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Published on April 17, 2014

Author: showingsuite


Broker/Office/Team Solution T h e U l t i m a t e S h o w i n g M a n a g e m e n t S o l u t i o n f o r A g e n t s & S e l l e r s

ARE YOU INTERESTED? I N T H E F O L L O W I N G F O R Y O U R T E A M O R B R O K E R A G E : • Getting more listings? • Selling your current listings faster? • Keeping your sellers happy? • Obtaining price reductions easily? I thought you would answer YES to all of those... Let's get started! 2

143 23 100’s 5 major United States metropolitan markets major Canadian metropolitan markets of small markets other English speaking countries and US territories The Showing Suite products have been utilized by over 1,000,000 real estates agents and millions of sellers since 2001. Our current subscribers are located in:

HOW CAN SHOWING SUITE HELP YOU? • Attract more agents to hire • Retain agents in your brokerage • Get more listings in your brokerage • Sell your brokerage listings faster • Add more transparency to your business 4

5 AGENT MODULES INCLUDED I N T H E B R O K E R A G E V E R S I O N : HOMEFEEDBACK is a feedback solution that automates showing feedback and allows you to communicate effectively with your sellers. SHOWING SYNC is a feature that syncs showing information from your lockbox into your HomeFeedback or ForeclosureFeedback account. LISTING SYNC is a web service add-on that imports listing information from your MLS and plugs it into your HomeFeedback, Showing Calendar, HomeFollowup and ForeclosureFeedback account. SHOWING CALENDAR allows prospects and showing agents to search the availability of a listing on an agents’ website and schedule a showing.    

TEXTaSHOW (optional) is a state-of-the-art feature that allows agents to text your Showing Robot number to quickly schedule a showing! MOBILE APPS for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android. The power to view all of your listings, feedback, and showings -- all at your fingertips! CUSTOMER SURVEYS allow you to easily gauge customer satisfaction and monitor agent performance to help your business grow. HOMEFOLLOWUP is an all-in-one email marketing system that helps capture and organize leads, send email campaigns, e-cards, and more. SHOWING ROBOT (optional) is an innovative, cloud-based scheduling service will allow for effortless scheduling of showings for all of your agents' listings. You get your own local phone number, too! 6 AGENT MODULES INCLUDED I N T H E B R O K E R A G E V E R S I O N :     

HOW HOMEFEEDBACK WORKS F E E D B A C K I S I N I T I A T E D I N O N E O F F O U R D I F F E R E N T W A Y S  Manually Entered by Listing Agent  Scheduling via Showing Calendar  Via Electronic Lockbox  Via Showing Robot 7

CUSTOMIZED SETTINGS F O R T H E A C C O U N T O R E A C H L I S T I N G • Flexible Feedback Frequency • Select question from our 1000 question database “Question Pool”… or make your own! • Multiple question types available • Screen feedback before your seller receives it. • Ask conditional / secondary questions • Ask questions not directly visible to your seller. They won’t be able to see answers either. 8

STATISTICAL REPORTS T H E B E S T P R I C E R E D U C T I O N T O O L A V A I L A B L E 9  This report shows an aggregate of all the agent responses, including additional comments.  This will show your client how much their home is overpriced by, allowing you to ask for a price reduction and get their home sold faster.

 See the average amount and each agent's answer as to how much the property is above market value.  Open Answers are displayed in chronological order; time stamped. 10


SELLER PORTAL 12   Seller can View All Showings Statistical Report for Sellers Calendar View for Seller Seller Can Block Times

SELLER PORTAL 13    Keep Sellers informed by sharing any notes, comments or marketing initiatives. Listings Tasks can be Shared with the Seller Upload and Share Documents with Sellers

E-BLAST FUNCTIONALITY CREATING AN OFFER • Agent can Bcc: e-Blast every agent whom has shown the listing to notify about price changes, commission bonuses, back on market, etc… CREATE MULTIPLE OFFERS • Eg. “John, you had shown the home to your buyers. We now have an offer and are accepting additional offers until 5:00PM tomorrow. Now is the time to bring in the offer if your buyers are interested.” 14 “Send an email to all the showing agents who viewed the property in 3 easy clicks. Email includes a picture of the property and all pertinent information.”

15 OUR PATENT PENDING TECHNOLOGY • Patents Pending for lockbox syncing to send feedback requests, gather and distribute showing and feedback data • Showing Suite Syncs with BOTH SentriLock and Supra lockboxes • Date and time stamped for each contractor and agent entry • Electronic lockboxes are not needed to use Showing Suite. It does save some time, but lockboxes are not required.

REAL ESTATE EMAIL DELIVERABILITY I S A P R I O R I T Y W I T H A L L O F O U R R E A L E S T A T E S O F T W A R E • 90% of incoming email is spam; so many ISPs block or blacklist email coming from some addresses because they receive frequent emails. • To combat this, we maintain relationships with major ISPs and Real Estate IT departments and we are immediately notified if blacklisting occurs so we can take steps to be removed from the blacklist for any ISP. • They have approved all Showing Suite email by looking at more than 60 quality indicators of our email system to ensure compliance and deliverability. 16 THE FACTS ARE:

17 INTRODUCING SHOWING ROBOT A U T O M A T E D S H O W I N G S C H E D U L I N G S O L U T I O N : Your office gets a local phone number (eg. 212-890-1234) for agents and buyers to call (or text) and schedule showings. • Works just like a call center, only it costs you less. • Showing Robot calls, texts or emails you showings for your approval. • Eliminates human error from call centers (we call it ZHE or “Zero Human Error”). • Integrated with lockboxes to send feedback requests whenever a lockbox is accessed. This innovative, cloud-based scheduling service will allow for effortless scheduling of showings for all of your agents' listings.


SHOWING ROBOT’S TEXTaSHOW  TEXTaSHOWs are sent to the agent who contacts a Showing Robot enabled listing via SMS/text message.  Property flyers are used to schedule showing appointments easily from any mobile device.  Agent information will be stored in our system for the next time they receive a TEXTaSHOW.  You can request an immediate showing with TEXTaSHOW’s InstaSHOW feature, too! 9 O U R “ O P E N T A B L E ” F O R R E A L E S T A T E S H O W I N G S :

SHOWING SUITE MOBILE Access all of the Showing Suite features you've come to love, no matter where you are... straight from your smartphone. • Schedule showings • Request feedback from buyers • View new feedback • View all of your listings and related information • Send E-Blasts • Mobile lockbox assignment via iPhone app • Plus much more! Compatible with any smartphone including iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and Windows Mobile phones! 20

SHOWING NOTE A V A I L A B L E F O R B U Y E R S ’ A G E N T S A N D S E L L E R S , T O O ! Yes! Showing Suite and Showing Note are available to buyers’ agents as well. Instead of receiving a feedback request email every time they visit a property, they will receive a notification to fill out feedback on their phone. No more emails… just a simple app notification! Buyers’ Agents can also use this app to communicate listing information and interested with their buyers! Sellers (who are prospective buyers as well) can use this app to search and take notes on the home of their dreams! Seller Login Buyers’ Agent Login

HOMEFOLLOWUP 22 BUILD CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS WITH: Realtor newsletters Email campaigns Property flyers E-cards … and more! THE HOMEFOLLOWUP CRM IS: Completely web-based Easy to use Requires no HTML knowledge Loaded with over 100 templates. MEASURE PERFORMANCE OF EACH EMAIL CAMPAIGN: View Open Rates View Bounce Rates See all subscribers View Unsubscribers    • Build and Maintain your Customer Relationships with the HomeFollowup CRM and Marketing Tool • Our merge fields make it easy to create attractive emails.

READY MADE CAMPAIGNS READY MADE CAMPAIGNS are already created for agent to use on web leads or contacts they directly subscribe them to. 23

EASY LEAD CAPTURE Easily capture leads into our system to distribute and rotate to agents. Agents can capture leads by adding our Lead Sync form directly onto their website. A simple drag and drop process will create the forms 24

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEYS 25   As easy as filling out our feedback requests! Customize agent surveys to measure satisfaction Survey Stats help determine what your office needs to improve. Monitor Customer Satisfaction / Agent Performance - Easy to Fill out Survey for your Clients

10 Broker Visibility Reports - 10 reports to simply and easily view listing visibility and agent productivity, as well as awesome recruiting reports. These include: Number of Showings for each listing, all agents who show your listings, where showings are coming from. Office Account Branding (add-on cost) – For a small additional monthly fee, we can brand your office account to your company colors and logo, as well as all emails sent from the system. Showing Robot Local Number – For Booking Showings Easily! You’ll receive your own local phone number (eg. 212-890-1234) so agents and buyers can request showings on your listings. Individual Billing Ability (optional) – To cover the costs of your office account, choose to send invoices automatically to listing agents within your office on a monthly basis, or receive it via CSV, your choice! You can also choose what amount to display on invoices as well. 26 OFFICE VERSION MODULES R E P O R T I N G T O O L S A N D M O R E    

OFFICE ACCOUNT BRANDING S H O W I N G S U I T E B R A N D E D T O Y O U R C O M P A N Y C O L O R S & L O G O • For a small additional fee each month on your office account, we can re-brand our Showing Suite software to your company colors and logo. • Your agents will see their company’s software instead of “Showing Suite”. • Your clients will also see your company colors and logo to better identify with the software and its use. • All emails and notifications sent through the system from your office account will have your branding attached to it, giving you transparency.

BROKERAGE-WIDE REPORTS G R E A T R E C R U I T I N G T O O L S 28 Snapshot Top Recruit Showings Agent Action Listing Action Office Roster Prospects Bulls Eye Advertising Missing Seller Report Showing List Showing Summary                    

SNAPSHOT REPORT • See a quick overview of your office listings • See a list of all expiring listings • See upcoming price and status changes • Get a list of all of the latest showings on every listing 32

TOP RECRUIT SHOWINGS • See a list of the top showing agents for your office listings • See the company that shows your brokerages listings the most 33

AGENT ACTION • See a breakdown of all listings and prospects assigned to each of your offices agents • See a list of all of the showings that an agent has had on their listings within a certain date range • Check out any price or status changes by listing agent 34

LISTING ACTION • See upcoming scheduled showings and past showings • Price changes per listing • Latest listing activity comments 35

OFFICE ROSTER • See a list of all the active agents within your office • Quick view to see which agents need to be added to your account, and which may need to be removed • Quickly get contact information for any of the agents in your office 36

PROSPECTS • Assign prospects (leads) to be contacted by your office listing agents • Keep track of which agent is contacting which prospect • See all of the latest dates on which your prospects have been contacted • Manage a lead rotation for new prospects 37

BULLSEYE ADVERTISING • Add and edit sources for new leads • See a breakdown of new leads based on the lead source • Filter by date to see the latest leads and how your company is attracting them 38

MISSING SELLER REPORT • Create a report to notify you when sellers have not been added to listings • Allows you to keep track of your seller communication 39

TOP SHOWINGS LIST • See all the latest showings on your office listings within one place • At a quick glance this can show your hottest office listings • Contact information for the showing agents is at your fingertips 40

SHOWING SUMMARY • See a list of your office showings by week, month, or year • Break down by total showings on your account, or by listing 41

ADVANCED LEAD MANAGEMENT • Set an automatic lead rotation schedule for agents in your Office. • Keep better track of leads with dashboard visibility. 39

SHOWING SUITE OFFICE “RE-BILLING” • Cover your costs (and more!) through automatic invoicing of your office users. • Edit the price you want to charge your agents for use of Showing Robot on the fly. • Choose to send invoices automatically to listing agents within your office on a monthly basis, or receive it via CSV, your choice! • Edit the email text that is sent with your automatic invoices. 43


LET’S FOLLOW-UP o n t h e q u e s t i o n s I a s k e d y o u a t t h e b e g i n n i n g t o s e e i f I d i d m y j o b : • Do you think this can help you get more listings? • Do you think this will help selling your listings faster? • Do you think this will keep your sellers happy? • Do you think this will help you get price reductions? Let’s get to work making this happen for you and your agents. Let us implement Showing Suite in YOUR business today! 42

ANY QUESTIONS? I thought you might ask what the price is … 43 ?How soon can this be working for your brokerage?

FIVE DOLLAR LISTINGS T H E B E S T D E A L Y O U ’ L L S E E F O R Y O U R A G E N T S • $5 per listing / per agent / per month is the best deal you’ll find anywhere for this level of service. • Your agents get all of the above features in this presentation, including our coveted Showing Sync and Listing Sync features and our other award winning features. • This plan includes the Showing Robot scheduling service (with a local office scheduling phone number), with the only cost to your office being…. Five Dollars per listing.

NEXT STEPS 45         A Proposal will be emailed at your request Acceptance on DocuSign (or via fax) Send your Agent Roster Setup Agents' Listings with Listing Sync Setup (Lockbox) Showing Sync Set up one-on-one Admin Training Agent Training available via Thursday Webinar Increased Sales and Office Productivity! 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Our Guru team that will ensure that you get your office set up in the most timely manner. We believe you’ll find our software to be the most user friendly, most efficient showing management system you office has ever used. If for any reason you decide that Showing Suite is not for your office (within 30 days) – not a problem. We will refund all charges, should you cancel. What are you waiting for? Sign up NOW! -Showing Suite

RETURN ON YOUR SHOWING SUITE INVESTMENT I M P R O V E O F F I C E P R O D U C T I O N & S E L L M O R E L I S T I N G S 46 Avg. Listing Carried Avg. Price Avg. Commission Avg. Days on Market Avg. Days Sold Faster Additional Annual Income 1 $300,000 3.0% 90 10 $4.562.50 1 $300,000 3.0% 90 20 $10,428.57 1 $300,000 3.0% 90 30 $18,250.00 2 $300,000 3.0% 90 10 $9,125.00 2 $300,000 3.0% 90 20 $20,857.14 2 $300,000 3.0% 90 30 $36,500.00 3 $300,000 3.0% 90 10 $13, 687.50 3 $300,000 3.0% 90 20 $31.285.71 3 $300,000 3.0% 90 30 $54,750.00

Thank You! F e e l f r e e t o a s k m e a n y t h i n g ! B e c o m e a p a r t o f t h e S h o w i n g S u i t e f a m i l y t o d a y !

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