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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: socialscribblers



This article has been written for Techkriti Blog for a Cause Contest.
The topic was:
“The hand that rocks the cradle rules the World.” Write about a particular issue concerning the position of women in today’s society.

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THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE RULES THE WORLD God has gifted a boon to all female species that they can create a new life. They not only give birth to new offspring but also nurture their children to become responsible persons. Today’s women have proved that “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world” by claiming a significant position in every field like- Kalpana Chawla, Mother Teresa, etc.

From the beginning, India has been a man dominated society. Women were always surrounded by their family, children & other household work. They were treated as prisoners in their own houses. They were not allowed to utter a word in front of elders, but today women are free to give their opinion. Women were merely puppets in the hands of men once but even today they have to face domestic violence. It is shameful to know that a girl child is considered a burden on her family. In olden days, when a girl child was born in an orthodox family she was killed. Nowadays it has reduced to some extent but still because of sex determination machines, a female fetus is killed in the womb of her mother. This is because females are still considered to be unproductive. In yester years, there was a compulsory custom which was called dowry. The father had to give a lot of money or expensive goods to the in-laws of the bride. In some cases if the father was not able to pay the dowry, the bride was either left all alone by her in-laws &family or sometimes even killed. In the times when men considered that education was not important for women, it was Mahatma Phule & Savitri Bai Phule who took the initiative & endless efforts to educate the girls. Mahatma Phule first educated his wife Savitri & then Savitri taught the uneducated girls. During this process Savitri had to go through the worst part of her life but she never gave up & this example proves to us that- “lehro se darkar nouka par nahi hoti koshish karne walo ki har nahi hoti.” The results are seen by us today that all girls are enjoying their right to education though there are some exceptions but the society of this new era is totally different. Even today, we can see that the examination topers list is mostly filled with girls. Even the government has taken concrete steps

towards progress in this area by ensuring every child’s education in government aided schools &implementing welfare schemes. Today, girls or women are mentally & emotionally so strong that they can take their own decisions & they have the capacity to live their life independently. This power and strength has come because of the changes in the mindset of those narrow minded people. But this scenario was not so in olden days. Women had to depend on men throughout their entire life. Because of the pressure of family, girls were married early even before their age of puberty. This was also to fulfill the needs of a 30 year old man. The result of this was immature pregnancy leading to death. But nowadays a girl has the full freedom to choose her husband whenever she wants to get married. Sadly, in some interior parts of India this harsh custom is still practiced & we still have a long way to go to abolish this custom. The best thing the Britishers did before leaving our country was to abolish Sati Pratha. They even did a favor to India by establishing missionary schools because of which we came to know more about the progressing world & other cultures too. Today women are so efficient that they can administer an empire successfully like- the head of the international Pepsico Company is an Indian woman. She never gave up her Indian culture & wore a saree on the day of her interview. Pratibha Patil, a woman became the first president of India. Because of these women, other women have been encouraged to think of stepping out of their house to make their own identity. In the 21st century, women have proved their ability & proficiency in every field. They can manage their professional & personal life very efficiently. The fields which were considered man dominated are getting

filled with females like in the army. But there are always two sides to life. On one hand, we worship the woman as a goddess & on the other, women are the victims of man’s cruelty. We have all heard and read about the shameful incident of the “Delhi Gang rape” & there are even certain villages in our nation where “honor killing” is not considered a sin. It is a fact that women are physically not much stronger than men but still the goddess “Durga Maa” killed the most powerful & wicked devil “mahishasur”. The woman fights to satisfy every need of her family & at the end succeeds in making everyone happy. And there is a wonderful saying that a man bows down before his mother & wife. And it is truly said that“Komal hai tu kamzor nahi tu shakti ka naam he naari hai.” It is high time that we should literally accept that men & women are equal. This mere saying can be converted to a strong statement when the government reserves 50% of seats in every field & the middle name of every child includes not only father’s name but also the mother’s name. -Shreya Ruia

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