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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: CherelleR


Media Center Facilities Plan Presented by: Lakita Reese FRIT 7132 Administration of the Instructional Media Program Georgia Southern University Spring 2013

School Description

School Profile The School of Liberal Studies at Savannah High School is located in Savannah, GA. It is one of 10 high schools in the Savannah-Chatham County Public School System and serves approximately 715 students (9th-12th grade). Student-Teacher Ratio: 15:1 Students eligible for free lunch: 83% Table2 was not exported from SlideRocket Image courtesy of: School Designs

School Motto, Mission and Vision Motto: "We Believe" Mission To ignite a passion for learning and teaching at high levels. Vision From school to the world: All students prepared for productive futures.

SHS Media Center The media center is located on the 2nd floor of the school building.

SHS Media Center Staffing One full-time media specialist One full-time media clerk Population Served Approximately 715 students (9th-12th grade) Approximately 58 teachers Scheduling Fixed-Schedule

SHS Media Center Mission The mission of our media center is to enhance learning, as well as broaden the spectrum of what students can accomplish in their lives outside of school. We hope to encourage the growth of responsible, information literate, well educated young adults who will have a lifelong commitment to learning and literacy, and who will share these characteristics with their communities.

SHS Media Center Vision The media center will be a welcoming environment for students and teachers. All students will have equal access to materials and technology. The media center staff will support students and teachers by providing resources and help to those who use the media center or media center materials. The media center will provide materials that correspond to the standards and the curriculum.

SHS Media Center Philosophy Statement Reading is the basis of all learning, and a strong foundation in language arts equips students to excel in all areas of education. Also, It is important that the cultural trend toward learning and interacting through technology is reflected in our learning environments to meet the needs of students today. The Savannah High School Media Center will promote language arts and information literacy, while also encouraging and supporting the use of technology for educational purposes in the media center and in the classrooms.

Facilities Layout and Analysis

SHS Media Center Layout

Media Center Front View

Circulation Desk

Media Specialist Office - 1

Security System

Sitting Area

Magazine/Newspaper Stand


Equipment Room

Teacher Workroom


Multimedia Room

Conference Room

Faculty and Student Survey Results 7 out of 12 teachers and 16 students completed the Media Center Surveys. These surveys were administered on SurveyMonkey. Teacher participants were selected from every subject level. Student participants' grade levels ranged from 10th-12th grades. Survey questions were derived from the following source: Everhart, Ph D. , Nancy. Evaluating the School Library Media Center: Analysis Techniques and Research Practices. Jamaica, NY: Libraries Unlimited, 1998. Print.

Teacher Survey - Q1

Teacher Survey-Q2

Teacher Survey -Q3

Teacher Survey - Q4

Teacher Survey- Q5

Teacher Survey -Q6

Teacher Survey - Q7

Teacher Survey - Q8

Teacher Survey - Q9

Teacher Survey - Q10

Student Survey - Q1

Student Survey - Q2

Student Survey - Q3

Student Survey - Q4

Student Survey - Q5 (1)

Student Survey- Q5 (2)

Student Survey- Q6

Student Survey - Q7

Student Survey - Q8

Student Survey - Q9 (1)

Student Survey - Q9 (2)

Student Survey -Q10

Facility Analysis There are many factors that contribute to the overall effectiveness of a school's media center. Some of these factors include good lighting, security systems, sufficient technology, print, and electronic resources; comfortable seating and leisure areas, welcoming signs, posters, and display boards; accessibility for individuals with disabilities or special needs, areas for individual and group studies, and areas for meetings and instruction. Savannah High School’s media center is a beautiful area that incorporates many of the above mentioned areas. It has large windows to allow plenty of bright light into room. A security system is put in place to prevent patrons from removing library materials before checking them out. The media center has a teacher workroom for teachers to laminate materials and create different crafts. The media center also has a multimedia room that houses many instructional video resources for teachers and students. In addition, the media center has a variety of instructional print and electronic available resources.

Facility Analysis (cont) Although our media center has many great features, there is still room for improvement and changes. Some of these improvements and changes are indicated by the results of the teacher and student surveys. For example, many students and teachers commented on their surveys the need for more computers. Although our media center has 16 computer workstations available for patrons to use, there is not an available computer lab for instructional use. A computer lab would be beneficial to allow teachers to instruct a class without disturbing other patrons in the media center. In addition to adding a computer lab, the media center needs a few computer workstations that will allow better wheelchair access. Computer workstations that are wide and raised are ideal for wheelchair access. Secondly, our media center does not have an area for leisure reading. An area for leisure reading is important for media centers to have because it promotes independent reading and an enjoyment of reading. A leisure area would be best situated near the magazine and newspaper rack and includes soft chairs for comfort and relaxation.

Facility Analysis (cont) In addition to a leisure area, there are not many areas in our library where students can study independently . All of the chairs and tables are open to a wide area with little room for privacy. Therefore, an area for independent study is needed. Furthermore, although we have a conference room designed for meetings, it does not have a large enough table, and the chairs in this room are not soft and comfortable for meetings. The room is also rather small and should be a little larger to accommodate larger meetings. In addition, although this room has a whiteboard, it needs an overhead projector and projector screen for presentations. In addition to the aforementioned needed changes pertaining to the arrangement of the media center, student and teacher surveys also revealed a need for more student printers, better signs, and more books, magazines, and newspapers.

SHS-Revised Floor Plan

Revised Floor Plan Explanation The revised floor plan includes the following changes: Computer Lab with 28 computers and a mounted projector and projector screen Larger table and comfortable chairs in conference room and mounted projector and screen. Wide-Raised desktop computer workstations to provide accessibility for students with disabilities. Leisure area with comfortable chairs and arranged around magazine and newspaper stand. Study carrel area for independent study

Illustrations and Pricing of Library Furnishings Worden™ Franklin Study Carrels $599.99- Demco Da-Lite 100-Inch Cosmopolitan Electrol Projection Screen- Dell Price: $615.99 Gressco HABA Afterschool Arm Chairs - BrodArt Price: $995$1420.00 Inspirion One- 20" allin-one Dell Price: $399.99 Epson Brightlink 475WI Interactive projector- Brodart Price- $3408.00 Spectrum Flex Insight Double Computer Desks - Demco Price; $1699.99 ADAS Infinity 7236 Adjustable Computer Workstation and Wheelchair Accessible Comfort Channel - Price: $2175.00

SHS Media Center Policies In my school district, we do not have a separate facilities use policy; however, several components of a facilities use policy are included in our school’s Media Center Handbook. Our handbook addresses facility use policies such as hours of operation, scheduling visits to the media center, student guidelines regarding visitations to the library, and accessing equipment. Some essential components that our school’s media center handbook does not include are policies regarding appropriate behavior and a food and drink policy. I think that these policies should be integrated into the handbook because they are all essential in maintaining a library conducive to learning and respecting the rights and properties of others when using the library. Another issue that our school's media center handbook does not address is the handling outside groups requesting to use the facility. This is a section that should be included in the school's facility policy so that the media specialist will know the proper procedures and protocol if a community group requests to use the facilities.

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