORAC anti oxidant powers MODERN RESEARCH CONFIRM SIB CHAGA FOLK MEDICINE REMEDIES:  MODERN RESEARCH CONFIRM SIB CHAGA FOLK MEDICINE REMEDIES Inotodiols extracted from Sib Chaga exhibit anti tumor properties, destroying over 100% Walker 256 Carcinosarcoma cancer cells and MCF-7 human adenocarcinoma mammary cells. Lanosterols exhibit strong cytotoxicity towards carcinoma cells in vitro Triterpenes isolated and 100% effective against MCF-7 cells as well Ergosterol peroxide killed 100% of both cell lines. Tests indicate polysaccharides inhibit anti mutagenic effects by 80%, Korea 2000 … continued:  … continued Polysaccharides of low and high molecular weight isolated and inhibited ratio against human lung carcinoma and breast carcinoma by 85% and 78% respectively, 2001 Korea Induced erythrocytes in bone marrow in mice reduced by 88.9%, 2002 Korea Inonotus extracts inhibited human cervical uteri tumor cells HeLa S3 in vitro, Poland Anti cancer on mouse leukemia P388 tumor in 1999, Japan Inhibit anti AIDS virus, 1994 Japan …continued:  …continued Inhibit Melanin and prevent oncogenesis, Japan 2002 Reduced blood serum cholesterol, 2002 Japan Strong anti viral and anti oxidant effects, Kahlos 1994 Inhibited HIV/AIDS virus, Japan 1996 Strong anti HIV growth, Japan 1997 Anti bacterial agent against pathogenic bacteria such as E-Coli, pneumobaccillus, pseudonones aeronginosa, Japan 1998 Extracts for anti biotics, Japan 1996 Anti inflammatory for skin care, Japan 1996 … continued:  … continued Anti virus clinical tests on dog’s kidney, Hokkaido 1997 Befungin drug approved by Russian Medical Academy, 1966 Betulinic acid reduces cancer cells by 70% of type 293 cancer cells, Korea 1999 Anti mutagenic effects on Salmonella typhimurium (TA 100), Japan 1996 Effect of aqueous extracts from Inonotus Obliquus on mitotic and enzyme activities in human cervical uteri tumor cells, Poland 1997 PATENTS FILED FOR S. CHAGA:  PATENTS FILED FOR S. CHAGA HIV extract and processing know-how, Japan 1998 Anti mutagenic agent & food, Japan 1997 Processing know-how for HIV markers, Japan 1994 Agent for suppressing HIV, Japan 1994 AIDS virus & culture of active ingredients, Japan 1997 Obtaining anti HIV agent, Japan 1997 S. CHAGA KEY ADVANTAGES:  S. CHAGA KEY ADVANTAGES Many medicinal mushrooms are known for its immuno potentiating effects, but David Winston, a renowned herbalist claims “Chaga is probably one of the strongest, if not the strongest we know” Chaga “has an advantage no other fungus has, that it contains Betulinic acid”. Betulinic acid has demonstrated strong anti tumor activity with virtually no side effects and no toxicity Very cost effective compared to other edible Basidiomycetes mushrooms (between US$ 1.00 to 2.00 per day), assuming one liter per day concoction drunk just like a herbal tea GANODERMA LUCIDUM:  GANODERMA LUCIDUM Known as Lingzhi in Chinese or Reishi in Japan. Most widely researched Basidiomycetes mushroom Natural & wild Lingzhi is very rare and very expensive. This specie contains the highest amount of Germanium of all mushrooms and approx 45 polysaccharides (beta glucan fractions). Strong anti tumor and anti viral effect Techniques developed by Japan in the 1970s to grow artificial cultivated ganoderma lucidum, but thereafter inconsistent quality has become problematic Today, a proliferation of approx 200 species. Most are inexpensive with less than 1-year growing cycle with extreme variation in the % of polysaccharide (beta glucan) content, leading to questionable expected results and a confused consumer market MARKET SURVEY IN HK STORES (based on Ganoderma Lucidum in pill form):  MARKET SURVEY IN HK STORES (based on Ganoderma Lucidum in pill form) Brand HK$ retail HK$ per gram %polysaccharides A 250 34 9.2 B 300 52 26.5 C 380 99 10.3 D 598 122 21.1 E 460 214 3.6 F` 300 337 2.0 G 480 1166 1.4 H 198 2762 0.3 It is no wonder consumers are confused since the labels do not specify the amount of active ingredients contained in the capsules (most are heavily diluted with fillers) AGARICUS BLAZEI MURILL (Himematsutake):  AGARICUS BLAZEI MURILL (Himematsutake) Originating from highlands of Brasil, natural and wild Agaricus demonstrates strong anti immune properties. Studies in Japan in the 1980s and 1990s confirm folk remedies. Very expensive since it is rare and effective. However similar to the Ganoderma Lucidum proliferation, techniques patented allowing growth of artificial cultivated Agaricus. As a result many ineffective species available to the consumer market. Not as effective as the wild and natural variations S. CHAGA DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  S. CHAGA DIRECTIONS FOR USE Add Chaga granulates to empty container (glass or porcelain is best). Add one liter of boiled water Soak for 12 to 24 hours allowing active ingredients to slowly extract into the liquid portion. Mixture turns to light brown tea color. DO NOT BOIL CHAGA HOWEVER Drink first cup 20 minutes before breakfast. Drink remaining liquid throughout the day. Chaga is NOT BITTER DO NOT throw away the residue grinds. Repeat process twice more by refilling boiled water and soak again for 12 or more hours. Hence 1 serving is very economical DOSAGE AMOUNT PER LITER:  DOSAGE AMOUNT PER LITER One teaspoon (approx 1 gram of Chaga granulates) is recommended for preventative treatment and wellness 2-3 teaspoons for disorders such as diabetes, ulcers, hepatitis, high cholesterol, pneumonia, skin treatment, blood sugars, cancer, HIV Drink a liter (4-5 cups) of this liquid concoction daily. The first visible effects are regular bowel movements and an improved skin complexion. Used chaga grinds can be added to family pet food, house plants or collected to wash one’s face/bathe WHY AQUEOUS EXTRACTION?:  WHY AQUEOUS EXTRACTION? Medicinal mushrooms contain hundreds of phytonutrients, amino acids, beta glucans, sterols, lanosterols etc that slowly leach out after submersion. Some leach within minutes, others take days, others need to be boiled (ie Lingzhi spores) Chaga can be extracted 7 or more times under stringent vacuum and low temperature conditions. Each extraction leach out different proteins/heteroglucans because of its thick cell membrane walls. This technique is too difficult to do for home use (instead recommend to extract 3 times with hot water) Pills or capsules are the modern world’s approach for the busy individual. However oral concoctions to reach the trillions of tissue cells are the best way to ingest TESTS ON CELL PROLIFERATION:  TESTS ON CELL PROLIFERATION Tests conducted in Korea on intestinal cells SNU-484 to determine the optimum dosage and extract amount required. Each test was conducted for 48 hours and the progressively higher dosages were evaluated. Data supports folklore dosages and aqueous extr technique Extract (mg/ml) Cell Number ( x 10'5 / dish) Control 19.5 1.5 9.2 3.0 8.9 6.0 7.4 12.0 3.3 18.0 1.9 24.0 0.0 CHAGA HAS NO SIDE EFFECTS:  CHAGA HAS NO SIDE EFFECTS Siberian Chaga has demonstrated no side effects or nil toxicity effects. However for first time users, there is a strong probability of excessive bowel movements in the first 6 to 18 hours after the initial consumption. This symptom clears up the next day. Indicates body is detoxifying Furthermore, after excessive alcohol or shellfish intake, a majority of people notice similar cleansing effects. Chaga can used in conjunction with most pharmacology drugs and with chemo- or radiation therapy CLINICAL STUDIES/OBSERVATIONS:  CLINICAL STUDIES/OBSERVATIONS Female Age 38: Underwent radiation treatment for thyroid problem, feeling weak and nauseated for several months. Drank 1 g Chaga daily for 2 months. Persistent pain around throat disappeared and energy level well up Male Age 58: Hepatitis with abnormal SGOT and SGPT count in lower 200-300 range. Also type 2 diabetic. After 4 months of chaga daily, counts decreased to 45, still high but a dramatic improvement Female Age 50: Early menopause at age 49. After 4 months of 1 g chaga daily, her menstrual cycle returned to normal. Skin complexion improved dramatically Female Age 39: Severe eczema on arms, legs and back. Cannot sleep at night. Tried several drugs, acupuncture and aromatherapy to no effect. Started drinking mega dose chaga and problem gone in 3 mos … continued:  … continued Male Age 40: Chronic bronchitis and underwent acupuncture treatment for 1 month. Stopped taking pharmacology drugs. Started drinking mega doses of chaga daily. Persistent cough stopped within 1 month Male Age 54: Type 2 Diabetic. Started low dosage of chaga for 3 months and then increased to 3 grams. Cholesterol levels dropped considered within 6 months Male Age 56: Diagnosed with prostrate cancer. Started drinking chaga but no effect in first month. Over time, pain subsided and within 6 months, cancer cells into remission Male Age 16: Severe dermatology and pimples. Considered laser surgery and botox treatment. Instead started drinking 2 g chaga daily and within 2 months, most of the pimples disappeared. … continued:  … continued Female Age 53: High blood pressure dropped from 170/140 to 130/80 in6 months after daily chaga intake. Male Age 58: Severe constipation. Changed diet constantly to eliminate meat, breads, sugars. Started drinking 3 g chaga daily, problem disappeared in 4 mos. Female Age 65: Started chaga in conjunction with stomach cancer chemotherapy treatment. Atypical symptoms were not prevalent. Male Age 9: Diagnosed with leukemia but family could not afford the $80,000 treatment. Instead reverted to chaga and problems into remission within 2 years Female Age 44: Severe facial and skin eczema. Started drinking 3 g chaga daily and problems disappeared in 3 months SUMMARY :  SUMMARY Amongst all the higher edible medicinal mushrooms, Siberian Chaga is one of the most potent species and a very cost effective natural remedy for a wide array of immune or hormone related symptoms. The Siberian species function as well, or more effective, than the best Lingzhi grades for strong immune enhancement. The wild and natural Chaga species are quite distinguishable but invariably there will be a supply issue as more firms enter this market. Predicted trend to artificial cultivation similar to Lingzhi, Agaricus, Maitake and other well known medicinal mushrooms. KEY QUESTION CONFRONTING US:  KEY QUESTION CONFRONTING US “Why do some medicinal mushrooms work better than others?” is a question that requires further clinical evaluation The pharmacology approach is to patent a single compound, sell it for a lot of money and hope it was the right ONE you need The TCM approach combines complementary or natural compounds to reach equilibrium balancing Hence a strong R&D need to move closer towards each other to result in novel therapies and discovery of new drugs

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